30 Times People Spotted A ‘Cursed Comment’ And Shared It On This Online Group (New Pics)

Why would Pewdiepie call a far corner of the internet known by the title “Cursed Comments” “the very worst subreddit” out there, I wonder? Surely there should be many more reckless and vicious subreddits that refuse to abide by the rules of common sense.

Well, seemingly innocent at first glance, the subreddit Cursed Comments owns its name 100 percent. Why? Because, as the community’s description says, it serves a collection of “comments that strike the reader into oblivion, while leaving you speechless at the same time.”

Sometimes, it’s the blatant gruesomeness, other times it’s pure incomprehension, sometimes it’s sheer absurdity, other cases it’s all ensued hilarity. After all, it’s a reflection of all the communication happening out in the virtual wild west. Nothing is sacred, everything is kinda meme-like.

So we picked out some of the most ‘srsly?’ and ‘im outta here’ comments as shared by a whopping 2.7 million cursed members in the group. In the end, we are all more or less cursed, it’s just that the cursed ones already know it.

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#1 Cursed_bookreview

Image credits: LycanVan

#2 Cursed_bears

Image credits:

#3 Cursed Witches

Image credits: Whispering_wisp

#4 Cursed_paronoid

Image credits:

#5 Cursed_buisness Meeting

Image credits:

#6 Cursed_hot Tubs

Image credits:

#7 Cursed_healthcare

Image credits: kungfuWABBITZ

#8 Cursed Drink

Image credits: mahdiayadi21

#9 Cursed_heelies

Image credits: TheTaroMaster

#10 Cursed_health

Image credits: grandmastererer

#11 Cursed_pocket

Image credits:

#12 Cursed_spareparts

Image credits: HeisterWolf

#13 Cursed_allergies

Image credits: HugsForCorpse

#14 Cursed_dad

Image credits:

#15 Cursed_dog

Image credits: user

#16 Cursed_children

Image credits: rain2006

#17 Cursed_flight

Image credits: unerK

#18 Cursed_batman

Image credits:

#19 Cursed_bill

Image credits: Killed_Victim69

#20 Cursed_cat

Image credits: RedDevil1729

#21 Cursed_carrot

Image credits:

#22 Cursed Survival

Image credits:

#23 Cursed_accident

Image credits: brunettemountainlion

#24 Cursed_airplane

Image credits: TheoSteventon

#25 Cursed_mask

Image credits: linlin69

#26 Cursed_friend:

Image credits:

#27 Cursed_swearing_baby

Image credits:

#28 Cursed Decomposing

Image credits:

#29 Cursed_battle

Image credits: Just-Aman

#30 Cursed_brother

Image credits: yaonatan88

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