You’ve probably heard about his majesty, the king and the queen of all the delicious cakes smothered with whipped cream, the hedgehog cake. Started as a sincere baking fail by someone who thought that making such a dessert would be a walk in the park, it quickly turned into an internet craze with people deliberately making the worst hedgehog cakes out there. Take a look at some wonderfully awful examples in our previous entry right here.

But a hedgehog cake is far from the only way a cake can turn from good to decent, and then drop to a monstrosity. In fact, confectionery is the perfect environment for some of the funniest, craziest and unexpected fails worthy of a place in the camera roll hall of fame.

So today, we compiled a list with some of the most stomach-churning cakes that show you to be careful what you wish for and do not underestimate a carrot cake that your local bakery is nailing effortlessly. It doesn’t mean you will nail it too.

Scroll down, upvote your favorite pics and be sure to check out our previous posts with cakes with threatening auras, cakes made by decorators who took instructions too literally, and expectations vs. reality-type of cakes.

#1 Baby Yoda Cake

Image credits: NightStar79

#2 I Asked For A Cake Wreck Fail For My Birthday. They Nailed It

Image credits: megrrl

#3 My Darth Maul Birthday Cake Ate Too Much Cake

Image credits: m00ska

#4 Tried A Mirror Glaze

Image credits: AloneMordakai

#5 The Ice Cream Cake I Ordered For Valentine’s Day Said “I Love You” But Some Of The Letters Fell Off During Transit

Image credits: mrbootsy

#6 Found This Cake Today

Image credits: kashmiri-chai

#7 My Friend Made A Danny DeVito Cake For Her Friend. It’s Worse In Person

Image credits:

#8 Mother-In-Law Just Served Me This Piece Of Cake

Image credits: SaltyDogBiscuit

#9 I Made My Friend A Campfire Cake For Her Birthday But The More I Look At It, The More It Looks Like A Flaming Pile Of Poop

Image credits: marsupial23

#10 We Ordered The Cake On The Left And Received The Cake On The Right. Elmo Has Seen Better Days

Image credits: jlust24

#11 Unicorn

Image credits: mister_matty_b

#12 My Girlfriend Spent $100 To Get Me A White Claw Cake For My Birthday. She Was Less Than Pleased With The Result

Image credits: dasheeown

#13 Ordered A Birthday Cake For My Niece

Image credits: ehsan

#14 How Do You Want Your Birthday Cake Decorated? I Don’t Care

Image credits: DWimaDerpologist

#15 My Buddy’s Girlfriend Farted In Front Of Him For The First Time. He Got A Cake For The Occasion

Image credits: idk5775

#16 My Son Turned 1 Yesterday. This Was The Topper To His Space Themed Cake. Left Is What We Ordered, Right Is What We Got

Image credits: Drewlyn

#17 Grooms Cake Disaster, What We Wanted Vs. What We Got

Image credits: bananaloutay

#18 We Wanted To Create Something Beautiful For Our Wedding Cake. I Turned Out To Be A Pregnant Sumo Wrestler

Image credits: plutchina

#19 Dear God No..

Image credits: Az0nic

#20 I Wanted A Cake That Looked Like My Cat It Was A Fail But It’s Still Pretty Cute

Image credits: thehellsbelle

#21 Ordered Cake On The Left, Received Cake On The Right

Image credits: diamondsealtd

#22 My Cousin Wanted Cake And Ordered One. Told The Bakers To Write Whatever They Wanted Because It Was For Just For Her Anyways

Image credits: B1ockh3d

#23 My Wife And I Have A Competition In Who Can Get The Other Person The Most Upsetting Cake

Image credits: Fadooshy

#24 We Requested A Friends Themed Cake

Image credits: whydoidoitikk

#25 A Friend Of Mine Ordered A Picture Cake And Gave The Woman A Thumb Drive With The Picture She Wanted To Use

When my friend went to pick it up, this is what was waiting for her. English is the clerks second language. You can fill in the blanks here.

Image credits: just_leave_it

#26 My Wife Doesn’t Understand Why Everyone Is Laughing At Her Cake

Image credits: mattrick88

#27 The Cake I Spent 1h To Make. At Least Im Sure It’s Not Too Dry

Image credits: aerlindyl

#28 Cake Ordered Vs. What Arrived

Image credits: Rudelyx

#29 Cake My Girlfriend Made For Her Daughter’s 21st Tonight

Image credits: Klaxon722

#30 Tried To Make A Fox Cake For My Partners Birthday And This Monster Was Created Instead (Added Sprinkles To Soften The Blow)

Image credits: analrimmer

#31 I Was Asked What I Want Written On My Cake. I Said Nothing

Image credits: chefgeorgeduran

#32 Kill Me

Image credits: MK4536

#33 This Cake Looks Like A Wet Gremlin Went Leather Face Texax Chain Saw Massacre Style And Is Wearing The Face Of Another Wet Gremlin

Image credits: momjective

#34 My Mom Ordered A Graduation Cake With A Cap Drawn On. I Guess They Misheard

Image credits: bluesberry

#35 [oc] Kill Me

Image credits: FMChainsawTeddy

#36 My Girlfriend Brought Me A Cake To Work For My Birthday

Image credits: Jiveturkey714

#37 I Just Couldn’t Wait To Share This

Made this little guy out of a cupcake, buttercream, pretzels, marshmallows, jellybeans, and candy eyes. His expression makes me feel like he’s going to hunt me down for creating him. I can’t wait to see everyone’s bursting creations!

Image credits: annaandraven2017

#38 Made A Pikachu Cake

Image credits: chloesthemeparkadventures

#39 My Mom Knows I Like Hedgehogs, She Said I Couldn’t Come In The Kitchen All Day She She Spent All Day Making Me A Surprise Birthday Cake. Love You Mom

Image credits: reddituser_1_2_3

#40 I Recreated The Cursed Hedgehog Cake, But As A Baked Alaska

Image credits: SPLEHGNIHTYNA

#41 Olaf Cake

Image credits: periwinklecakes

#42 Corgi Cake For My Boyfriend’s Birthday

Image credits: Loubang

#43 Cake I Ordered vs. Cake I Received. Happy Mother’s Day!

Image credits: NeverRemember2020

#44 I’m Glad We Only Paid €72 For This

Image credits: iLikeMakonnen

#45 E For Effort For My Little Sister..

Image credits: funkjunky1989

#46 Birthday Cake My Mom’s Friend Wanted A Replica Of vs. What She Got – 50€

Image credits: _Kodan

#47 Yummers!

Image credits: fleamarketdreams

#48 Cake Fail

Image credits:

#49 Cake Fail

Image credits: cakewrecks

#50 Shrek

Image credits: cakes with threatening auras

#51 Blursed Hedgehog Cake

Image credits: StrongExploit

#52 Birthday Cake My Mom’s Friend Wanted A Replica Of Vs. What She Got – 50€

Image credits: _Kodan

#53 Birthday Cake Attempt This Weekend

Image credits: PlausibleAbility

#54 My Mum Was Asked To Make A Baby Shower Cake. Let’s Just Say, No One Wanted To Cut The Cord

Image credits: ni_hao_wo_jiao_meili

#55 Steve Harvey Cake

Image credits: vyn203

#56 Cake Fail

Image credits: cakewrecks

#57 I Was Reminded Of A Lesson That I Hope To Always Avoid

Image credits: denisetryseverything

#58 My Mum Loves Those Pictures Of Ugly Hedgehog Cakes, So I Made Her A Zero Sugar/Low Carb Version For Mother’s Day. Delicious And Terrifying

Image credits: mgappleyard

#59 Lady Gaga Cake

#60 Spiderman

#61 Master Yoda, Who Has Gone Through A Lot In His Life

Image credits: cakes with threatening auras

#62 Someone Brought My Sleep Paralysis Monster To Life

Image credits: YoureNotAGenius

#63 Tried To Make A Cake To Immortalize My Cat, I Have Not Stopped Laughing

Image credits: ABig_ol_mess

#64 Cat Cake

Image credits: Olibobs

#65 Throwback To That Time I Tried My Triedest To Make My Larry A Chewbacca Cake

Image credits: veganasfug

#66 Wife’s Friend Had A Superhero Themed Swim Party For Their 4-Year Old Son. This Is What The Bakery Came Up With

Image credits: louchem

#67 I Made A Hedgehog Cake For My Boyfriend Today

Image credits: Tuuku

#68 My Pregnant Friend Won This Cake From A Local Bakery

Image credits: TheOpenedMind

#69 My Mom Made A Lamb Cake For Easter

Image credits: BlewberryPie

#70 Every Year For My Birthday My Mum Finds The Dodgyest Cake On The Internet And Recreates It For Me. This Is The Result

Image credits: lotttiiee

#71 My Girlfriend Was Adamant She Could Make A Cake Exactly Like The One On The Left

Image credits: Cimbalean

#72 That Is An Actual Piece Of Toast

Image credits: Goombaw

#73 Nailed It

#74 Tried To Make A Birthday Cake

Image credits: Notagnelf

#75 My GF’s Little Brother Wanted An Army Cake For His Birthday

Mom orders one over the phone. When they go to pick it up, this is what they arrive to. I think there was a slight miscommunication.

Image credits: Flying_Camel_v1

#76 Cat Cake

Image credits: curiuser.and.curiuser

#77 Spongebob Cake

Image credits: cakes with threatening auras

#78 Lumpy Space Princess

Image credits: terrifying_treats

#79 This Beauty Has Been Both My Favorite And Worst Cake At The Same Time

Image credits: tazzie_bear

#80 A Birthday Cake

Image credits: cadescakes

#81 A Spongebob Cake

#82 Cute Cactus Attempt

Image credits:

#83 Wife Made Me A Birthday Cake

Image credits: BoyBlunder99

#84 Friend’s Take On The Piglets In Mud Cake

Image credits: lakses

#85 This Is A Horse

#86 When You Try To Bake A Cake Of Your Dog And It Looks More Like A Poo

Image credits: cake_pals

#87 When You Just Can’t Bear To Actually Set It On Fire

Image credits: therealjoynash

#88 I Made An R2D2 Cake

Image credits: blindskinner

#89 Eat Pant

#90 Sonic The Hedgehog

Image credits: cakes with threatening auras

#91 The Glorious Snowman Ice Cream Cake My Mom Bought

Image credits: GoToSleepJoker

#92 Honestly, Happier With What I Got Than What I Ordered

Image credits: Antimonyy

#93 Throwback To When We Tried To Make Aunt Petunias Cake

Image credits: TheDevilsTrinket

#94 My Friend Tried To Replicate This Cute Little Lamb Cake. What She Got Was Perfection

Image credits:

#95 Brother Ordered His Daughters Birthday Cake, She Specifically Wanted It To Have Justin Bieber And Pink Color Frosting

Image credits: maxw69

#96 Very Proud To Share With You Our First Cake

Image credits: famouspeoplecakes

#97 My Niece’s Bday Cake. An Attempt Was Made

Image credits: fiercepug

#98 What Do You Do When It’s Early Covid, Everything Is Closed And A 6 Year Old Boy Wants A Bugs Bunny Cake

Image credits:

#99 In Keeping Up With The Tradition Of Making Tragic Holiday Cakes, Here Is An Easter Bunny Cake With Soulless Eyes

Image credits: lauren.a.campbell

#100 My Semi-Horrifying Easter Lamb Cake Fail

Image credits: sewing_sirena

#101 Happy Easter

Image credits: msneeboskates

#102 My Mum Asked What Cake To Make My 1yr Old For His Birthday. We Asked For A Duck

Image credits: Iworkinfashionblah

#103 I Usually Decorate The Lamb Cake For Easter, But My Mother In Law Had To Do It Herself This Year. This Is The Result

Image credits: ForTheWhorde

#104 Ok You Can Laugh

Image credits: home_at_springcottage

#105 Amputee Tinkerbell

#106 So You’ve Ruined Your Life

Image credits: cakes with threatening auras

#107 Nailed It

This is what happens when I think I have not just dropper food coloring sets but a full on 12 piece Wilton professional set of food coloring… only when I went to try to find it, it’s nowhere to be seen. The other three packages of food coloring (one all-the-chemical-way and two crunchy granola colored-by-carrots types) are now an X file. BUT….

I do have 27 bottles of various sprinkles, and this is the result. The kids even helped. My now 6 year old Birthday Boy told me it’s the best cake he’s ever had, and that his birthday was the awesomest yet.

Image credits: pineconesandpeas

#108 My Very Imperfect Frog Cake

Image credits: Fasupalaa

#109 My Niece Wanted A Pikachu Cake, Mum Delivered

Image credits: agent_peters

#110 Birthday Cake

Image credits: mrObry

#111 Made German Chocolate Cake From Scratch. Tastes Better Than It Looks

Image credits: VineHammer

#112 Celebrating My First Divorceversary And The Office Girls Bought Me A Cake

Image credits: Versaton

#113 Be Good, Jen

Image credits: cakes with threatening auras

#114 Patrick The Star

Image credits: indigojamess

#115 A Cereal Bowl Cake

I decided to try it for myself using (mostly) off-the-shelf baking and decorating supplies. End result is cute, quirky, and a bit flawed because I winged it on a few steps.

Image credits: jennlikestomakethings

#116 What’s Easter Without A Super Janky Bunny Cake? At Least It’s Yummy

Image credits: sbarrott1

#117 My Failed Attempt At Making A Baby Yoda Cake

Image credits: mtzluz16

#118 Eight Crazy Nights! That’s How Long Those Candles Will Prop Up That House

Image credits: nailedit

#119 A Little Love From The Woke Kirby Gang

Image credits: terrifying_treats

#120 I Asked For A Pikachu Cake And Got A Pigachu

Image credits: Loudminority_

#121 Easter Bunny Bundt Cake

Clearly someone is missing their ears and this is definitely the messiest bundt cake I’ve ever made but it was still so nice to spend Easter with my mixer, dogs and priest in HD.

Image credits: katesgotbakes

#122 In Today’s Episode Of How Not To Ice A Cake

Image credits: scaffolded.math

#123 It’s A Genie Bottle Or Something

Image credits: j_lloyd_miller

#124 The Snowman Of Nightmares

Image credits: ellenuttley

#125 Here Is The Fattest, Most Diabolical LEGO Man Ever

Image credits: messylifemessylove

#126 A Creation For Son’s Birthday

Image credits: marytraffy

#127 You Might Remember The Fabulously Terrifying Hedgehog Cake I Made For A Mate A Few Months Ago. Today She Hedgehog Caked Me Back

Image credits: frankiebuttons

#128 Gradution Day

#129 When Even Your Cake Is Hungover

Image credits: amylewcar

#130 Monkey

#131 In Honor Of My Birthday, I Present The Greatest Cake I’ve Ever Received

Image credits: chipsrunshappy

#132 Remember

Image credits: cakes with threatening auras

#133 Bee Cake

Image credits: cakes with threatening auras

#134 Unicorn Cake

#135 It Was My Son’s Birthday On The Weekend. All He Wanted Was A Duck Cake. Looks Great On Angle, But Front On Its Nightmare Fuel

Image credits: RyanLReviews

#136 Close Enough

Image credits: Beaker360

#137 Just Following Instructions

Image credits: darkplane13

#138 Here It Is Folks. The Pièce De Résistance

I attempted yet again to make a lego man cake for Carlisle as requested by him and as you can see, it turned out amazing! The cake got stuck in the silicone mould thing and when I was trying to get it out I kinda lost handle of everything and it flung off the cooling rack thing and smooshed onto the bench… believe it or not, what you see before you is actually 4 separate/smashed pieces and I ate the rest I couldn’t put back together lol!
So I made it a zombie instead which they both thought was hilarious ?
And @colessupermarkets gluten free vanilla cake mix for the win ? tasted.

Image credits: infitnessandinhealthpt

#139 Happy Birthday Mom

Image credits:

#140 When You Think You Had A Bad Day, I Want You To Look Closely At This Cake And Know That Someone Had A Way Harder Day Than You

Image credits: vbrownlee85

#141 The Best Part Of This Nightmare Was That I Knew You’d Love It Anyway And We’d Laugh About It

Image credits: janine.stephen7

#142 I’ve Seen Worse

Image credits: maria_lynn_92

#143 I Tried To Recreate Nailed It! The Show And I Tried To Make A Thanksgiving Turkey Cake And I Think I Did OK

Image credits: MrBillyBonga

#144 The Wedding Cake I Asked For And The Cake I Received

Image credits: juads

#145 Brooklyn Prom

Image credits: szyslakattack

#146 My Sisters Cake

Image credits: lolxd46

#147 Perfect

Image credits: smukke_streger

#148 There’s Something Very Wrong

#149 My Feeble Attempt At A Wreck It Ralph Cake By Request Of My 7-Year-Old While He Was Gone Watching The Movie For His B-Day

Image credits: darkb

#150 Honestly, I Did Not Try

Image credits: threateningcake

#151 Do Better

#152 Worked On This All Day. Not The Best, But My Bluey Fan Turns Three Today

Image credits: lionsnurse513

#153 Choo-Choo

Image credits: BritishBakeOff

#154 Some Desserts Give You Heartburn, This One Will Give You Nightmares

Image credits: 6jules

#155 Horror Cake

Image credits: foodartthedarkside

#156 I Attempted A Caterpillar Cake. It Will Haunt My Nightmares Forever

Image credits: PikaPikaPoka

#157 It Is My Middle Child’s Birthday Today. Maby Professional Cake Decorating Not In My Skillset But What It Lacked In Looks It Made Up For In Flavor

Image credits: cookashleyj

#158 Baked A White Chocolate And Raspberry Sponge Cake For My Brother’s Birthday

Image credits: bubblydrinks

#159 I Baked And Decorated A Cake For My Birthday

Image credits: puppymonkeybaby79

#160 Sometimes The Cake Works With Me, Sometimes It Fights Me And Since This Was A Monster Cake It’s Not Surprising It Beat Me This Time

Image credits: melcos1215

#161 Tried To Get Fancy With The Lamb Cake And Fill It With Sprinkles – But It Wasn’t Quite Sturdy Enough

Image credits: debdenning

#162 It’s Supposed To Look Like Eevee, But Let’s Be Honest, It Looks Like Dobby With A Beard

Image credits: rebeckasprock

#163 I See Your “Ugliest Carrot Cake” And Raise You My Turd Carrot Cake

Image credits: VaporWavePanda

#164 My Incredible Talent For Not Just Baking, But Decorating. I Will Not Be Taking Questions At This Time

Image credits: sheaKitten13

#165 Unfortunately, The Hunter’s Hearing Turned Out To Be Much Better Than His Eyesight

#166 Dog Cake

#167 No

Image credits: cakes with threatening auras

#168 Football

Image credits: cakes with threatening auras

#169 Congratulations, You’ve Done It

Image credits: legalpantry

#170 My Wedding Cake

Image credits: lickthecowhappy

#171 The One That Assembled This Cake, Read The Instructions Wrong

#172 Project/Expectation Of The Night : Alligator Cake! Reality : Turdagator Cake. Poor Turdagator. I’m Sorry I’ve Failed You

Image credits: fayecavs

#173 Well Kids. You Win Some, You Lose Some—today The Cake Defeated Me. I’ll Get It Next Time With A More Refined Recipe

Image credits: thethirdwalker

#174 As A Self Taught Baker, Not Every Cake Comes Out Perfect. As We Practice, We Learn , And We Are Humbled

Image credits: loveandflourconfections

#175 Obama Cake

#176 My Mom Asked What Kind Of Cake I Wanted For My Birthday, I Said “Carrot Cake” And I Got Exactly What I Asked For. Well Played Mom

Image credits: chimichangaluva331

#177 Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Image credits: littletigerstripes

#178 Welcome Back From Coma

Image credits: threateningcake

#179 Deflated Ball

Image credits: cakes with threatening auras

#180 Cake At The Wedding I Attended This Weekend

Image credits: blazze_eternal

#181 Donkey

Image credits:

#182 Traditional Thanksgiving Dessert 2020 Edition

Image credits: obtinyhouse

#183 Making My Dreams A Reality

Image credits: mindypaper

#184 Cake Made By Friend Who Works At Walmart

Image credits: chungen91

#185 Not All Are Fails, But This Is Hilarious

Image credits: timefordesserts

#186 Looks Tasty

#187 This Patriotic Cheese Cake

Image credits: gobmagician

#188 Fiancé And I Are Practicing Our Homemade Wedding Cake

Image credits: dicedtomatoes

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