50 Entitled ‘Karens’ Who Thought They Deserved More Than Everybody Else But Got Shamed Instead

There’s nothing wrong with fighting for your own interests. However, there are limits to this: the moment you start putting yourself high up above everyone else, you run the risk of becoming truly entitled and alienating everyone—from those closest to you to anyone you meet.

We’ve collected examples of people acting like the biggest and most entitled jerks which they got shamed for on the r/facepalm subreddit. The internet has gotten into the habit of calling anyone who is acting extremely rude ‘Karen’ (if female) and ‘Kyle’ (if male). Scroll down for more entitlement than you’ve probably seen all year.

And if you’ve ever run into someone whose entitlement was off the chart, why not tell the story in the comment section at the bottom of the article?

#1 Laura Is Covid Karen

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#2 Karen’s “Revenge”

Image credits: imBrittJones

#3 Love To Hear That Convo With A Lawyer

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Insecure people tend to hurt others and put them down in order to feel better about themselves. British psychotherapist Silva Neves explained to Bored Panda during a previous interview that some people who have an ‘I’m not enough’ mentality lash out at others until they gain confidence in themselves through self-compassion.

“Insecurity carries the message: ‘I’m not enough’, ‘I’m not good enough,’ or even ‘I’m worthless.’ These are painful beliefs to have about ourselves but many do have those underlying beliefs,” the expert went into detail with Bored Panda.

#4 Another Karen Has Been Detected

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#5 The Karens Are Evolving

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#6 Karen Is At It Again

Image credits: InvincibleV

“Insecurity can manifest either by making themselves invisible (If I’m not seen, nobody will notice my flaws), or the opposite, by what we call ‘bragging’: shouting at everybody about how wonderful they are. This is usually to try to persuade themselves that they are good enough,” he said.

“Another way to counter the ‘I’m not enough’ is by pushing others down, sabotaging other people’s success, or attacking people as a way to feel powerful so that they can control their inner pain of ‘I’m not enough’. All of these strategies don’t work because what they do is either internalizing or externalizing the belief ‘I’m not enough’ rather than changing it,” Silva explained.

#7 Generic Karen

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#8 Twitter Karen

Image credits: Master1718

#9 Caren Karen

Image credits: 6ixbuzztv

“The key to becoming more secure is to change the underlying belief ‘I’m not enough’ to ‘I’m enough.’ The way to do it is with self-compassion.”

The mentality that we’re not enough can become entrenched in our childhoods and become a part of who we are as adults. But as grownups, we also have the ability to change these beliefs.

#10 The Willful Ignorance Is Too Damn High

Image credits: SammiStitches

#11 Okay Karen

Image credits: 42words

#12 Crappy National Parks

Image credits: ladybugthefirst

“Perhaps parents didn’t praise children enough, or they paid more attention to the mistakes rather than the successes. As an adult now, people can give themselves a hug once in a while and tell themselves, gently: ‘you’re doing good,’ ‘well done,’ ‘congratulations.’ Eventually, the brain will listen and slowly change the message ‘I’m not enough’ to ‘I’m enough,'” the expert said.

“Rather than shouting your praise at other people, it is about speaking to yourself in a loving way. When people are genuinely aware of their successes, they can become genuinely more confident without the need to impose their power onto others.”

#13 This Is The Supreme Leader Of All Karens

Image credits: nypost

#14 I Have Some Questions

Image credits: itshimstarwarrior

#15 Karen Spat At The Owner Of A Local Pizzeria And He Slapped Back

Image credits: immaGrill

#16 Screw You Karen

Image credits: SgtK_999

#17 Guess Who

Image credits: Heather4815

#18 Karen Gets Stung By A Bee

Image credits: Honest_A_Hole

#19 Karen Gotta Take A Big Dump

Image credits: whatsupboosh

#20 Military Spouse Counts As Service Now

Image credits: MissGinaDarling

#21 At McDonald’s Yesterday There Were Two Karens Hosting A Baby Shower And They Wanted *Only Women* To Serve Their Food For Them

They screamed at a boy to make sure *only women* were allowed to serve. Apparently, a bunch of people was going to show up but it was only them. I laughed so hard I cried

Image credits: dontclicknow_

#22 The Youth Baseball Team Had To Put These Signs Up Because Of The Amount Of Karens Acting Like Karens

Image credits: Antique_Many1263

#23 O K A Y K A R E N

Image credits: 42words

#24 It’s The Principle That Matters…

Image credits: _Xyreo_

#25 Karen Asks “How Dare They Sell Ice Cream?”

Image credits: steel-monkey

#26 Bruh

Image credits: Meynse

#27 It’s Outrageous

Image credits: SomeRandoSwedishDude

#28 Other People In Labor? But I Had An Appointment!!

Image credits: NovelTAcct

#29 Karen Tries To Report BLM Supporters To Their Manager

Image credits: k___mia

#30 Never Karen

Image credits: gamersblog

#31 Karen Decides That Children’s Fun Isn’t Enough Of A Reason To Have A Tree House

Image credits: iSaidYEA

#32 Karen And The Dinosaur

Image credits: Revealed_Jailor

#33 Japan Is 20 Years Ahead Of Us. This Book Was Published In 1997

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#34 This Was Found In Edmond, Oklahoma

Image credits: TSL_Dad

#35 She Is A Karen Aswell Lmao

Image credits: thj888

#36 A Complete Karen Makes A Huge Mistake And Puts Diesel In Her Car… Which Is Now The Gas Station’s Fault. Of Course

Image credits: DumbledoresAtheist

#37 Twitter Karen Doesn’t Understand How Testing Works

Image credits: TheRealBigweld

#38 Sorry Karen

Image credits: Karma_Sleeps

#39 Yes, Karen. I’m Sure The Red Cross Will Accept Your Demands For “Pure” Blood

Image credits: catdogfox

#40 This Women Is The Reason People Like Her Get Called Karen. Because They Actually Are Named Karen

Image credits: Ashjaeger_MAIN

#41 Refuses To Wear Mask Correctly And Has A Portable Fan Pointed At Her Face

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#42 When You’re This Offended By The Word Karen

Image credits: lol62056

#43 My Wife Is Already Getting Up At 4am To Prepare For Her Classes These Days But Go Off, Karen

Image credits: 42words

#44 Some Karen Raged Into The Apple Store And Asked For A Refund For Her iPhone 5. I Didn’t Listen To The Convo But When I Walked Past I Heard The Manager Asked Her If She Charged It, She Said No

Image credits: LiterallyEkam

#45 This Lady’s Husband Wouldn’t Allow Anyone On The Elevator With Them, Then She Walks Around The Whole Food Service Area Like This

Image credits: firetrucksalesman

#46 Karen And Her Husband Blocking Parking Spots For Their Family Who Were “Right Around The Corner”

Image credits: melann2199

#47 Karen Doesn’t Want Your ‘Beep Beep’

Image credits: melissatapper

#48 Karen Got Mad Because She Can’t Use The Metric System

Image credits: MangoNotBanana

#49 Karen In A Bridal Group Im In

Image credits: YellowTonkaTrunk

#50 Does This Qualify

Image credits: EsoxCalmtr

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