American author Nathaniel Hawthorne once said: “Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind.” Let’s explore that tail, shall we? It’s not an easy task, but Bored Panda put together a list of photos that capture this elusive silhouette quite well.

From a meatball that has spent decades in epoxy to 1,800-year-old Roman leather sandals, the things you’re going to see below have all faced the biggest battle in the universe — the passage of time — but took different wounds. Continue scrolling to compare them and if you want more of the same, fire up our similar publications here, here, and here.

#1 The Wear And Scuff-Marks On This Boat Look Like An Island In The Sea

Image credits: supremo92

#2 Shout Out To Lodge For Replacing My 14 Year Old Dutch Oven Because The Enamel Chipped. No Hassles, Just A Free Replacement In The Mail One Week After Contacting Them

Image credits: johnnybluejeans

#3 My Grandmother Has Kept Her Elementary School Lunch Box In Nearly Pristine Condition For Over 70 Years

Image credits: HIGHly_intALEXual

#4 I Inherited My Grandma’s Sewing Supplies And As I Was Putting Them Away Realized I Bought The Exact Same Buttons That She Did Over 35 Years Ago For Me

Image credits: Glitter_Plague

#5 This Jack O Lantern With Mold Growing From Inside

Image credits: SnapDragon0420

#6 The Knife At The Left Was Used By A Butcher For 5 Years Straight. The One At The Right Is The Exact Same Knife, But Brand New

Image credits: MBMV

#7 Brickwork By The Sea

Image credits: Keycuk

#8 My Work ID Has Been In Its Plastic Holder For So Long That It’s Imprinted This Ghostly Image Of My Face

Image credits: cannibalism_is_vegan

#9 The One And Only Basketball That Lives At The Local Park And Somehow Still Bounces

Image credits: sangallium

#10 My Neighbors Have An Old Chair With Plants Growing Over It

Image credits: JoeDragotta

#11 My Parents Got This Spray Bottle Of Windex In 1979 And Have Been Reusing It Ever Since

Image credits: pandasweatshirt

#12 I Found This Leaf With Only It’s ‘Veins’ Remaining

Image credits: spechlfriedrice

#13 160 Years Of Foot Traffic Over The Step Into My Local Pub

Image credits: Dyslexicelectric

#14 This Tree Eating A Postbox

Image credits: nirkbirk

#15 I Went Into The Office For The First Time Since March 2020 And Found The Kiwi I Left In My Desk

Image credits: theskinwearein

#16 I Accidentally Left My Iron Man Canvas Out In The Rain And Inadvertently Improved The Original Design

Image credits: blakemon1

#17 This Brick Wall Got Smoothed Into A Rock

Image credits: schmart

#18 Bathrooms At My Engineering University

Image credits: dustinburt

#19 You Can Tell Where People Tend To Line Up At This Brooklyn Hardware Store By Where The Linoleum Tile Has Been Worn Away To Reveal The Original Ceramic

Image credits: RebbeofBK

#20 Old Gold/Copper Crayola Crayons That Turned Green From Oxidation

Image credits: HapEGoLucky

#21 About Time I Bought Some New Work Boots

Image credits: jordanburic

#22 Water Levels At Lake Powell Are So Low You Can Find Old Wrecks Out Of The Water

Image credits: mowikn

#23 Well-Pet Ducks

Image credits: Chuudo

#24 A Seesaw (Teeter-Totter) In My Local Playground Where Thousands Of Little Feet Have Worn Through The Asphalt

Image credits: swannykk

#25 Just Found An Old Roll Of Biodegradable Poop Bags, They Really Do Disintegrate Like Advertised

Image credits: terencebogards

#26 My Nana Has Been Using The Same Deck Of Cards For 10 Years And They’ve All Grooved To Her Hand Placement During Shuffling

Image credits: RemarkableDifficulty

#27 1,800-Year-Old Roman Leather Sandals On Display At Vindolanda Fort In Northumberland, England

Image credits: Stotallytob3r

#28 Great Grandmother’s Potato Peeling Knife Still Used By My Grandmother In Her Late 80’s. She Says Her Mother Used It When She Was A Child

Image credits: FlabbyMilk

#29 30 Years Ago, My Grandfather Encased This Meatball In Epoxy

Image credits: throbbing_banjo

#30 These Hand Prints In A Cave In Southern Utah

Image credits: waymanate

#31 A Tree Trunk With A Silver Kennedy 1/2 Dollar Coin

Image credits: AirPotato

#32 Found Some Change That Had Been In The Brushes In The Clothes Dryer

Image credits: mooseaura

#33 This Sun-Worn Sign Outside My Office That Looks Like It Belongs In A Horror Film

Image credits: Prairie17

#34 60-Year-Old Unopened Pepsi Bottle

Image credits: NoodleSoupShark5

#35 Faded Sign From The “War On Drugs” Era

Image credits: FF7_Expert

#36 100-Year-Old Logging Truck, Abandoned And Overgrown By The Trees It Once Helped Cut Down (Lynn Valley, British Columbia, Canada)

Image credits: laowarriah

#37 Exact Center Seat, 3rd Row From The Back Of The Theater Gets A Lot Of Use

Image credits: toddhenderson

#38 Progression Of A Broom At A Machine Shop

Image credits: heavens0devil

#39 Years Of A Lock Grinding On A Brick

Image credits: posty_co

#40 This Guy Dancing At The Same Place For Weeks

Image credits: Gymbrain

#41 A 39-Year-Old Fan Which Turns 40 Tomorrow

Image credits: MooseWithAntlers

#42 This Pumpkin Got Tossed In The Chicken Run Last November But Other Animals Ate The Insides, Leaving A Fairly Intact Shell

Image credits: Beelzabubba

#43 Nature Swallows A Car In Hawaii

Image credits: fish_and_crips

#44 My Dad’s Tree Is Swallowing His Thermometer

Image credits: birdierosa

#45 This Is The Same Doll, One After 32 Years Of Love, The Other Still Pristine

Image credits: shanbamf

#46 Wear Marks In The Floor Of A Repurposed Levi’s Denim Factory. Someone Spent Their Whole Life Working And Standing In This Spot. Lamy’s Building, Sedalia, MO

Image credits: rukeduke

#47 My Teal Post-Its Turned Green While I Was Out Of The Office For 15 Months

Image credits: isntthatcorny

#48 Basketball I Got 5 Years Ago vs. Basketball I Got Today

Image credits: Global-Elite-Spartan

#49 Found This At My Local Pharmacy

Image credits: owenthetechie

#50 This Whiteboard Eraser Has Definitely Seen More Than Its Fair Share Of Use

Image credits: iammandalore

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