It might have never occurred to you, but you are an actual time traveler with the tiniest (according to my research on time hopping devices) gadget allowing you to embark on daily time journeys stuffed right in your pocket. Nonsense, you might say, but think of it this way – the closest way to time travel is opening the picture gallery on your smartphone and scrolling through a myriad of images that you’ve taken over the years. For example, see that cute photo of your dog when he was little? Or maybe a picture of the place that you used to visit? Or how about that selfie from years ago? Now, look at those places and faces today. Truly, these before and after pictures are essentially a tiny journey through time that allows you to see how things used to be and how they are now! 

Since it’s fun to see other people’s experiences with this kind of traveling (or any old thing), we’ve constructed a fun list full of interesting before and after photos, covering a broad array of topics. From pet snails growing up (Hi, Gary!) to beaches before and after cleanup and people losing weight, we’ve got all the satisfying changes rounded up in one place. And you know what, I think this kind of time-traveling saves you a lot of hassle, too. There’s no need to hunt for magic crystals essential for your device, no need to worry about fuel prices for your DeLorean, or concern yourself about getting stuck in Tudor times if your contraption fails!  

Anyway, if the flux of eons is something you enjoy watching, scroll down below for our glorious gallery of before and after photos. Will you see ancient structures in these fun photos? Are there going to be people changing over a lifetime? Maybe some cute pets before and after a walk in a park? A triple yes is due here! So, no more talk – scroll down below to the visual part of our joined time journey, vote for the beautiful photo comparisons you like the most, and don’t forget to share this article with your compadres! 

#1 He Treated Me The Same Way At 485 Lbs That He Does At 182 Lbs. Love Doesn’t Have A Size Or Weight Limit

Image credits: fatgirlfedup

#2 Mumbai Man Cleans 5 Million Kgs Of Trash (Timeframe 96 Weeks)

Image credits: Justanotheruser1289

#3 Me And My Art, 6 Years Apart

Image credits: HolmesDraws

Top-level athletes, established business people and basically all successful people have one thing in common—they all set goals. Then, of course, they worked really hard, failed plenty of times, went bankrupt, started believing in themselves again, and little by little, they made progress. That progress turned into achievements that end up on popular media, creating a false impression that they were either born this way or were lucky. While that’s the case for some successful people, others work really hard to get to that goal, whatever that is.

#4 Before And After She Was Told She Was A Good Girl

Image credits: ArkadiusBear

#5 Here’s An Updated Picture Of My Recovery I’m 19 Months Clean And I’m Finally Starting To See The Beauty In Life Again

Someone Else Posted My Before And After A Few Months Ago The One Everyone Thought Was Fake Because Of The Tattoo Thing Lol But Here’s An Updated Picture Of My Recovery I’m 19 Months Clean And I’m Finally Starting To See The Beauty In Life Again Hope This Inspires Some People Much Love

Image credits: ambernicole456

#6 Same Pride, Same Couple 25 Years Later

Image credits: Unicornglitteryblood

Part of why setting a goal for yourself is so important has to do with the fact that it gives you both a long-term vision and short-term motivation. First off, it focuses on you and makes you the creator of your own life in a world where we too often believe in coincidences. No wonder many of those who accomplish their dreams, goals or resolutions become much more confident in themselves.

Your journey of progress really depends on what kind of goal you set for yourself. It may be big or small, life-long, year-long or even a week-long goal. For some it may be losing a few pounds, for others it’s getting promoted, learning a new language, running a marathon, overcoming a fear, you name it.

#7 Before And After My Dog Realizes I’m In The Room

Image credits: jhaze

#8 Before And After Jaw Surgery

Image credits: sheepsdontcry

#9 Two Self Portraits I Drew From A Mirror 10 Years Apart, Aged 13 And 23

Image credits: Miles___

A growing body of research has proven now and then that if you are trying to achieve a goal, the more often you monitor your progress, the greater the likelihood that you will succeed. According to research published by the American Psychological Association, your chances of success are even more likely if you report your progress publicly or physically record it.

The lead author, Benjamin Harkin, PhD, of the University of Sheffield, of the research commented: “Monitoring goal progress is a crucial process that comes into play between setting and attaining a goal, ensuring that the goals are translated into action. This review suggests that prompting progress monitoring improves behavioral performance and the likelihood of attaining one’s goals.”

#10 Nobody Picked Her Because She Was The “Ugly” Kitten Of The Litter. Just Look At Her Now!

Image credits: jtstonge

#11 Two Different Doctors Once Told Me I Wouldn’t Live To See My 40th. I Was 500 Pounds At The Time. Today Is My 40th. During That Time I Lost 350lbs

Image credits: lesszachmoore

#12 Beating Anorexia 2 Year Transformation

Image credits: CalorieMuncher

#13 Before And After Playdate

Image credits: cyna_moon

#14 How It Started vs. How It’s Going

Image credits: nipdeep

#15 These Are Frank’s Before And After Adoption Pics

Image credits: mayaxs

#16 Mural In Poznan, Poland

Image credits: cheekypocketwank

#17 Man Cosplays As Picard Because Of The Chemo Then Next Year As Riker After Recovering

Image credits: Sumit316

#18 How It Started vs. How Its Going

Image credits: bape_x_anime

#19 This Is The Same Horse 5 Years Apart. Gray Percherons Are Born Black And Slowly Turn Gray

Image credits: tbhntr

#20 What A Difference One Day Can Make. Meet Spokey!

Image credits: goldie0702

#21 I Took The Cat Off The Street. Photos Before And After. One Month Difference

Image credits: alinaesther

#22 Not Power Washing, But Too Good Not To Share

Image credits: bert0ld0

#23 One Day After Cutting Off 11 Years Worth Of Dreads

Image credits: termitequeen

#24 Just Wanted To Show What I’ve Been Doing The Last Couple Years

Image credits:

#25 Three Years Apart, Same Boot

Image credits: vladgrinch

#26 Wooden Chair, Before And After

Image credits: _NITRISS_

#27 Photo On The Left Was From 2 Years Ago Today And I’m Still Shocked That I Actually Have A Neck

Image credits: kathleeng1112

#28 71 Years Later. Still Has That Smile

Image credits: ryanmark01

#29 It’s Almost A Year Since My Friend Brought Home A Rescue Kitten, So She Decided To Recreate The First Picture She Took Of Him

Image credits: Parkendlydia

#30 6 Month Difference

Image credits: xyjesse

#31 I Rescued The Cat Off The Street. Photos Before And After. One Year Difference

Image credits: alinaesther

#32 Faithful Little Desk Buddy

Image credits: commonvanilla

#33 M/19/5’11” [312lbs To 180lbs] (1 Year; 4 Months)

Image credits: oheytyler

#34 Before And After. What A Transformation

Image credits: Luciphyr729

#35 My Fiancé Began His Weight Loss Journey Last October. It’s Now One Year Later, And He Is Down 145 Pounds

Image credits: StuTOTHEart

#36 During Her Battle With Cancer And After She Beat It

Image credits: andrewleereal

#37 I Post My Weight Loss Pics On To Motivate Others

Image credits: 3995346

#38 Me And My Great Uncle 24 Years Apart

Image credits: IdontSparkle

#39 Before And After Of Deep Cleaning My Room After My Depression Slump

Image credits: rachelliyo

#40 I’ve Been Growing Out My Hair For 3 Years After I First Heard You Can Give Them To A Charity That Makes Wigs For Children With Cancer

I’ve been growing out my hair for 3 years after I first heard you can give them to a charity that makes wigs for children with cancer. Today was the day to cut them all of, send them in and start over again. Hopefully I can make as much kids as possible happy with a new set of hair

Image credits: kostilicious42

#41 I Share My Journey With One Goal In Mind And That’s To Help Inspire Others

Image credits: justadopedad

#42 1930’s Parquet Flooring Restored Today!

Image credits: Fallinator95

#43 Beautiful Christmas Tree Before And After

Image credits: M4Strings

#44 Same Dog, Just One Year Apart

Image credits: vladgrinch

#45 Completed Restoration Of My Dream Car

Image credits: finallygotmymustang

#46 Before And After Photos From Donating My Hair To Angel Hair For Kids

Image credits: TuckerFarrow

#47 397 To 223. And I’m Wearing The Same 6xl Shirt In My After Pic

Image credits: salarski76

#48 Don’t Have Anyone To Show My My DIY Kitchen Renovation Off To, So Here You Go Guys!

Image credits: jumbojordie

#49 A Few Years Makes A Big Difference

Image credits: Princess_34

#50 These Pictures Were Taken At The Same Restaurant, But About 2 Years Apart

These pictures were taken at the same restaurant, but about 2 years apart. He’s lost 90lbs and I’ve lost 135lbs. We wanted to be healthy so we could grow old gracefully together, and be around as long as possible for our kids. So grateful for this journey with my best friend!

Image credits: aworsh

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