Halloween, as we know it, would be nothing without the costumes. However, coming up with an original look year after year (especially if you’re a dinosaur like me and were born in the last millennia) is not that easy.

So, to save your tushy in 2021 and give you some ideas, Bored Panda put together a list of some of the most brilliant Halloween outfits we’ve seen.

From Freddie Mercury Krueger to Post Malone, remember, it’s not how much money you spend that counts, rather, it’s the ability to think outside the box and the guts to try something new that will set you apart during the spooky celebration.

Heck, you can even copy your favorite costume from this list. Whatever. There are no rules! And if you need more inspiration, fire up our similar articles here, here, and here.

#1 Scooby Doo Halloween Family

Image credits: noahbodty

If these pictures are getting you pumped but you aren’t quite sure who or what you want to transform into, Alison Soley, the editor of Face Crafts, has 10 tips to make this process (a little) easier:

1. Ask your inner child about it. Do you remember what was your favorite costume when you were little? Maybe one of a pirate or a princess? Use that idea as a launching point and move from there.

2. Browse your favorites. Consider your favorite comic book character, movie star, or even animal. They could all be the seed of inspiration you need to create a unique Halloween costume. For some extra spice, you can also combine this tip with the first one

#2 Imagine Seeing Someone Wearing This On Halloween

Costume made by Willow Creative https://willow-creative.nl/

Image credits: die247

#3 Freddie Mercury Krueger

Image credits: jared531

#4 The Perfect Halloween Costume

Image credits: Kelsey Brooke

3. Take things too literally. If you’re a book worm, for example, Soley suggests dressing in green, putting on a pair of glasses, and carrying an apple and a book around with you. You’re sure to get some giggles this way.

4. Ask yourself if you are able to form a group. For instance, you could turn your shared love of superheroes into an excuse to deck your whole family out in DIY Marvel costumes.

#5 Entering A Costume Contest Next Weekend

Image credits: crazy-chicken-chick

#6 My Wife

The last few years she’s cosplayed like male characters for Halloween and it’s hilarious to see her transform. Besides the vest ($20), everything was put together from things we had around the house. The cravat is the sash of a silk dress. The tie pin is a thumbtack. She’s sitting in front of a piece of art we have that we propped on the floor.

Image credits: BettyBish

#7 Halloween Is Coming

Image credits: DmitriyBragin

5. Consider tights, stockings, or leggings. Soley highlighted that they are an easy fix for many DIY girl costumes. If the costume incorporates a dress or skirt, adding nude, pink, or black tights can add warmth without detracting anything from the style.

6. Capes! Witches and warlocks and other such scary costumes benefit a lot from a simple cape or cloak — even something as simple as a t-shirt can do the trick.

#8 My Medusa Build Using Foam Mats From The Dollar Store

Image credits: sheilaszilagyi

#9 Never Gonna Give You Up

Image credits: Ahmitts

#10 Halloween Costume Is Done

Image credits: dorkspawncos

7. Incorporate a coat into a child costume for auto coziness. Whether the little one is playing a cowboy, zombie, or even an animal, it’s an extra layer of warmth that doesn’t jeopardize the look. Picture your child wearing a horse costume and a jacket with a racing number attached to it. It can still be a cute Halloween costume, just with a little extra flair.

8. Look out for possible costume components at your local second-hands. As Soley pointed out, thrift stores can be great sources for unexpected Halloween ideas. You never know what you can find there. Just keep an open mind when scanning the shelves.

#11 Rosey The Robot From The Jetsons. Handmade Costume By My Roommate

Image credits: evemarieee

#12 Adam’s Family Halloween

Image credits: rgr33572

#13 Happy Halloween From Zamunda To Queens

Image credits: Ntuggle

9. Recycle old clothes. Whether you cut up a t-shirt to use as a base for a costume or write something witty on a shirt for a quick costume, this can be a great last-second option.

10. Take advantage of past fashions. If you still have a cool sweater from decades ago, consider using it to create a retro costume for your kids (or yourself). The possibilities are endless when you use old clothes for fresh ideas.

Good luck!

#14 A Krampus A Day Keeps The Xmas Away

Image credits: Chance_the_Author

#15 We Are Venom

Image credits: Garrettmckean

#16 Covid Ruined My Halloween

Image credits: MrYaksha

#17 After Getting Hit By A Car This Year, I Thought This Was The Only Appropriate Costume For Halloween

Image credits: sushicats

#18 My Very 2020 Halloween Costume. An N95 Fits Inside The Mask, And The Atomizer I’m Holding Is Filled With Hand Sanitizer

Image credits: AleaLudo

#19 I Was A Victorian Ghost For Halloween

Image credits: doodlesinthedark

#20 I Decided To Dress Up As A Vampire For Halloween

Image credits: Justokayscott

#21 Was Told My Wife’s Halloween Makeup Belonged Here

Image credits: Doug_E_Fresh_1385

#22 My Friends Airbender Halloween Costume

Image credits: cupcakesloth94

#23 A Happy Belated Halloween From Our Artsy Family

Image credits: Al_Eltz

#24 My Wife Made Her Own How To Train Your Dragon Costume From Scratch For Halloween

Image credits: mageosnsu

#25 But Remember, We’re The Wet Bandits

Image credits: rstan25

#26 My Halloween Costume: Mary Poppins! Been Working On It All Summer In Quarantine

Image credits: breathcue

#27 Put Me In Coach, Just Give Me A Chance

Image credits: jackabone

#28 Family Costume Halloween 2020

Image credits: cynhtwe

#29 A Local Bar Holds St. Patrick Swayze Day Every Year For His Birthday, Here Is My Costume

Image credits: thetallgirll

#30 I Put My Halloween Costume On A Week Early And Was Too Excited To Not Share How It Looked

Image credits: cutiepiesensei

#31 Danny Devitos Penguin

Image credits: goaheadblameitonme

#32 This Year I Decided To Be A Murderous Mermaid For Halloween! It Took Me About 4.5 Hours

Image credits: petfreak

#33 I’ve Come To The Realization, Dressing Up As The Opposite Sex For Halloween Is Significantly Underrated

Image credits: habaroa

#34 Hello October

Image credits: aannggeellll

#35 My Friend Rae, Has Her Own Latex Company, This Is Her Handmade Costume This Year

Image credits: LeoGreywolf

#36 I Cannot For The Life Of Me Understand Why Small Children Take So Long To Grow Up. I Think They Do It Deliberately, Just To Annoy Me

Image credits: pinkmanpaul

#37 Pulled This Prank On My Brother 2 Years Ago

Image credits: jaysstylefeed

#38 Got A Little Groovy This Year As A Lava Lamp

Image credits: shineadigans

#39 Vice Presidential Debate Fly

Image credits: CmR85x2

#40 Post Malone For Halloween. Turned Out Better Than Anticipated

Image credits: crepuscularalex

#41 I’m Doing A Costume A Day For October. Today Is Day 1/31. Lumiere From Beauty And The Beast

Image credits: josiemarcellino

#42 Best Day Of The Dead Dancer Costume Ever

Image credits: investard

#43 Thought I’d Share My Family’s Halloween Costumes Pre-Covid. Sucks So Bad That Halloween Festivities In My Area Have Dwindled Even More

Image credits: mrypopabtch

#44 My Doom Suit I Made For Halloween This Year

Image credits: DansJungle

#45 My 13-Year-Old Wanted To Be A Creepy Rabbit So I Made Him This

Image credits: Flierfli

#46 I’m Up For Tenure Today And Figured This Was The Best Way To Put A Spell On My Admins. Fingers Crossed

Image credits: TerpinOne

#47 Sweeney Todd – Halloween 2020

Image credits: sandman2k20

#48 Morticia And Gomez

Image credits: Kenziejayne

#49 My Daughter’s Bat Morph Suit

Image credits: mountainmorticia

#50 Happy Halloween From The Torrance Family

Image credits: johannasburg

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