Brazil is a country in South America that occupies half the continent’s landmass. But you probably already knew that. As helpful as facts can be, sometimes numbers aren’t enough to paint a vivid picture. So we at Bored Panda decided to introduce you to this colorful corner of the earth through visuals, more specifically, the ones we found on r/ItHadToBeBrazil.

“Sometimes Brazil hits the front-page [or Reddit] for the most random reasons, but we are way more than off-duty cops, flip-flops, and soccer,” its moderators write in the subreddit’s introduction. “We are funny, resilient, a bit ridiculous, a lot of fun, and kind of weird, we are also tons of beauty and wholesomeness.”

And all of these things are evident in the content that goes through this online community. From keeping your phone cool with a mini straw hat to policemen patrolling the streets on actual buffalos, here’s all you need to see to get a basic understanding of what goes on in this unique land!

#1 The Wooden Mast Had To Be Replaced By A Concrete Mast, But The Professionals Preserved The Tucano’s House…

Image credits: MeliaDanae

#2 Last Month My Dog ​​ran Away. It’s Been A Week Since I Met Him And Brought Him Home. Today My Dog ​​came Back And Now I Have Two Identical Ones

Image credits: Frnd1

We reached out to the subreddit’s moderators and they were kind enough to have a friendly chat with us. “Unfortunately, Reddit does not provide demographic tools, but we estimate that our subscribers are 60% Brazilian and 40% foreign,” a representative of r/ItHadToBeBrazil told Bored Panda.

“The great majority of the content that appears on the subreddit follows our community goals, which is showing foreign people some aspects of our lives and culture that are not usually seen in the media.”

“As those who our sub could tell you, some of the recurring themes here are Brazilians’ ingenuity in solving problems with little resources (gambiarra), the glass-half-full attitude, and thinking that anything can be a reason for a celebration.”

#3 A Lady Got Tired Of Getting Her Window Hit By Soccer Balls

Image credits: Grass_GB

#4 To Serve And Protect

Image credits:

#5 Patroling On Some Water Buffalo

Image credits: BoochsRise

While the moderator thinks that the sub is an accurate representation of Brazil, they highlighted that the country has way, way more to offer.

“Brazil is a country of continental proportions and every one of the 27 states has its characteristics. Climate, nature, culture, habits, you name it, we really are much more than soccer, samba, forests, and wild animals,” they said.

#6 Mayor Banned Pub Tables On The Sidewalk, Thats The Outcome

Image credits: moipwd

#7 “Hey, Does Your Dog Bites?” “Oh No, He Throws Bricks!”

Image credits: greyskull256

#8 “Learn How To Make Bread In The Shape Of Capybara”

Image credits: designygued3s

The subreddit was created fairly recently, in January 2018. “In the beginning, it used to be harder [for us moderators] but as the community grew, people started to understand that everything has the right time and place. Most of the ‘policing’ we have to do now is keeping the community family-friendly.”

“Sometimes someone shows up trying to start political discussions, posting sensitive content, or being disrespectful to others. That’s when we act.”

That means you can send a link to this article to everyone in your family chat!

#9 Cotton Candy Sellers On The Beach

Image credits: pontoumporcento

#10 Brazilian Vice President Giving An Interview

Image credits: madigio

#11 My Grandma Knitted A Little Mat To Support My Uncle’s Bike’s Pedal

Image credits: ahnirbed

#12 A Brazilian Banana Tree

Image credits: len1NTC

#13 This Uber Driver Put A Straw Hat On His Smartphone

Image credits: Locker_

#14 Lan House Vibes

Image credits: HondyS

#15 This Is Ibere Thenório, A Brazilian Youtuber Who Created His Own Submarine!

Image credits: Elpychula

#16 Sidewalk In São Paulo, Brazil, Completely Ruined By Roots That Grew Overtime

Image credits: iagoruby

#17 This Cow Was Standing In Front Of The Federal Police Station This Morning, Not Letting Anyone In

Image credits: buildmeupbreakmedown

#18 A Man Rescues A Lion Tamarin Pup And Returns It To His Mother

Image credits: MeliaDanae

#19 A Retired Man Proves He Is Alive In 2020, But The Bank Requires Proof That He Was Alive In 2019

Image credits: empenarede

#20 No Matter The Place, There’s Always A Way To Barbecue

Image credits:

#21 News Reporter Interviewing A Dog

Image credits: psichelfghfghfgh

#22 You Didnt Specified What Mask

Image credits: gblandro

#23 Public Transport In Brazil

Image credits: TTakk444

#24 Gas Station In The River, Brazil

Image credits: Giulianodm

#25 A Normal Day In Amazonas

Image credits: Frocharocha

#26 Marcelo’s House, Danger Marcelo Don’t Like Visits, Go Away

Image credits: Gustwra

#27 Safety First

Image credits: Maleficent_Sock_

#28 “And What About Me When I Went To Take A Picture With The Mico* And He Did A ” (*mico Is A Monkey Subspecies)

Image credits: Summery_Captain

#29 Meat Is Now Being Sold With Anti-Theft Alarm..

Image credits: LucasSkudy

#30 Brazilian Pet

Image credits: Tuccano-

#31 Steel Cable To Make Sure They Don’t Take Even The Surveillance Camera

Image credits: dbirdflyshi

#32 The Army Build That Thing In My City

Image credits: henriquetn_

#33 Protected From Head To Toe Against Covid-19

Image credits: RevolutionaryWhale

#34 The Wonderful World Of Disney

Image credits: ZeNobodyOk

#35 This Guy Ia A Genius

Image credits: RN_Renato

#36 Just A Regular Summer Day In Paraíba

Image credits: Adventurous_Ad6853

#37 Basically Sloth Steals A Motorcycle In Brazil

Image credits: iicecrem

#38 Brazillian TV Without Context

Image credits:

#39 Man’s Best Friend, Always At Your Side

Image credits: jviktu

#40 Cold Weather In Brazil Be Like

Image credits: orige

#41 Fibonacci Sequence In A Normal Day In Brazil

Image credits: fuq_daniel

#42 Police Finds Weed Inside Anti-Drugs Mascot

Image credits: Morenofael

#43 Brazilian Home Starter Pack

Image credits: m_4albuquerque

#44 Why 3 Lights If You Can Use Only One

Image credits: vandervnr

#45 For The Stoners That Didn’t Die In Christmas

Image credits: Nerdialismo

#46 A Truck Carrying A Wooden House – Brazil – Ribeirão Do Sul

Image credits: NotMeBeingMyself02

#47 It’s-A Me, Lario!

Image credits: sambrea

#48 This Guy Sells Ice Cream In The Ocean Near The Coral Reefs Of Maragogi, Brazil

Image credits: JetBlack86

#49 This Store In Brazil Still Sells Sega’s Mega Drive

Image credits: jvcscasio

#50 Just A Classic Image Of Brazilian Students

Image credits: CrossArth

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