They say it’s always best to trust your gut. But what if it tells you there’s something off with a particular person, place, situation, you name it? Today, we are diving into some hard-to-believe scenarios shared by people with very strong suspicions. The only catch is that they have zero proof of the conspiracies.

What do you strongly suspect but have no proof of?” asked u/757jsmith on the r/AskReddit subreddit and the answers started rolling in.

Let’s scroll through the most interesting ones below, and who knows… sometimes life is stranger than fiction!


Our ancient (human) history is far more vast and impressive than we can even begin to imagine.

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Religion was created to control the masses.

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Woman’s clothes have either no pockets or crumby pockets to promote handbag sales.

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Suspect my Physically and mentally abusive ex husband was planning on offing me during our separation/divorce. He got a $75,000 life insurance policy on me during our separation. Found out 2 years after our divorce when he had overpaid the policy and the insurance sent me a refund check. Mistake on their part.

During our separation, he had invited me to join his “family” vacation at Grand Canyon, I said no. He invited me to the mountains that same summer to try to be a family again, I said no. Then he invited me to Mexico for “reconciliation, again no. ( I said no because the gut feelings I had and my mom told me not to) She had 3 dreams in a row that my soon to be ex husband would tell her I was dead.

I have no proof, just the insurance policy and my mom’s dreams. 2 years after divorce, he canceled policy. I didn’t know you could get insurance on someone without them knowing

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The Kardashians usually wear solid colored clothing because it’s easier for them to photoshop

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That the developed world would function just fine if people were paid the same salaries, but worked only 3 days a week instead of 5. I strongly suspect the elite and governments want us working as much as possible so we don’t have enough free time to cause unrest and improve society in a way that would negatively affect them. After all, since machines and factories have automated most forms of manufacturing, so why are we working as many (or more) hours as people from 150 years ago?

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That the universe is teeming with life. Earth just can’t be that special.

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All those “questionnaires” and “create your X name” things on Facebook are created by people hoping to data mine secret question answers to steal your identity or bank info.

Your stripper name is the first car you owned + The street you grew up on.

Yo dummy, those are the secret questions to your bank account!

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Cats can understand our words, but do not care. They are waiting for a moment to speak, but since we are so far beneath them it hasn’t happened yet.

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There’s no sales on Black Friday. It’s just hyped up and people don’t do the research. Something could have been on “sale” earlier in the year for the same price, but people flock to the stores on Black Friday and buy it immediately because in their mind… it’s the cheapest it has ever been.


That a lot of businesses in my hometown are just money laundering operations. 25 nail salons in a town of 70,000? 3000 square foot DVD rental shop in the best block of downtown where commercial rents are very high? Dozens of $10 barber shops sitting empty all day but remaining open? Red flags all around.

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That the “unsubscribe” method in spam emails, calls or texts are really just a way of confirming the number is attached to a real person.


In my city something bad is about to happen.

I see a lot of mansions on sale, and houses with good location too. I think rich people know something that the rest of the people don’t.

Pretty paranoid, sorry.

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That my oldest brother is actually my bio father.

It just makes no sense to me otherwise. I have a butt chin and no one else in my family does. This older brother was(is?) an alcoholic, drug addict, and just a big mess all around. He brought different women to my parent’s house every day and we would hear them f**k. It makes no sense to me that he came out of that with zero children. Makes less sense since he’s ~20 years older than me, which means my parents would have had me at a dangerously (for my mom) old age. I know it’s not impossible, but it just makes a lot more sense this way. Plus my parents always covered up for his wrongdoings so it honestly wouldn’t surprise me.

I once asked my mom and she got visibility upset. Didn’t even ask her outright, I just said I had a dream that they told me my brother was really my father. She got super mad and refused to even discuss or acknowledge my dream. Weird as hell.

I would still consider my mom, my mom. Wouldn’t consider my brother my dad if he were because he’s an ass. It’s just something I think is highly probable.

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Every episode of every reality show is either tightly scripted, or at least framed and re-shot so the producers can get the right amount of drama on the screen.


That only about 20% of people actually do any work. The rest just get by looking busy.

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Queen Elizabeth will probably live up to 120 years and longer. She is one of the best fed and most cared person on Earth.

If we invented something for immortality, she likely took it already.

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That a relative is a CIA agent. She was in the Peace Corps, Vietnam era. Ever since she’s been a “world traveler,” somehow able to drop her work and “go hiking the Spanish version of the Appalachian Trail” or otherwise go to exotic locales. Sometimes she came back with injuries, “I fell as we were climbing some rocks.” Her son is in the agency as an employee, not a spy, and he’s married to a CIA translator.


Prince Charles will never sit on the throne. I believe he made a deal with Queen Elizabeth that in exchange for being allowed to marry Camilla he gave up his right to sit on the throne. Prince William will sit on the throne when Queen Elizabeth dies.

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I believe my grand mother was a serial killer. She was married 7 times; each ending in a sudden death. She died in the 1980’s but everything is still suspicious and no one seems to know anything. I did find an article about her when she came to the US where her first husband died defending her after her ex-boyfriend climbed in her window in New York City. I also found evidence of her having been in prison before coming to the US.


I believe that many animal rescues self-perpetuate their own problem. Some rescues have VERY picky requirements – like salary minimums, yard size minimums, prior experience, age minimums, required seminars, required volunteer work, etc. Meanwhile you can just go to a breeder or a store, and be able to get a pet that day.

I understand wanting to make sure the animals go to a home equipped to care for the animal, but if it’s so hard to get a rescuee pet that it drives people to stores, then those shelters will only ever become more crowded. A parrot rescue near me requires 6 months of volunteering for 3 hours every week before you can adopt… and there’s a store nearby that just breeds and sells parrots. Which one would most people pick?


That Bath and Body Works has like, 13 unique scents. Every couple of months they just rotate the scents in and call them something else.

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Historians +200 years from now will be able to look at all of all of the private messages and data of people who have been long dead.

Similar to how we can read private letters of people from 1700’s.

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Starbucks baristas intentionally spell your name wrong so you take a picture of it and post it on social media to give the company free advertising.

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Some zoos have empty exhibits and just claim the animal is in there, you just never see them.

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I think my great great uncle was gay, but lived in a time where he had to hide that part of himself. He never had a wife or kids. He traveled a lot and was very into art. I asked my grandma a while back if she thought he was gay and she said he just wasn’t interested in having girlfriends.

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I believe that apple never actually intended for anyone to buy their $999 monitor stand. It was just an excuse so they could invalidate all warranty claims for the Pro monitor.

“We can’t approve your claim due to the use of improper 3rd party equipment”.

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My dog sees supernatural events at our house.


That your phone and laptop mics are hot and sending data to certain groups.

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That my five month old knows exactly when I’m about to fall asleep and starts crying just to screw with me.

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That my English teacher didn’t read essays, and based grades on how we were in class.

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That every single person who has submitted their DNA to their ancestor sites has officially damned themselves. That’s like giving away all the passwords to your devices. Our DNA is our coding, it is what builds us. If someone for some reason wanted that information for any reason that would likely ignore the integrity of bioethics, they could get to it. Rich person will die within 2 days without a kidney transplant? They could easily pay someone to check the database to find an individual who could potentially be the closest match. That person would have also submitted where they live. It would be pretty convenient for that person to randomly get terribly injured and be taken to the hospital where the rich person happens to be at. I know it sounds crazy, and there are 100 less crazy things people can do with out data. But with body autonomy rights starting to be taken away by some states, it’s essentially the government saying they own the rights to your body, it’s just not that obvious…for now. Y’all wait. Y’all mark my words.


Mattress stores are a money laundering scheme. No one buys that many mattresses.

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That companies (such as smartphones companies) are holding back their best technologies waiting their competitors to release something new so they release something a bit better but not the best they can do


That Earth has been visited by one or more advanced civilizations, and may even be watching us stealthily.

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