Having your opinions is always a sign of a mature, independent and confident person. But what if that confidence is so strong it gets in the way of self-reflection and self-criticism? Apparently, having bucketloads of confidence is a two-edged sword, especially if you lack a substantial argument to back it up.

Thanks to a Reddit community called “Confidently Incorrect,” we now know what happens when all that empty bravado turns against you. First, you land on the pages of this subreddit “For those times when people are way too smug about their wrong answers.” And second, you are likely to be sizzled and turned into roast.

So scroll down for some of the funniest examples of overconfident people proven wrong, and be sure to check out part 1 of the article after you’re done!

#1 Yea, No They Haven’t

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#2 Correcting An “Author”

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#3 Just Wow

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The ‘Confidently Incorrect’ subreddit is really a gentle (and often much-needed!) reminder to always double-check our facts even when we are totally sure about them. With the internet being a perfectly safe place to voice out whatever is on your mind, many people abuse that by spreading false assumptions, gossip, fake news and facts.

No wonder the community, which is only a year old, has been sharing a lot of content “for those times when people are way too smug about their wrong answer.” With 633k members, ‘Confidently Incorrect’ is growing day by day, and you can see how very relatable people find it.

#4 There’s No “I” In Happiness

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#5 Økay

Image credits: snackerjacker

#6 Basic Math

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So to find out more about the subreddit, Bored Panda previously spoke with the founder ShadowAlchemy, who said that it was created on a whim. “Someone posted a video of Conan interviewing Jennifer Garner to another subreddit called r/WatchPeopleDieInside. I scrolled through the comments and saw someone who thought stuff like that would make a great community of its own. It was super late at night when I saw that, so I made a subreddit really quick for no reason, posted a video or two, then went to bed.”

#7 How Dumb Can You Get

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#8 Happy 8 Month Old Birthday!

Image credits: These_Pressure1327

#9 Yeah, Who Is This Stephen King Guy Anyway?

Image credits: Kstrong777

After ShadowAlchemy launched the sub, he never could have expected it would go viral. “I wake up with probably 1,000 or so notifications, apparently the sub had blown up overnight! Tons of people were talking about the ridiculously fast growth of the sub, I think we got around 30k members on our first day. It was super popular its first week, and its growth died down a bit after that. We’ve been on a steady increase ever since. We just hit 400k members, actually!” the founder recounted.

#10 To Argue The Point

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#11 And He Mixed Up Black Bear vs. Brown Bear Behavior

Image credits: geedunkgeek

#12 Imagine Being This Confident

Image credits: Solega

Having said that, the founder agreed that confidence is one of the most important traits we could have and that without it “we’re nothing. Confidence is what gets us out of bed, what gets us out the door to face life. People definitely listen to those who show confidence.”

“Just look at politics. Politicians are probably some of the most confident people on the planet, and a pretty large amount of people just listen to what they say. Our sub is probably 75-80% politics. It’s people parroting what they’ve heard their favorite politicians say, and they parrot it because they believe those politicians. They believe in confidence.” According to the founder of ‘Confidently Incorrect,’ no one’s going to listen to a shy person with all the facts.

#13 Explain This

Image credits: JohnGoesWild

#14 What Kind Of A Monster Writes Their Memoir In The First Person?

Image credits: Obliterature

#15 Who Controls The Control Group?

Image credits: Fireprooffeet

But if it turns out that you are confidently incorrect, ShadowAlchemy suggests openly admitting that you’re wrong (both to others and to yourself). “If someone corrects you and they’re right, you’ve just gotta accept it right then and there. Insisting that you’re correct is what makes you look like a dumbass, and what makes you remember it for years and years,” he explained.

The founder concluded that “nobody wants to be confidently incorrect, but if you are, you’ve gotta admit it. You’ve gotta admit that you’re wrong.”

#16 Hmmmm

Image credits: bujawang

#17 Who’s Gonna Tell Her?

Image credits: RoubenTV

#18 Hercules Doesn’t Know What The Word Boycott Means

Image credits: Dark-All-Day

#19 Nope Its European

Image credits: SmallPeePeeMan69

#20 Please Remove The Protective Coating Before Use

Image credits: meiriceanach

#21 This Is The Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: dead_mall111

#22 I-

Image credits: DoctorRog

#23 Kamala Was Second

Image credits: AMC2130

#24 Incorrect On Multiple Levels

Image credits: hungry4nuns

#25 I Reckon His Face Is Stuck On Smug-Mode

Image credits: WeakDiaphragm

#26 The Smug Avatar Really Makes It Look Even More Confidently Incorrect

Image credits: BurgessBoston

#27 I Wonder What A Bakers Dozen Is?

Image credits: RyanRot

#28 Electricity Is A Mystery

Image credits: Rubicks-Cube

#29 We Don’t Have Time To Unpack All Of That

Image credits: HamilTrash2006

#30 They’re Not Too Smart

Image credits: Borkz

#31 Riddle Me This Bill Gates

Image credits: MegaRadCoolDad

#32 0/3 On Apple Facts

Image credits: itwontkillya

#33 What Do You Call Someone Who Is Alive?

Image credits: dat_boi_o

#34 He… He Knows Greek Letters Right?

Image credits: Lokael

#35 Is Confident Trans People Don’t Fit In “Normal” Society, Gets Proven Wrong In Spectacular Fashion

Image credits: mindlessgonzo2

#36 $600k

Image credits: LitecoinAddict

#37 $15 An Hour = $100k Per Year

Image credits: Borizwithaz

#38 Not One Anti-Masker Has Died!

Image credits: rita_stfu

#39 Covid-19 After 6 Weeks Is Illegal

Image credits: Lazarlzr11

#40 $1 Million Or $6?

Image credits: Hetalbot

#41 The Shorter Woman Is Actually The One Who Is Trans

Image credits: sapphics4satan

#42 Not Sure Where People Get Their Vaccine Info

Image credits: I_Swim_I

#43 Amazon News Doesn’t Know The Difference Between State Government And Federal Government

Image credits: Dark-All-Day

#44 The Education System Has Failed Ya’ll

Image credits: mkANEz

#45 R/Nonewnormal Is Pretty Weird

Image credits: winter-ocean

#46 Bandaid

Image credits: Obnubilate

#47 No Such Thing As Military Propaganda

Image credits: axonrecall

#48 Thats Not How Monitor Size Is Measured

Image credits: LabelFiddler

#49 Fastly Is The Name Of The Provider

Image credits: conzoman98

#50 And The Vast Majority Of Comments Too

Image credits: amnred103

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