Remember Daniel Powter’s song Bad Day? The one where he sings about our blue sky fading to gray and our passion going away? There’s something about belting your worries away that’s quite relieving.

But Bored Panda has something even better, something that should help you forget your troubles altogether. Even if for a little while.

You see, we Lithuanians “like to watch our neighbor’s house burn” so in honor of our roots, what if we painted their sky even darker? No, not black. More like a bottle of sweet and sour sauce exploding in a bag. Or accidentally taking a laxative instead of aspirin.

We put together a new list of pictures that show people having a terrible day, and we’re quite confident they will make you feel better about yours. Scroll down to check out the images and catch up on the series here, here, and here.

#1 Look I’ve Heard It’s Rough In Australia, But South Africa Hits Different. No Morning Swim Today

Image credits: ShaunBezzo

#2 Lit A Match To Light A Candle On The Toilet. Flew Out Of My Hand And Landed In My Underwear While Burning

I simultaneously knocked the candle off the counter in a panic and it shattered all over the floor while my underwear caught fire.

Image credits: gypsypanthr

Dealing with unexpected situations can be tricky. And not just in terms of the money needed to clean up the mess. “Some degree of anxiety is normal and even necessary,” Dr. Ann Epstein, a psychiatrist at Harvard-affiliated Cambridge Health Alliance and medical editor of the Harvard Special Health Report Coping with Anxiety and Stress, said.

“Anxiety signals to us that something is awry or might need our attention. However, you don’t want the response to become exaggerated or to dominate your life,” Epstein explained. Good coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety can help you get through turbulent times.

#3 Mistakes Were Made In The Media

Image credits: Nordisali

#4 I Think My Dad Regrets His Decision To Clean The Gutters With A Leaf Blower

Image credits: BurtMacklln

#5 At Least He Left A Note There

Image credits: gamerwitcher

But Vanessa Bohns, an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at Cornell University and the author of the forthcoming book ‘You Have More Influence Than You Think,’ had some good news for us. In an earlier Bored Panda interview, she said that being embarrassed (and not hiding it!) can actually help us connect with other people. Hopefully, it’ll convince you to embrace blushing, feeling embarrassed, and being in awkward situations.

“Displaying signs of mild embarrassment can actually be socially constructive and make people feel more sympathetic towards you in the face of your faux pas,” Vanessa explained.

#6 I Can’t Find The Culprit That Left This In My House

Image credits: vron_vol2

#7 Yesterday Our Neighbor’s 80′ Locust Tree Gave Us Some Live Edge Skylights, A Great View Of The Stars, And That Rainforest Cafe Atmosphere That Our Living Room Had Just Always Been Missing

No injuries, dogs pissed the bed, life goes on. 

Image credits: Bloomshockalocka

#8 In-Laws Invited Us Over For Dinner. It Was A Trap

Image credits: MindfulMuser

“I don’t necessarily think you need to take pains to hide it,” Vanessa added that we ought to avoid running away from our embarrassment or pretending that we’re not feeling like we’re feeling.

However, there is something that we should be aware of and that’s not letting our embarrassment turn to shame. A healthy dose of blushing and awkward mumbling is one thing, but deep-seated shame is problematic in the long run.

#9 I Chewed On It Twice Thinking It Was A Clove Of Garlic Before I Made The Horrific Realization It Was A Fingernail

Image credits: Alicee-

#10 Schrodinger’s Baby

Image credits:

#11 I’m An Idiot And My Wife Won’t Stop Laughing At Me

Image credits: Shaneblaster

#12 Is It Funnier Knowing That These Are Antidepressants?

Image credits: SSR_Id_prefer_not_to

“What you want to be careful not to do is to let embarrassment morph into the more destructive self-conscious emotion of shame, where you feel so badly about a minor mistake that you start to think there is something wrong with you and feel the need to completely disappear and hide away yourself,” Vanessa said.

Hopefully, this list will convince you to embrace blushing and climb out of awkward situations with stronger interpersonal connections!

#13 I Took Some Aspirin When I Was Tired Really Late At Night. I Realized An Hour Later That What I Took Was Not Aspirin

Image credits: KatOfTheEssence

#14 I Think My Attempt At Growing Tomatoes Turn Out Rather Well

Image credits: bigbluebeaver

#15 You Are Not Going To Believe What Happened While You Were Gone

Image credits: kpclaypool

#16 Slipped In The Shower, Landed On The Toilet

Image credits: Bonsonoptic

#17 Results From An Allergy Test – My Body Reacts To Every Type Of Local Allergen

Image credits: sinesquaredtheta

#18 “I Think I Left A Window Open Last Night, Not Sure”

Image credits: ValueMaverick

#19 -25 Outside. Heavy Grocery Bag. No Gloves. Long Reunion/Chat With Old Friend In Parking Lot. Gravity

Image credits: slm1992

#20 My Boss’s Secretary Quit This Morning After Delivering Breakfast

Image credits: whothefuqisdan

#21 In Ten Seconds I’m Going To Discover The Value Of Lifejackets And Renter’s Insurance

Image credits: dbcannon

#22 The Diamond In My Ring Fell Out Today. It Came With A 10-Year Workmanship Guarantee. Yesterday Was Our 10th Wedding Anniversary

Image credits: Blueskittle101

#23 A Bird Pooped In The Open Mouth Piece Of My Coffee

Image credits: JackedRussellTerror

#24 My Neighbors Had A Party Last Night. That’s My Trampoline

Image credits: HalfWaySlick

#25 In 2003, A Technician Forgot To Log That He Had Removed 24 Bolts During The Maintenance Of The Noaa-19 Satellite, Causing The Satellite To Fall Over And Costing $135,000,000 In Damages

Image credits: here_for_fun_XD

#26 Bottle Of Sweet & Sour Sauce Exploded In My Bag

Image credits: DMBreezy

#27 I’m Being Overcharged By Insurance After My Daughter Was Born. This Is The Pile Of Mail I Have To Go Through To Prove They’re Ripping Me Off. Pear For Scale

Image credits: ethicalgreyarea

#28 Today’s My Birthday. No One Could Make It Over For Pizza And Games, The Power Went Out And I Twisted My Ankle Because I Couldn’t See Coming Down The Stairs

It’ll be me, the guitar, and some tears tonight. Happy 20th to me!

Image credits: dekusoup

#29 Someone At My Stepdad’s Work Put Dry Ice In The Toilet By Mistake

Image credits: Samaraiii

#30 Went Down To The Basement To Do Laundry

Image credits: drkwtrs

#31 My Toddler And I Walked To The Park. Just To Find That The Whole Playground Has Been Removed

Image credits: maaalicelaaamb

#32 I Now Remember That Yesterday I Wanted A Cool Soda

Image credits: dim-pap

#33 Kids Learned A Couple New Words Today

Image credits: NotoriousArcher

#34 That Time I Went To London And Finally Got To See Big Ben

Image credits: axnu

#35 Turned On The Wrong Burner And Then Grabbed A Metal Bowl That Was Sitting Above The Flame. Ouch. Yup. Those Are Blisters

Image credits: gregjacquin

#36 I Have Two Outlets In My House That Don’t Work. Purchased 2 New Outlets To Replace Them. Turns Out There Are No Wires To Connect Them To

Image credits: angerybeaver

#37 I Think I’m Going To Need A Bigger Bucket

Image credits: TheNightMan5000

#38 GF And I Have Covid. Heater Went Out, Technician Can’t Come Out Due To Quarantine. Decided To Try And Fix It Myself

Tripped over a pipe and fell through the ceiling. Does anyone need a handyman?

Image credits: Kidw0nder

#39 Somehow Chucked A Dirty Nappy In The Washing Machine This Morning

Image credits: couldntdecidemyname

#40 We Heard Crash In The Middle Of The Night – Though That Was A Thief But It Was This

Image credits: agni_ka

#41 Ordered A New Chlorinator For The Pool, The Instructions Came On VHS

Image credits: Yashkamr

#42 I Did Not Look Closely Enough At That Label

Image credits: IsThisDamnNameTaken

#43 “2021 Dad Of The Year” Ladies And Gentlemen. I Told Her To Shower, Instead Of Rinse Her Hair Out, Right After Dying It

Image credits: medicfourlife

#44 Tried To Buzzcut My Hair Because All The Barbers Were Closed, Clipper Called It Quits Halfway Through. 4 Days Until My Amazon One Arrives

Image credits: manitobakid

#45 Cars After Freezing Rain In Vladivostok, Russia

Image credits: VforthHorsemanV

#46 Mistakes Were Made

Image credits: love2go

#47 I Forgot The Pepsi Was In The Back Of My Car, And It Was -16 Fahrenheit Night Before Last

Image credits: OneEyedWilson

#48 Amazon Speedy Delivery, Right To Your Living Room

Image credits: RoswellGAPolice

#49 When You’ve Been Looking Forward To A Reese’s All Day But Then You Open One Up And Find A Worm In It

Image credits: eldridgephotography

#50 So How Is Your Morning Going?

Image credits: deathberryx

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