35 People Who Wanted To Look So Tough, They Ended Up Embarrassing Themselves Completely

If you hear someone say, “I’m not scared of that,” or, “I didn’t want that promotion anyway,” it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re mentally strong. In fact, there’s a good chance it’s just a facade.

To illustrate this, let’s look at the subreddit which we at Bored Panda call “I Am Very Bad“. From gun nuts to overly-protective boyfriends, this online community has plenty of examples to prove that overcompensation can be very, very obvious.

Here are the posts that got the most upvotes from the sub’s 1.2 million members.

#1 The F**king Sun

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#2 Vaping In Front Of A Water Service Vehicle Thinking It’s A Cop Car

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While acting tough may meet a person’s needs in the short term by artificially boosting their ego or by getting others to back off, it’s not a good long-term strategy. In fact, one study conducted by psychologists at Rutgers University found that guys who act tough may suffer serious consequences.

The paper, published in The Journal of Health Psychology, found that these men visit doctors less often. They’re also less forthcoming about their medical symptoms when they see a male physician (interestingly, these same men were more likely to choose a male doctor because they believe male doctors are more competent than females).

#3 And Murdered By Words Of Another Vet

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#4 A Birthday Well Wish Escalates To ”there Will Be Consequences”

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#5 My Friend And His Wife Are Going Through A Mutual Divorce, Her New Boyfriend Is Wasting No Time Asserting Dominance

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Researchers suspect that delaying medical appointments and minimizing symptoms could be one of the reasons why men in the US die, on average, five years earlier than women.

If you want to see whether or not you have a tendency to act this way, this article by Inc. provides a 7-point checklist that could help in evaluating yourself.

If you’re also putting up a fake exterior that helps you feel superior, consider the toll it may take on your life. Instead, try to invest in building mental strength, so the way you feel on the inside matches how others see you on the outside. As your mental strength increases, your need to act tough decreases.

#6 Even My Local Police Department Had To Call Out This Guy’s Bulls**t

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#7 She Always Told Me He Was Jealous But Dang

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#8 If You Have To Advertise It, It’s Probably Not True

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#9 If A Cop Is A D*ck You Are Legally Allowed To Beat Him Up Apparently

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#10 Comment On A Post About An Old Couple Having To Slowly Put Back Potatoes One At A Time At A Grocery Store Until The Price Was Low Enough Because They Are Poor

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#11 You Never Know What Will Go Down At A Subway Sandwich Shop

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#12 Bad**s Boomer Responds To Being Ok’ed By A Journalist He Yelled At About Climate Change

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#13 I Love My Friend But I Get These Often

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#14 His Daughter Took A Laptop Home From School To Message A Boy. So He Decides To Shoot The Laptop That Wasn’t Even His Property

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#15 Shooting A Target From A Mile Away? Light Work

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#16 Oh Man… Stay Away From This Guy!

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#17 Coronavirus Is Scared Of Catching Me

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#18 High School Is A Hell Of A Drug

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#19 He Doesnt Need A Bed Just Sleeps In A Holster

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#20 From A Live Stream Of Hurricane Florence

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#21 A Challenge From A Bad**s

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#22 Dysfunctional Veteran Leave Me Alone!

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#23 Do Not Underestimate People With Multiple Font Tattoos

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#24 Accidentally Added The Wrong Guy On Facebook. Guess I’m A Coward Now

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#25 School Dropouts Are Very Bad**s

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#26 Vegans Can’t Even Make A Dent

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#27 A Warm Welcome Back From My “Bad**s” Roommate

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#28 How To Prove You’re Older Than 14

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#29 U Can Use Your Zip Ties To Make Sure Your Legs Stay Together In The New Wheelchair

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#30 Covid Brings Out The Crazies

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#31 A Comment: “I Bet You Spent More On This Than Your Kids Since They Were Born”

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#32 Walmart Patriot

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#33 Going To The Gym Makes You Invincible

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#34 Shoot First, Ask Questions Later, I Guess

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#35 Who Would Dare After That

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