35 Times ‘Karens’ Acted So Entitled, The Internet Had To Call Them Out For It In This Online Group

Acting like an entitled, spoiled brat won’t win you any favors and won’t make you any new friends. In fact, you’re bound to lose a few if you don’t tone it down and continue making other people’s lives a living hell.

To you and I, these people are simply huge jerks who are best left ignored. But to the internet, they’re known as ‘Karens,’ no matter their actual gender or real name. Shaming ignorant Karens has become so huge, it’s even spawned its own subreddit, the ‘Eff You Karen’ community that shows everyone how not to act if you want to be a good person.

In the mood for some more examples of unearned entitlement and outrage? Once you’re done upvoting the pics that made your jaw drop in this list, check out Bored Panda’s previous article about the ‘Eff You Karen’ community right over here.

#1 Just Do It

Image credits: Sean_warr

#2 Karen Time

Image credits: Jealous_Obligation60

#3 A Celebrity Karen

Image credits: SleepyBeauty94

The ‘Eff You Karen’ subreddit, founded in late 2017, is now homing in on the 1.2-million-member mark. Some of the subreddit’s rules include avoiding political topics, avoiding witch hunts, and censoring social media identities in order to protect the people being poked fun at.

They might be in the wrong and be way too entitled, but there are very few people who actually deserve being spammed by a bunch of angry internet users. Everyone makes mistakes and we need to leave enough room for people to grow and become better. Though, of course, that’s not an excuse for acting like a horrible, entitled person in the first place.

#4 Anti Vaccine Karen

Image credits: tilfloteye

#5 Karen Alley Is Out Of Her Mind

Image credits: kirstiealley

#6 Damn It Karen

Image credits: HP2806

In a previous interview, I spoke about Karen memes and the context surrounding them with Matt Schimkowitz, Know Your Meme’s Senior Editor. According to him, there’s lots of potential for the meme to be insensitive and even offensive to women, so care must be taken when using this type of humor. He put it very plainly that we should all meme with caution, whatever the meme might be.

#7 The Logic This Karen Has Is Very Small

Image credits: Bbro27

#8 The Og Karenavirus

Image credits: fake-newz

#9 Uno Reverse

Image credits: Oobahs

“As [the meme] grows from a parody of a common social experience of someone demanding to speak to a manager to a statement about white privilege, the stakes over the meaning of the meme grow as well,” Matt told Bored Panda.

#10 This Karen Is Being Racist Against A Dog

Image credits: mmmeesss

#11 Karen Didn’t Do Her Research

Image credits: -_-BruH__MoMeNT-_-

#12 I’d Like To Speak To The Manager Of Mocha Coffee Please

Image credits: severeclear1

“I think that users of the meme should be cognizant that what they’re meme-ing might not be their intent anymore. It’s very possible that the meme could grow even farther to exhibit misogynistic tendencies, which are somewhat already present,” Matt warned those who use Karen memes to be aware of the context.

#13 Ran Into The Most Entitled Male Karen At The USPS Today

Image credits: mingohaun

#14 Takes Being A Karen To A New Level

Image credits: Combat_Kangaroo

#15 Definitely Must Be A Karen

Image credits: steverogers1701

At the core of using memes for humor lies intent. Know Your Meme’s Senior Editor Matt pointed out that the Karen meme, something that’s used and enjoyed by many people, could eventually become connected to something that many would find offensive if people with sexist beliefs started using the term as a “catchall for all women.”

#16 Karen Decides That Children’s Fun Isn’t Enough Of A Reason To Have A Tree House

Image credits: Portovedo1304

#17 “Taking A Picture Of Me???” – Woman Changing Her Baby’s Dirty Diaper On Top Of An Old Navy Clothing Display

Image credits: TonyGoforth

#18 Karen Doesn’t Like The Way You Had Your Baby

Image credits: Nintendophile79

Though we can’t expect memes to be completely neutral. “Meme-ing can be nihilistic artform and rewards really ugly behavior in some cases. Sometimes, what starts as a fairly inoffensive meme can grow into something really hateful, like Pepe the Frog. I could see that happening to Karen—though, I’m not really sold one way or the other on the debate.”

#19 Karen Gatekeeping Motherhood

Image credits: SkizzmasterGeneral

#20 I Karen’t Even

Image credits:

#21 Friend Told Me To Post This Here After She Found It – Male Karens?

Image credits: IStuckAFishUpMyAss

According to Matt, it’s hard to find the exact origin of the Karen meme. However, he personally believes that the most convincing origin story is a bit from Dane Cook’s 2005 comedy special , “The Friend That Nobody Likes” where Karen is given this title. “This is one of the earliest examples that we have to using a specific name to stand in for a whole type of person, and it’s a comedic trope that we’ve seen dozens of times over the last 15 years,” Matt explained the possible origins of the meme to Bored Panda.

#22 Pulled The Ole Switcheroo

Image credits: Aloe2Vera

#23 Now This Is New Type Of Karen

Image credits: AngryCockOfJustice

#24 Why Tho?

Image credits:

#25 Enjoy This One. Dumbest One Yet

Image credits: matakoyambwa

#26 Poor Starbucks Employee…

Image credits:

#27 No “Bear” Gig For Karen’s Son

Image credits: Few_Decision

#28 Such A Karen Thing To Do

Image credits: WorkerandParasite20

#29 Military Spouse Counts As Service Now

Image credits: whitedranzer

#30 New Definition Of “Communism” Just Dropped

Image credits: ConspiracyBull1

#31 Found One In The Wild!

Image credits: Starboy2852

#32 Karen Wants To Know Where She Can Complain About The Hospital Helicopter Used In Emergency Situations Because It Interrupts Her Sleep

Image credits: Filthr

#33 Brace Yourselves

Image credits: phileagle_

#34 Good To Know, Karen

Image credits: Scialyti

#35 How Dare You Have Dandelions

Image credits: ConditionYellow

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