21 People Responded By Showing Their Home Libraries When A Twitter User Shared She Just Finished Hers

Every book lover’s dream is to have a dedicated room or at least a corner in their house for a library. And it’s not just because they have so many books that they need a room of their own. Libraries have a cozy and calm feel to them, so it’s a perfect place to come to relax and have a nice read.

Twitter user Mikaela shared some photos of her just-finished library of which she had been dreaming since she was a little kid. This tweet went viral and people not only were admiring the beautiful room, but also shared their own libraries. So let’s take a look at where people keep their books.

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Image credits: mb_inthehutt

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Mikaela is an Australian living in New Zealand who loves books. She went to Twitter to share her joy of finishing her own home library, of which she had been dreaming since she was little, and now the dream is a reality.

For her library’s interior, Mikaela chose green tones. If we are to believe color psychology, which claims colors impact emotions and mood, green would be perfect for such a room as it is restful, soothing, cheerful, and health-giving. Some researchers even say that it can improve reading abilities and help us concentrate.


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The tweet received a lot of attention: over 240k people liked it and 1.6k people had something to say. Twitter users were praising Mikaela’s room and expressing their envy. Turns out that a home library is a common dream to have.

And of course, some people showed photos of their libraries too, sharing the joy—it doesn’t matter if those libraries are separate rooms with armchairs and good lighting or a corner in their house with a bookshelf.


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The famous Italian writer Umberto Eco said, “The person who doesn’t read lives only one life. The reader lives 5,000. Reading is immortality backwards.” However, about 27 percent of adults in the US didn’t read a single book in 2018. Data shows that Indians are the ones spending the most time reading.

Another interesting fact is that women tend to read more than men. Data from 2015 shows that about 77 percent of American women read a book that year, compared with 67 percent of American guys. And if we compare the amounts that are read, the average woman reads 14 books in a year, while for the average man, it‘s 9 books a year.


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Maybe normally, people didn’t read that much not because they didn’t like doing it, but because they didn’t have spare time for it. Because of the pandemic, we have spent more time at home, we save time by not commuting, and we need something to distract us and let us relax, so a lot of people have turned or returned to reading. Surveys show that 35 percent of people say they have read more and 14 percent say they have read significantly more.

And to make the reading experience even more pleasant, we have time to also work on such projects as building our very own libraries at home!


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