30 Items We All Should Quit Buying, As Pointed Out By People In This Online Group

Now with only a few clicks of a button, we can get everything we need or want. This has led to a serious discussion of what consumerism brings us and how we should change our shopping habits. And this is not the only reason why people sometimes need to think twice before confirming that purchase. Together with this goes untrustworthy brands, low-quality items, and influential hype of purchasing unnecessary things. 

Reddit user @u/Badass_Band1t asked people online “What should people seriously stop buying?” and received almost 40k upvotes together with 27.5 comments where other users shared their opinions about things that, for various reasons, should not be purchased in the future. 

Most of the answers showed that people are very much concerned about plastic use. A lot of comments suggested that we can all live without buying single-use plastic products when there are so many alternatives that are friendly to the environment. Plastic water bottles and cutlery were among the things that pollute surroundings the most and can be easily replaced with reusable items. 

I guess that spreading awareness about MLM (multi-level marketing) scams stuck in people’s minds as these companies and their products were also mentioned by users of Reddit. It was stressed in some of the comments that any kind of unnecessary things that provide you with temporary happiness are not worth buying as they only take up space but usually have no value. 

What do you think people should also stop buying? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below!

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Animals that are so inbred to meet a certain ‘breed standard’ that they are a walking vet bill from birth. Brachycephalic dog breeds such as French Bulldogs being an example.

Image credits: Sarcastic-Me


Puppy mill puppies!

Image credits: bagelmama11


Anything an influencer gets paid to promote

Image credits: nagygirl23


The sewage that comes out of TV Evangelists’ mouths.

Image credits: datazulu


Shark fin soup. The fishers only want the fin and throw the shark out to the sea after cutting it since the other body parts have no monetary value, letting the shark to die

Image credits: marisquo


University books… boycott them, ridiculous price for individuals to pay for education, should all be online publicly for free.

Image credits: AidanOP


So much. Stop buy so much. You don’t need all that f*****g s**t.

Image credits: SolarisIX


A new phone every year.

Image credits: Gabochuky


Animals they can’t take care of for the rest of their lives.

Image credits: mcontant


Detox teas or anything that claims to help rid you of “toxins” in your body. If you can’t do that s**t on your own already then you need a kidney or liver transplant, not a tea that a fit mom is trying to sell you.

Image credits: TheBereWolf


GLITTER. Sparkles, glitter and sequins on everything, especially kids items.

You think it’s hard to get that s**t out of your house after craft time?

It’s MICROPLASTIC, and it’s going into our waterways and oceans. Yet the toy stores and clothing stores are adding more sequins and glitter every day. Makes me furious. Just stop buying it!

Image credits: candidlycait



Especially those sealed tight ones… Our dead need to decompose, and they will, but the casket can just explode.

When I’m dead I want to be buried in a blanket and tossed in a hole. Let nature worry about me.

Image credits: BevLive


Pugs and French bulldogs

Image credits: Mavywavy13


Products with palm oil in.

Image credits: Yabanna_Koogarappa


Cigarettes. Quit while you can. If you need help doing so, we can be friends and I can help you all I can.

Image credits: ParanoidOzzy666


any kind of shower gel or facewash that has those plastic microbeads in them.

The beads are small enough to get through most filtration systems and are ruinous to marine life

Image credits: graeuk


Fast fashion.

Image credits: icee5728



Image credits: OrangeyUnicorn


Anything involved in an MLM scam. I’m looking at you Young Living Essential Oils

Image credits: wafflelover17


Plastic bottles.

Just buy a water filter and fill up the same bottle

Edit: for people saying just drink tap water, I agree 100%. I’m just saying there are a lot of people who only buy bottled water, drink it, throw it and buy another one. Ridiculously unnecessary. Those plastics are so difficult to recycle, if at all. Most just ends up in landfill anyway.

Trying to convince them to buy a water filter is good middle ground!

My FIL boasts about how eco-conscious he is but still does what I said above. Drives me mental.

Image credits: ItWazFuken1ofYas


Tiny plastic garbage

I see tiktoks of people unboxing like these mini-plastic toys (?) of name brand items.

And they will have 100s of them all individually wrapped in multiple layers of packaging just to have tiny replicas of a bottle of windex or lay’s potato chips.

Image credits: WitherWithout


Red Delicious apples. You deserve better than that mushy garbage. Get yourself a honeycrisp.

Image credits: 1080TJ



If you have a Keurig, use the reusable K-Cup.

Image credits: gizmosbutu


Any home exercise machine or equipment that requires a subscription to use. You paid 2 grand for a treadmill and then a recurring monthly fee to use it. How is this business model working?

Image credits: Hormel_Chavez


S**t made of plastic they use once and throw away.

Image credits: LPTKill


Online IQ test. If there was a way to fail an IQ test, paying for one online would be it.

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Image credits: thehonestyfish


Most saltwater fish if they aren’t willing to put in the effort, and certain species that just can’t be kept in captivity even with the effort.

90% of saltwater fish you see in the store except for most clowns, some tangs, some seahorses, and I think maybe cardinal fish are all wild caught.

More than any other pet, when you take home a saltwater fish you have purchased a piece of the environment and you should treat it with every bit of respect it deserves.

Image credits: RhynoD


Nestle Products

Image credits: akidnamedsunny


I can’t understand the people that buy holiday decor every single year. Are people buying fake trees and tossing them every year and needing a new one? Same with ornaments and what not. Obviously people move out of their parents or they need to replace ornaments if they’re broken or something but the amount in stores does not add up to me. Why so much new stuff every year?

Image credits: PumpkinPieIsGreat

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