They say that the purpose of having a roommate is to eat their OREOs, use their shampoo, and have someone open the door for you when you’re dead drunk from a night out, no judgment included. That’s not true. Apart from a fraction of roommates who become life-long friends, most of them are there in your life so you can have hilarious stories to tell.

For anyone who knows what it’s like to live with other people under one roof, Jimmy Fallon’s new #MyWeirdRoommate challenge is a safe place to talk about very weird but very real things. Starting with Fallon’s story about a roommate “who only ate chicken nuggets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Everyone called him Nugget,” the thread started rolling with each story better than the previous one.

So get ready to cringe, laugh, and dive into something so relatable that no one who never had the pleasure (and a curse!) of having a roommate would understand.


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Jimmy Fallon’s hashtag challenges for The Tonight Show on NBC are among the most popular sketches on the show. Every Thursday, the Brooklyn-born comedian invites the Twitter community to share stories on one of many requested tags—from #MyDumbInjury to #WorstRoadTripEver. He then reads them out loud on the show, making everyone burst into laughter.

But not everyone is impressed by the trend of spelling hashtags out loud. One particular skit by Fallon seven years ago caught the attention of Chris Messina, the founder of the hashtag. During the sketch, Fallon and Justin Timberlake talked about mundane things, “hashtagging” everything until the discussion made little sense. Messina commented that “what Fallon has depicted is actually how teenagers are talking now… and I’m kind of like, ‘Oh God… what have I done?’” Is it really so wrong to have a tiny bit of fun with these nerdy metadata tags? Pandas, tell us what you think in the comments!


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Donald Trump has also helped Jimmy’s Twitter account to get attention. Back in June, Trump attacked Fallon for apologizing for having the then-presidential candidate on his chat show and playfully ruffling his hair. Trump told Fallon to “be a man.”


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