Halloween is a big holiday in North America, but not so much in other places in the world, although it is gaining more popularity. You can’t deny that it is an enjoyable time for adults who decorate their homes, consume everything pumpkin spiced and carve out jack-o’-lanterns. 

But it’s probably the most entertaining for the little ones as parents take care of their children’s health and don’t let them eat too much candy, but Halloween is an occasion when kids are even encouraged to go from door to door and ask for candy. Not only that, they can dress up as their favorite characters from cartoons, movies and more, ditching their boring everyday clothes for a day. Some of the costumes kids dress up in are quite intricate and it’s always interesting to see what they want to pretend to be.

#1 My Son Maverick Was Born At 25 Weeks. He’s Been So Strong Throughout His Stay In The Nicu And, Hopefully, Will Be Coming Home In December

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Children and parents can come up with really creative ways to dress up for Halloween. They actually often put a lot of effort into the costumes, designing them and then making them themselves. It’s not always that you will find the precise outfit your kid wants as they can be into really niche stuff. 

In this list you will find children dressing up as characters from various movies that are not all meant for kids, like horror movies, they also dressed up as animals and characters from video games. Their imaginations were really limitless.

#2 She Looks Just Like Grandma

Image credits: etymologynerd

#3 Burn The Witch

Image credits: ItTakesTwoToMakeAThingGoRight

#4 “There Is No Crying In Baseball!”

Image credits: imflukeskywalker

If we look up some statistics, we would find out that in 2019, before the pandemic started, Americans spent $3.2 billion on costumes alone, that equals to about $31 per person, according to the data of the National Retail Federation (NRF). And in total their spendings for costumes, candy and decorations, reached $8.8 billion in 2019. This year it is expected that they will spend even more, $10.1 billion.

According to the NRF survey, about 65 percent of Americans are planning to celebrate Halloween and that’s about 214 million people. It’s not surprising that the biggest age group to celebrate is from 18 to 44, but what is interesting is that 67 percent of people of ages from 45 to 64 and 40 percent of people older than 65 also answered that they are going to celebrate. 

#5 My Assistant To The Regional Manager

Image credits: mh923

#6 A Headless Knight These Days

Image credits: RKWinvisibleman

#7 A Kid Dressed Up As “Coronavirus” For Halloween

Image credits: Genericgumibear

#8 My Son’s Young Maleficent Costume I’ve Been “Working On” For Two Years Finally Finished By His Mom Just In Time For Halloween

Image credits: Bulok

In current times Halloween evidently became very commercialized but it’s not like the tradition came out of nowhere. Obviously, children just like to dress up and Halloween is a perfect occasion to be whatever they want to be. 

But according to the online magazine History, the dressing up is rooted in the Celtic festival of Samhain started celebrating 2 millennia ago. During the festival which would take place at the end of October when the harvest season ended people would light up bonfires and dress up with costumes as they believed that the dark season is full of ghosts they needed to trick by disguising themselves.

#9 School District Doesn’t Allow Halloween Costumes

Image credits: Picklwarrior

#10 I Pity The Fool

Image credits: barmeloxanthonyMD

#11 Why Be A Princess, When You Can Be A Queen? Maleficent: Now Serving October 2020

Image credits: ittybitty_24

If you think that this list is not enough to satisfy your craving for Halloween content, Bored Panda has more for you to see. If you are interested in pet costumes, you can give a look at this post and if you want inspiration for what to wear this year, in this article you will see some next level creativity.

But what do you think about these children’s costumes? Will you try to recreate any of them? What would you think would be a great idea to dress up as that wasn’t in this list? Let us know your thoughts and don’t forget to upvote what are the most creative costumes in your eyes.

#12 This Year, My 10 Year Old Finally Let Me Make His Costume

Image credits: WYOmomming

#13 My Daughter Nailed Her Minister Of Silly Walks Costume

Image credits: TheKnotStore

#14 Pants

Image credits: jungleland

#15 My Kid In A Homemade Cousin It Costume

Image credits: RazerRamona

#16 My 2-Year-Old As The Colonel

Image credits: P13R4T

#17 Here’s My Twins As Slinky Dog

Image credits: AshRT

#18 Clowns – The Reason I Can’t Sleep At Night. Pyper Is The One Exception. How She Manages To Be Cute And Scary, I’ll Never Know

Image credits: journey.pups

#19 And The Best Costume Award Goes To

Image credits: Nightwitcherxox

#20 My Niece Is Obsessed With RBG And I Think She Nailed Her Halloween Costume

Image credits: spencurai

#21 Our Son Was Born At 25 Weeks Almost 2 Months Ago. His Nurse Made Him This Epic Costume

Image credits: mowntandoo

#22 This Is The Cutest Halloween Costume

Image credits: w_giftcards

#23 Saw The Other Post, And Had To Share This. My Brother And Me, Halloween 1977, Also Among The First Generation Of SW Cosplayers

Image credits: Dadbert97

#24 He Wanted To Maui For Halloween But Wouldn’t Let Me Draw The Tattoos

Image credits: keomakk

#25 My Boy Was Freddie Mercury For Halloween

Image credits: pjhill930

#26 A Happy Belated Halloween From Our Artsy Family

Image credits: Al_Eltz

#27 This Year For Halloween She Wanted To Be A Jellyfish. Say No More, I Got This. Practical On So Many Levels

Image credits: RedheadVirgo73

#28 My Daughter Shaved Her Head For St Baldrick’s Last Month, So She Went As Eleven For Halloween

Image credits: Bibliophile1981

#29 My Daughter Wanted Her Baby Sister To Be The Goldfish To Her Cat In The Hat This Halloween

Image credits: midwifeatyourcervix

#30 My Kids Were Doc & Marty From BTTF

Image credits: DyslexicWitchCantSpell

#31 Baby’s First Costume

Image credits: NrealisticUmbrella

#32 My Son As The Rock

Image credits: ahhhjota

#33 Ace Ventura! My Daughter Really Got Into Character This Halloween

Image credits: tfarinazo

#34 My Cousin’s Halloween Costume

Image credits: Zauberer13

#35 My 11 Year Old Daughter As Sir Elton John. Saturday Night’s Alright For Frightening

Image credits: Fuzzylogic1982

#36 Starter Pokemon Triplets

Image credits: WildernestHomestead

#37 My Son’s Link Costume

Image credits: DariaLalalalala

#38 My 2-Year-Old Son As Pennywise. I Made The Entire Costume And Am Extremely Happy With How It Turned Out

Image credits: hydeiamsticky

#39 My 10-Year-Old Wanted To Be A Very Famous Singer For Halloween

Image credits: sixfourtykilo

#40 Regarding Naptime, I Dissent

Image credits: chimusicguy

#41 Age 4 On Halloween In 1990. Fortunately I Had A 1up

Image credits: Bailer86

#42 Perfect Halloween Costume

Image credits: straycatstrutatl

#43 Matilda

Image credits: BeefRulez847

#44 My Son Wanted To Be Ash For Halloween, So Naturally His Baby Sister Was Pikachu

Image credits: BrittanyZombie

#45 Dressed As The Coolest Professor This Year

Image credits: Mc-Reddit

#46 We Always Joked That Our Little Guy Looked Like A Mandrake Root When He Cried. Therefore, We Dressed Him Up As One For His First Halloween

Image credits: StearnZ

#47 My Family’s Avatar The Last Airbender Costumes

Image credits: nontoxicpuppydog

#48 I Thought I’d Share Here My Son’s Halloween Costume

Image credits: Chris_8a

#49 My Cousin’s Kid After I Handed Him A Panda Head. I Give You: The Pandalorian

Image credits: wizzy453

#50 My Kids Are Sus

Image credits: AngelsDemonsAndChickenNuggets

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