Empty pockets, all-nighters, annoying professors, more all-nighters… It’s difficult to explain what being a student is really like in just a few words. So let’s do it through memes.

Bored Panda has looked through the Internet far and wide for the funniest, most creative pictures that capture the true essence of school life. So whether you’re preparing for class and need a break or simply want to reminisce about the old days, continue scrolling and check out what we’ve come up with!

#1 College

Image credits: ColIegeStudent

#2 Ha, College Sounds Like A Hell Hole

Image credits: RogerFreedman

#3 Prof Brain

Image credits: fukeryyy

Of course, the pandemic made sure there’s nothing “normal” or “routine” about this academic year, with some classes being in-person or mixed-mode and some remote; the need to wear masks and observe social distancing; and the restrictions on gatherings.

Talking to PennState News, some of their freshmen shared how they are navigating college during these challenging times, and ways they are finding to have fun.

“It was my dream to come to Penn State after hearing all my dad’s stories about his time as a student,” Angie Busch said. “It’s obviously hard for everyone to adjust, but I make sure to do my part because I don’t want to leave the happiest place on Earth.”

“With all the protocols in place, I have been able to explore a lot of campus with my roommate. We have found a good group of friends to hang out with in a socially distant manner. We aren’t going to let this virus ruin our time here.”

#4 Always Me

Image credits: MustyLatarima

#5 College Is Hard

Image credits: officialsquirrel83

#6 When There’s A Group Project, But You Do All The Work

Image credits: imgur

Tommy Doughty, who has one class in person per week, said things are a little different but he’s “been able to adapt and so far at Penn State I have been having a great time.”

“Since this is my first college experience, it’s weird. However, we have to make the most of it, and I am only here for four years so I have been trying to maximize the number of people I meet. I have learned over the years that positivity is key and that even though our classes aren’t in person, there is still tons of fun to be had at Penn State,” Doughty explained.

#7 Word Count

Image credits: Aeropostale

#8 My College Doesn’t Want Us To Make Popcorn In Their S****y Microwaves

Image credits: Pupperochini

#9 College Decisions

Image credits: lizardtre

Suspension of face-to-face teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic has led to concerns about consequences for students’ learning. While data on this subject remains limited, one 2021 study evaluated the effect of school closures on primary school performance in The Netherlands. 

“Our results reveal a learning loss of about 3 percentile points or … the equivalent to one-fifth of a school year, the same period that schools remained closed,” the researchers wrote. “Losses are up to 60% larger among students from less-educated homes, confirming worries about the uneven toll of the pandemic on children and families.”

“The findings imply that students made little or no progress while learning from home and suggest losses even larger in countries with weaker infrastructure or longer school closures.”

Well, at least we have memes to ease the situation while things slowly return to normal.

#10 New Test Instructions

Image credits: SgtSkillcraft

#11 I’m Always Losing Focus

Image credits: Heath4225

#12 Gotta Stay Productive

Image credits: maggieisntcool

#13 Ouch, That Hurts!

Image credits: purple-octopus

#14 Two Ships Passing In The Night

Image credits: JxffreyP

#15 Savvy Helps, When You Have No Money!

Image credits: BrianDawkins

#16 When The Teacher Is About To Switch The Powerpoint And You’re Still Not Done Taking Notes

Image credits: olivicheeselord

#17 I’m The Rarest In My College

Image credits: Cyber-Hyper

#18 Things I Study vs. Things I’m Asked On The Exam

Image credits: Chiddo

#19 Noteworthy

Image credits: fayvourite_

#20 Every Time

Image credits: coco-loloo

#21 Or Basically Any Other College Major

Image credits: Jonnyron1

#22 When You Know You Did A Bad Job, But You’re Just Proud You Finished Your Assignment!

Image credits: ShavenRealist

#23 College vs. High School

Image credits: Ventrwl

#24 College Life In A Nutshell

Image credits: AngeryCatto

#25 Yup, That’s What College Is Like

Image credits: CircularJerkuler

#26 School And College Be Like

Image credits: Awsome_Brien

#27 Wouldn’t Want Smart Kids Going To College

Image credits: HaroldChugsMayo

#28 See You

Image credits: DannyTanner

#29 I Graduated From College Today. This Pretty Much Sums It Up

Image credits: imgur.com

#30 College In A Nutshell

Image credits: TheOrangeWolf

#31 College Life

Image credits: capitalbad

#32 College Students Everywhere Unite

Image credits: GallowBoob

#33 When The Exam Is Too Hard, And You Gotta See If You’re Still Alive

Image credits: Politikolog

#34 Freshmen vs. Seniors

Image credits: playerstation4

#35 The Struggle

Image credits: molnne

#36 The Struggle

Image credits: BrandonRoss95

#37 College Is So Much Harder Than This -Every High School Teacher Ever

Image credits: eairyguy

#38 College Be Like

Image credits: nxcrosis

#39 When All You Want To Do Is Sleep, But Attendance Counts For 15% Of Your Final Grade

Image credits: youandmeandrainbows

#40 College

Image credits: bdurk

#41 Welcom To College

Image credits: B0MBAKLAT

#42 It’s Hard Being College Student

Image credits: TKLA2000

#43 You Doing Same?

Image credits: thecollegee

#44 As A Uni Student With No Money, I Give You My New Cups!

Image credits: imgur.com

#45 This Isn’t Surreal, This Is High School And College

Image credits: nixonico

#46 Gen Z Has Record Low College Enrollment

Image credits: Tomato_Amato

#47 How Comforting

Image credits: imgur.com

#48 When Your Alarm Goes Off And You’re Trying To Count How Many Times You Missed That Class Already

Image credits: anonymous

#49 Just Made It To College 0/10 Would Not Recommend

Image credits: crazycu

#50 When You Finally Graduating College

Image credits: angry-voices2

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