50 Times Designers Failed So Hard, They Got Shamed On The Internet (New Pics)

I guess it’s safe to say no designer (or anyone else) wants to see their work shamed on the Internet. But to have it featured on the subreddit r/CrappyDesign you must’ve really done something wrong.

Maybe you created plant-dyed underwear that looks like it has just gone through a messy disaster. Or maybe you decided to use Comic Sans and useless quotation marks on actual police cars. Point is, if a picture of something you made ended up going viral in this online community, it wasn’t by accident.

Continue scrolling and check out the times designers messed up so mad, it’s like they don’t even know how to use common sense! After you’re done, fire up Bored Panda’s earlier pieces on sub-par design here, here, and here. They’re just as good. Err, I mean, bad. You get the idea.

#1 The Pockets On Women’s Trousers

Image credits: Iwantmyteslanow

#2 This Kid Mannequin

Image credits: Cnmbnmya

#3 One Armed Mother And A Demon Child

Image credits: pieterpiraat

When Bored Panda reached out to Crappy Design’s community to learn a bit more about the community, one of its moderators said “the original motivation for the subreddit was to point out [bad] designs. Nowadays, most subscribers probably come here for entertainment. However, it is common to have a meaningful discussion here on why or why not something is crappy design.”

The subreddit was created back in 2011 and it currently has over 2.5 million members. On Reddit, that’s a lot.

#4 Step 4: Just Go Sit In Some Other Chair

Image credits:

#5 A Bag Of Apples With A Character On It That Got Poisoned By An Apple

Image credits:

#6 I Was Having A Good Day Until I Went To The Supermarket

Image credits: -The-Goat

Akshayta Rao writes that we all intuitively notice badly designed items but find it difficult to explain why good designs are, well, good. According to her, a well-known example of bad design would be USB cables. And it’s hard to argue with her—we’ve all tried plugging them in the wrong way more than once. Some of us maybe even hundreds of times.

The Interaction Design Foundation explains that bad designs are overloaded with information and force the user to do more work than is necessary.

#7 This One Was A Real Brain Teaser

Image credits: demostheneze

#8 Toilet Seat Makes It Looks Like Someone Didn’t Quite Make It

Image credits: PanthermalUnderwear

#9 My High School Commissioned A Bulldog Statue! This Is The Result

Image credits: cutzngutz

According to a spokesperson of BeraTek Industries, a company with expertise in design, prototyping, and manufacturing, there are 5 characteristics that (in their opinion) define a bad product design.

The design is not self-explanatory. “Of all things a design could do wrong, this is possibly the worst,” the BeraTek Industries representative writes.

“Customers should be able to, fairly quickly, determine what the product is and does and how to use it. Long instruction manuals are necessary from a technical standpoint, but a product should strive to be as intuitive as possible. Some products are designed with too many unnecessary features which detract from the product’s primary use and user-friendliness. If a product is not self-explanatory enough, it will do more harm than good in the consumer’s eye.”

#10 Hey High School Bulldog, Meet My High School Wildcat

Image credits: seycerebrum

#11 I Thought It Was A Horribly Stained Mattress Until I Focused On The Details

Image credits: dweebiest

#12 Our Municiplaity Made Bike Lanes For Us Finally!

Image credits: sarsina

The design is distracting. Yes, a captivating design is always a good thing, but there is a difference between captivating and distracting. “A distracting design tries too hard to capture the user’s eye. Instead of seamlessly integrating itself into the user’s life, it is constantly calling out for attention through obnoxious aesthetics or arbitrary functionality. The designs which pleasantly impact consumers subconsciously are generally better than those which impact consciously,” the spokesperson explains.

#13 Be Positive?

Image credits: whynotfart

#14 These Benches At My University Are Tilted Back And Have No Drainage System, So The Water Just Sits There For Up To Days After A Rainstorm

Image credits:

#15 These Pull Tabs That Never Come Off

Image credits: willyism

The design is difficult to use. This characteristic differentiates from the first one in that it may be an intuitive product, but the actual act of using it is difficult.

“The coffee mug in the accompanying photo has a small ‘handle’ that not only looks nearly impossible to grip comfortably, but also has a groove which allows hot coffee to flow freely towards your fingers. Ergonomics is a key factor in well-designed products. If a user cannot physically connect with a product in a satisfying manner, that product is a bad design.”

#16 Plant Dyed Underwear On Etsy

Image credits:

#17 Ballroom Where Everyone Downstairs Can See Up Your Skirt

Image credits: crudolph0828

#18 Origami Kit Where The Paper Has Already Been Folded To Fit In The Box

Image credits:

The design is forgettable. “How often do you use badly designed products? Probably not very often because that product has been sitting in the back of your closet since you got it,” the BeraTek Industries representative says. “Whether it be poor aesthetics or mediocre performance, thousands of products fall into the same forgettable trap. Instead of being a product that is useful or enjoyable to use, these products are so bland or useless that they leave no psychological impression on the user. Product design heavily relies on psychology, and the connection humans have with objects.”

“To leave no psychological impression at all is to almost not even exist.”

#19 These Mannequin Faces That Look Like They Want To K*ll You

Image credits:

#20 My Bedhead Has A Constantly Lit LED Built Into The Light Switch That Is Bright Enough To See The Entire Room With At Night. Fun Fact, Blue Light Is Most Likely To Mess With Your Brain’s Ability To Sleep!

Image credits: Sparrowflyaway

#21 This Elsa Backpack Has A Mask On It So You Can Wear It… But If It’s On The Backpack, Elsa Looks Dead On The Inside

Image credits: ItsDiana5454

The design is short-lived. Industry professionals measure a design’s quality not only by aesthetics and usefulness but also by its lifespan.

“A bad design will have faults which render it useless quicker than a consumer would like. Many companies will purposely design products this way through planned obsolescence, however, I believe this is the wrong way to approach product design. My favorite products to use are ones that I have inherited from family or have been in my possession for years and still perform as well as when they were first bought. I believe the best products are those which can be used for a lifetime.”

No design is perfect. But some are obviously crappier than others.

#22 Anna Had A Bit Too Much Botox And Hans Has Seen Some Stuff. Wouldn’t You Agree?

Image credits: KITTYKOOLKAT35

#23 I Wonder How Many People Have Backed Into This Fire Hydrant

Image credits:

#24 10 Year Old Me Lighting Up Any Room In The Sims

Image credits: SilverSkilo

#25 Black Kids Sale Friday Amsterdam

Image credits: ArtSchoolRejectedMe

#26 Can’t Decide If This Pool Is For Giant Children Or Miniature St. Bernards

Image credits: flojopickles

#27 Sandwich Board Advertising Seniors Day – Unfortunate Fastener Placement

Image credits: bycrackybygum

#28 It’s Supposed To Say “Heroes” Lol

Image credits: Careless-Net-1262

#29 The Placement Of The Pictures Makes It Look Like She Has A Giant Head

Image credits:

#30 My Oven Uses A Touchscreen, So Whenever I Open It, Steam Gets On The Touchscreen And Messes With The Settings

Image credits: NeafyWasTaken

#31 Modern Living Condo For Sale. 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms 1/4 Kitchen

Image credits: SlaughterheartMagus

#32 How Do You Like Your Windows?

Image credits: —-0000000——-

#33 Color Indicators In This Graph Doesn’t Do Anything

Image credits: YATALAX

#34 Don’t Come Stumbling In This House Drunk At Night. As Seen On Zillow

Image credits: togish

#35 Dead End Sign At End Of Path

Image credits: double-you-dot

#36 All The Privacy You Need

Image credits:

#37 Nothing Says “Welcome To Our Campsite” Like A Coffin-Shaped Cookies

Image credits: Purple-Post-1891

#38 How Not To Sell Birbs In A Museum Shop

Image credits: Rooscuro

#39 Is This Trophy For Golf, Or Assault?

Image credits:

#40 Botk Nooe

Image credits:

#41 This Guy In A Training Video At My Job Has 2 Moustaches

Image credits: Demolicious1995

#42 A Dollar Store Easter Toy That Shoots Foam Balls. But It’s Not His Mouth, And It’s Not His Nose

Image credits: DragoTheFloof

#43 “Moisturizing Gloves” Turn Your Hairy Elderly Hands Into Hairless Young Woman Hands

Image credits: radioflower0

#44 My Soda Sirup Has This Much Taste

Image credits:

#45 Healthy Smoothies For Everyone

Image credits: mattlepro21

#46 This Bowl Looks Like It’s Perpetually Dirty

Image credits: Floating_Neck

#47 A Moment Of Silence For All The Lost Correspondence And Keys

Image credits: ncsuandrew12

#48 How They Think This Man’s “Before” Chin Should Look Like

Image credits: dogism

#49 This Rayquaza Figure That Looks Like It’s Projectile Vomiting

Image credits: ElReyDeLosCielos

#50 People Will Never Learn To Not Put Faces In Corners

Image credits: evvolin

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