50 Times People Were Left Speechless By Absolutely Dumb Drivers (New Pics)

Not everyone is born a driver, but the majority of the population just suck it up and learn to drive whether the hard or the easy way. But in reality, a driver’s license doesn’t protect you from road rage, dangerous situations, or reckless behaviors that happen way too often.

So this list from Bored Panda serves as a crucial reminder to keep our eyes on the road for any bizarre, unexpected, and plain dumb sightings. Like this crazy person who drives cross-legged or this driver who holds a plate with a fork in what seems to be a fancy rendezvous dinner while driving.

This is not safe, this is not funny, but unfortunately it happens and we’d better learn what to expect and how to react in such unfortunate cases from the images rather than real-life circumstances. More people who shouldn’t be allowed on the road can be found in our previous post right here.

#1 Someone Hit My Mail Box And Drove Off

Image credits: Quint89

#2 Pick Your “Poison”

Image credits: tnfoto

#3 Literally, The Only 2 Cars In Belgrade Managed To Hit Each Other

Image credits: Porodicnostablo

The national survey known as the 2021 Travelers Risk Index on distracted driving showed some illuminating findings on safety on the roads in the US. Luckily, one in four drivers thinks that roads are safer today than they were before the pandemic. However, alarmingly, a growing number of respondents reported using their mobile devices in unsafe ways while driving, including:

  • Texting or emailing (26%, up from 19% pre-pandemic).
  • Checking social media (20%, up from 13% pre-pandemic).
  • Taking videos and pictures (19%, up from 10% pre-pandemic).
  • Shopping online (17%, up from 8% pre-pandemic).

#4 Idiot In Hummer Filled 5 Gas Cans Expecting Shortages. Put Them In His Car And Lit Up A Cigarette. Hummer Destroyed

Image credits: meister2a

#5 I Have Many, Many Questions

Image credits: madethisjustforpewds

#6 Let’s Report Someone Suspected Of Drunk Driving After Hitting Their Car

Image credits: DerbyshireRPU

In that sense, the findings are twofold. Even though people feel safer on the roads, reality shows quite the contrary. According to the National Safety Council, 2020 motor vehicle deaths were up 8% from 2019. It makes it the highest percentage increase in 13 years.

Chris Hayes, the Second Vice President of Workers Compensation and Transportation, Risk Control, at Travelers commented on the current state of road safety: “Not only did distracted driving increase, data from our telematics product IntelliDrive shows that speeding also became more prevalent. As travel restrictions are lifted around the country, it’s critical to slow down and stay focused on the road by eliminating distractions.”

#7 They Couldn’t Do It

Image credits: NinjaCatPurr

#8 When The Traffic Jam Is Actually A Parked Car

Image credits: yudoit

#9 Some Idiot Hits A Completely Stopped Bus. It’s Me, I’m The Idiot

Image credits: lololorennnnn

#10 Dude Drove Through Barriers And Onto A Bridge Under Construction On I-70 Bridge In KC. Shear Studs Ripped His Undercarriage To Shreds

Image credits: Baby_Steve_CU

#11 Does This Count?

Image credits: Hornsen

#12 My Oblivious Neighbor

Image credits: bothanspy7

#13 That’s Why They Have Doors Like That

Image credits: funnybabaji

#14 Two Idiots Take Their 4x4s Sunbathing On The Beach

Image credits: Vegetable_Employee

#15 Car Decided Wet Cement Is A Good Place To Drive

Image credits: Zanzibear

#16 Saw This Guy At The Light

Image credits: usarK9matt

#17 I Survived Being In This Car. The Idiot Fell Asleep Behind The Wheel And Drifted Into My Lane. Combined Total Of 120mph. That Used To Be A 2007 Audi A4

Image credits: 19samers

#18 I’m In Lions Gate. Broken Clavicle, Scapula, And Eight Ribs, Punctured Lung, But Happy To Be Alive. This Hit Me From Behind Going 80 Km/H

Image credits: toddnickel

#19 That’s A Lot Of Damage

Image credits: Spinuxx

#20 Some People Are A Unique Kind Of Idiot

Image credits: EkaL25

#21 The Road Is Lava

Image credits: megalomaniac71

#22 This Idiot Hit Me While He Was Pulling Out Of A Gas Station, He Said He Didn’t See Me

Image credits: NotSoAverageStoner

#23 Street Racing Is Not A Crime

Image credits: mudmonkey13

#24 This Counts Right?

Image credits: Cognitive_Shadow

#25 Horrible Driver Shames Other Driver For Not Accommodating Her Awful Parking Job

Image credits: guyfromatl

#26 Stupid People Are Not Born Stupid, They Simply Exist

Image credits: _martinsy

#27 Happened In Germany Today. Elderly People Really Should Take A Second Driving Test

Image credits: switchery

#28 What Is He Doing

Image credits: AbelNB

#29 Moving Trucks Are For Amateurs

#30 Only In Texas. This Horse Is Either Very Well Trained Or Scared To Death. We Passed This Truck Highway 59, Past Lufkin

I’m all for a GoFundMe account for the horse so we can get a proper trailer. Lol

Image credits: Kerry Green Costello

#31 Does This Count

Image credits: literally_anything8

#32 How About Idiots In Trucks?

Image credits: madethisjustforpewds

#33 My Friend’s Dumb Girlfriend

Image credits: Prizz419

#34 My Dad Who Drives And Plays Hearthstone And Screams At Me If I Say Anything

Image credits: rtoit

#35 Thank You, Very Cool

Image credits: MGTOWAmerican

#36 Improvise. Adapt. Overcome

Image credits: Nippely

#37 We Have Been Forced Quarantined For 48 Hours. Notice The Empty Street And The Closed Gas Station And These Guys Managed To Get Into A Crash

Image credits: clopz_

#38 Father Of The Year Has A Ps4 Setup In His Car For His Kids. Monitor Is In Front Of The Airbags

Image credits: Tabasco661

#39 Jimmying The Door Because The Duct Tape And Plastic Is Just Too Hard To Get Past

Image credits: Dai_Fei

#40 Thought I Was Being Pulled Over Thanks To These Illegal Blue LED Headlights

Image credits: abiflail0326

#41 This Person Going 80 With A Dog In The Back

Image credits: adinrichter

#42 Windshield Breaking Machine

Image credits: YourBestAnswer

#43 Behind Them For 30 Minutes. “Don’t You Have Internet Friends That Like This Kind Of Stuff?” – My Wife

Image credits: blacknmap

#44 Yeah, I’d Like To Have A Double Smashed Windshield Pls, Thanks

Image credits: yusufmkI

#45 Result Of My Mother’s Drunk Driving

Image credits: TayyylorBennett

#46 Unless Racing, It’s Time To Change The Tires

Image credits: ChronoFoe

#47 Drunk Driver Turned Directly In Front Of My Van. Tried To Run And Rev His Engine But Only Succeeded In Setting His Car On Fire. Also Wasn’t Wearing A Seatbelt. Don’t Drink And Drive Kids

Image credits: keepemseparated

#48 An Idiot In A Car Nevertheless

Image credits: Mtbguy56

#49 Some Guy Stole A Car And Repainted It To Avoid Suspicious

Image credits: Dr_Apk

#50 We Are The Idiots That Got Stuck Out In The Bonneville Salt Flats Yesterday

Image credits: DotBoiorino

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