40 Of The Best History Memes For Anyone Wanting To Learn More About Our Past (New Pics)

American author and filmmaker Michael Crichton once said: “If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree.” So let’s take a look back at what events and people have ‘planted’ and ‘grown’ this tree we’re all a part of called the present, shall we?

But since it’s Friday, I think we can agree that something more refreshing than a textbook is needed. Luckily, we have just the thing. Two, actually.

Bored Panda decided to put together a follow-up collection to our earlier article and compile the best posts the subreddit r/HistoryMemes and Instagram account HistoryInMemes have recently released.

From making fun of the British Museum’s never-ending thirst for artifacts to corrupt Presidents, continue scrolling, check them out, and upvote your favorites!

#1 Sad But True

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#2 History Ain’t Pretty

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Contrary to what some might think, memes aren’t just for the internet. Historian, college administrator, amateur homesteader, and writer Joshua Wilkey, for example, quite often uses them in teaching. “I even sometimes assign my students to use memes as a way to present what they are learning in the classroom,” he told Bored Panda.

They’ve been around in some form or another for thousands of years, too.

In 2016, archeologists uncovered a mosaic from the 3rd century B.C. in what was the ancient city of Antiocheia. The piece has three frames and seems to depict a bathing scene. The first frame is of a servant preparing a bath; the second frame, a young man running away from taking the bath, being pursued by an older servant who is unable to catch him; the last scene, a “reckless” but seemingly happy skeleton of the young man is sitting casually with a jug of wine.

The inscription below him reads: “Be cheerful and live your life.” So you could say it’s the original YOLO.

#3 A True Hero

Willem Arondeus was a moderately successful painter and writer living in the Netherlands. However, at the time his career began to improve, the Nazis had occupied his nation, and he decided to sacrifice personal success and wealth for the greater good, joining the Dutch resistance. Arondeus’s skill as an artist allowed him to make fake ID cards, allowing Jewish refugees to hide more easily. However, the Nazi’s Municipal Office for Population Registration made this far more difficult, as they kept exact records. With his resistance team, Arondeus devised a plan to bomb the office, which went off successfully. By doing so, they were able to steal a number of blank ID cards, and destroy enough records that any Jewish refugees could believably pretend to have had their files destroyed.


However, Arondeus was betrayed and captured. He refused to give information on his co-conspirators under torture, but after his home was raided, they found evidence that linked him to his allies. Arondeus then took full credit for the entire plan, allowing two of his friends to escape execution. His last words were “Let it be known that homosexuals are not cowards”.

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#4 Sacrifice Sacrifice

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#5 It Really Do Be Like That

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But why bother with history in the first place? Well, Joshua Wilkey said that “as an academic pursuit, history teaches important skills like critical reading and analysis. For the average person, though, history is an important way of understanding the context of what is happening in the present.”

“I do not buy the argument that history repeats itself – and I think few professional historians would say that it does. It does, though, as Mark Twain once said, rhyme a lot. When one looks at the world as it is today, one cannot fully understand it absent knowledge of history,” Wilkey explained. “One cannot, for example, understand the Black Lives Matter movement without understanding the long history of civil rights activism in the United States. One cannot understand what is happening in Afghanistan without understanding the long history of that particular part of the world, specifically through the lens of imperialism. Current events do not happen in a vacuum. Trying to understand or react to them absent an understanding of the history is detrimental at best.”

#6 Hah Get It

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#7 Elvis’ Chance Of Getting Polio Has Left The Building; Thank You And Good Night!

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#8 Mad Respec

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#9 Typical

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#10 Game Changer

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#11 Thank You Very Much

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#12 Any Great Historical Figure Would Be Honoured To Be Played By Cillian Murphy, I’m Sure

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#13 Dirty Dog

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#14 This Happened To My Grandfather When He Was Teaching Second Grade. The Kids Were So Traumatized By What They Saw A Lot Of Parents Had To Come Pick Them Up From School

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#15 Uhh Sir?

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#16 200 Iq

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#17 Uhh Excuse Me

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#18 It Do Be Like That

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#19 I Am Confusion

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#20 Damn Son

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#21 Money Money Money Moneyyy

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#22 Gotta Do Whatcha Gotta Do

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#23 Yoink

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#24 Trying To Get Rid Of The Evidence? Not On Mr Eisenhower’s Watch!

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#25 There Goes Buck Franklin, The Impeccably Well Dressed Lawyer Who Practices Law Out Of A Tent

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#26 If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

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#27 I Think We Can All Agree On This One

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#28 You Can Always Rely On The Wise Words Of Captain Holt

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#29 Feels Bad Man

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#30 Feels Bad Man

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#31 Must’ve Been Sloppy

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#32 Abc News Called It “The Poster Child Of Excessive Lawsuits” But Most People Don’t Believe That Anymore

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#33 Does Mythology Count?

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#34 Pain

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#35 ‘man, I Love This Skirt! Also, You Heard Khomeini’s Latest Speech? That Guy Sure Is Whacky, Huh?’

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#36 Don’t Give Into Peer Pressure

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#37 Greek Fire Was An Incendiary Substance Developed By The Byzantine Empire Around 666 Ad. It Would Mainly Be Used In Naval Battles, And Would Be Sprayed From A Nozzle Onto Nearby Enemy Ships

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#38 “If There Was An Allied Hero Who Deserved To Be Remembered And Celebrated, This Was A Person With Few Peers”

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#39 Dammit, Marilyn! Not In Front Of The Democratic Party!

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#40 No Fair

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