40 Times Designers Forgot Things Need To Be Cleaned When Creating Them, As Shared On This Facebook Group (New Pics)

The last time we wrote about the Facebook group ‘Things designed by people who don’t have to clean them‘, it had 40,000 members. But since then, this online community has more than doubled and is approaching the 100,000 mark, so it’s about time we release an update on them.

“The design and maintenance of our spaces are deeply political,” the group writes in its ‘About’ section. “The entire point of ‘Things designed by people who don’t have to clean them‘ is that those who design and those who maintain are not the same. Because we spend most of our time in designed spaces this disconnect has a huge impact, especially on those who traditionally don’t have power in society.”

So they’re here, shaking things up, trying to remind everyone about the hidden tax attached to Swarovski-encrusted toilets and rock-covered sinks, and that is the amount of headache and time people will spend cleaning them.

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#1 Just Stay In The 70s. Thanks

Image credits: Barby Km

#2 My Goodness

Image credits: Aidely Aranda

For our earlier article, we got in touch with the founder of the group, Will Feetham. He described the content you see on ‘Things designed by people who don’t have to clean them‘ as design-focused critical analysis.

Even though it has grown tremendously, the group remains private and you have to answer a few political questions to get in. Feetham has had pushback from the applicants about this as the group seems anything but political, however, he believes that the design and maintenance of our spaces are deeply political. “The entire point of ‘Things designed by people who don’t have to clean them‘ is that those who design and those who maintain are not the same,” he told Bored Panda. “Because we spend most of our time in spaces [designed by others], this disconnect has a huge impact, especially on those who traditionally don’t have power in society.”

#3 I Found A Hair On Your T-Shirt. Who Is She?

Image credits: Ignas Gramba

#4 This Belongs Here

Image credits: Ashley Nichole Frodsham

#5 This Was Never A Good Idea!

Image credits: Susan Becker

“Looking at bad design helps highlight the importance of good design, and thinking about who will clean what we design makes us focus on the importance of inclusion in the design process. As a tag group, we can inject a bit of thought about these issues into a lot of different conversations which makes me so happy.”

Feetham got the idea for the group from a picture of a topographical relief sink modeled after a lake, which he has been told is in the California state library. “It’s beautiful, and the concept is both insightful and educational. In the execution, though, the designer didn’t consider the people who would have to clean the installation. Clearly, a lot of thought went into the concept, but that thoughtfulness doesn’t seem to have extended to maintenance. ‘Things designed by people who don’t have to clean them‘ just popped into my head.”

#6 This Is My Ceiling Light. It’s New, And I Loved It Til I Joined This Group And Realized I Have No Idea How To Clean It

Image credits: Elana Kehoe

#7 Rock Bottom

Image credits: Giulia Scognamillo

#8 Now Imagine That It Rains

Image credits: Jhon Edward Mora Mora

#9 Saw This Sink In A Bathroom Showroom And Thought Of You My Friends. It Has Actual Fish In It

Image credits: Maryum Farhan

As you could guess, Feetham himself doesn’t like cleaning. “As a cisgender man in our patriarchal culture, I have been allowed to do less than my share of household chores at many points in my life,” he said. “Equality is deeply important to me, and I have come to understand the many ways, large and small, that the caring and cleaning work that forms the foundation of our daily existence is minimized.”

According to him, our society tends to devalue the invisible service class, who are often women and people of color. So they are left to pick up the pieces, literally, and tend to the performative aesthetics of our consumer culture.

#10 Bride Decided This Was The Best Way To Display Her Dress After The Wedding

Image credits: Lindy Pearce

#11 This Was A Sink In A Public Bathroom That I Used Yesterday

(it does have a drain, it’s just hard to see under the bubbles) it’s flat, theres ridges in it that go about an inch deep into the sink to resemble rock or something. It’s obviously covered in grime and soap residue. Might have been cool in someone’s house, but not in a public bathroom like this

Image credits: Holly Hass

#12 I Present To You My Desk Chair

I hate it. It was here when I got here. The bumps are hard plastic and extremely uncomfortable also the back has no give whatsoever. I work in the office part of a warehouse and everything gets super dirty here. Not looking forward to cleaning it which I can imagine will be done with a toothbrush.

Image credits: Patience Hawkins

#13 Omfg, This Is Giving Me The Shivers

Image credits: Miguel G. Bouças

#14 This Entire Room

Image credits: Zineb ZD

#15 I Finally Have A Contribution!! Reminds Me Of The Fuzzy Skeleton Someone Shared The Other Day…maybe This One Could Be Thrown In The Washer?

Image credits: Melissa Smith

#16 Just…. Why?! Even If The Bowl Is Smooth, The Outside Is Just…

Image credits: Jessica Helanne

#17 My Toes And Shins Hurt Just Looking At This. Hope You Like Cobwebs

Image credits: Scott Martin

#18 Indoor Beach. Oof

Image credits: Cammie Burns

#19 Ummm

Image credits: Aalia V. Hart

#20 Found In The Wild. My Mom, Who Has No Knowledge Of Facebook Or This Group, Her First Words Were “Try Cleaning That.”

Image credits: Becky Brinkman

#21 Yeah, It’s An Art Installation. Very Ugly Art

Image credits: Eli Westerfield

#22 Seletti: Monkey Chandelier By Marcantonio

I wish I had it but DAMN.
(also, it cost too much for me.)

Image credits: Andrea Ashton Caprifogli

#23 Peak Impracticality

Image credits: Stefan Tatertot

#24 I’d Like To Personally Say F**k You To Whoever Invented This Damn Kitchen Gadget. You Don’t Know How Many Nights It Would Be My Turn To Do The Dishes And This F**ker Always, Always, Ended Up Being Used. I Hate It So Much

Image credits: Cheyenne Lynn

#25 Why

Image credits: Cassiday Holt

#26 Behold

Image credits: Christina Olivier

#27 The Pieces That Are Overlapped Would Be A Nuisance To Polish! And As Someone Easily Distracted I Wouldn’t Know What Piece Of Mirror To Look In When Using It But That’s Just Me

Image credits: Shauna Cameron

#28 Just… Why

Image credits: Eliška Anna Skurňová

#29 It’s Cute Tho

Image credits: Tehreem Hassan

#30 “Giant Corn Stool” – There’s A Joke In There Somewhere

Image credits: Sarah Jane Tabone

#31 I Want This. But I Don’t Want The Drama Associated With Cleaning It

Image credits: Shaniah Moth Pheonixx

#32 This Mirror I Saw At A Bar In Charleston

Image credits: Kara Maureen Porell

#33 20 Stories Of Metal Loovers

Image credits: Rob Roscoe

#34 I Thought This Would Fit Here

Image credits: Tary Timót

#35 Feast Your Eyes On This Monstrosity

Image credits: Zach Van

#36 Things Designed By People Who Don’t Have To Clean Them And Bought By The People Who Don’t Care About Cleaning Them

Image credits: Võ Quốc Bảo

#37 These Ceiling Mics In The Choir Room At My School

You can’t reach them without a ladder and I don’t think they have ever been cleaned.
(I’m not good at descriptions but I tried)
Description: A small black ceiling microphone with a large cobweb wrapped around it.

Image credits: facebook

#38 This Chest…the Cuts Are Like 5cm Deep In Some Spots…

Image credits: Daniel Johansson

#39 I Found One In The Wild!! About Eight Feet Long, Hanging From A Door Frame. Various Beautiful Sea Shells Tied To A Central Cord. The Angles, Textures, And How Tight They’re Strung Together Would Never Allow A Duster Through Properly. The Central Cord Is Hemp So Can’t Get It Wet! And The Small Crevasses Are Impossible To Reach, Especially In The Spiral And Hollow Shells. Beautiful Idea, But The Dust Magnet This Is Makes Me Want To Burn It With Fire

Image credits: Kyle Timber Rose

#40 Artificial Grass In The Bathroom. I Wonder How Long Before It Ends Up In Yup, That’s A Piss Corner Mushroom

Image credits: Joe Dunn

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