50 Times People Who Do Not Believe Quilting To Be Fit For Grandmas Only Made These Incredible Things

Going to sleep under your average, run-of-the-mill, storebought duvet feels nothing like snuggling under an artistic quilt that you or your loved one made for you. With affection. With care in every stitch. With countless hours of skill and dedication.

We’re continuing to delve into the cozy and warm world of crafts, and this time we’re featuring the soft and splendid ‘Quilting’ community over on Reddit. There are no hidden agendas or complicated goals when it comes to the r/quilting subreddit—it’s all about celebrating the beauty of quilting. Plain and simple. Or rather, exquisite and detailed, as you’re about to conclude when you see the gorgeous patterns that the members of the community have been sharing.

Let’s keep things thematic, so if you’ve got a hand-me-down quilt that’s been in your family for generations or you’ve got a work-in-progress, go wrap yourself in it and let’s get scrolling. Preferably while in front of a merrily crackling fire.

The photos that you enjoyed the most and would utterly love to snuggle under definitely deserve an upvote, in my opinion. And I know that I’d love to see what craft projects you’re currently working on, dear Pandas, so let all of us know in the comments.

One of the moderators helping manage r/quilting, who has been a part of the community for 4 years, was kind enough to answer some of my questions about how to get started with the craft and how to rediscover your passion if you’ve lost it. You’ll find Bored Panda’s interview with the wholesome moderator below. Oh, and before I forget, you can find the subreddit’s incredibly detailed Wiki and FAQ right over here.

#1 An Absolute Work Of Art My Buddy’s Mom Finished Recently

Image credits: Kim_Jong_Fieri

#2 I Make Seaglass Art Quilts To Use Up Leftover Fabric Scraps. They’re The Perfect Stashbuster, And A Great Way To Showcase Those Last Bits Of Your Favorite Fabrics

Image credits: exhaustedoctopus

#3 My Husband Just Finished His First Quilt! It’s For Our Baby Boy Due Next Month. All Of The Fabric Was Hand Dyed

Image credits: chronography

The moderator shared with Bored Panda that over the last few years, there’s been a broadening of members at all quilting skill levels which, in turn, makes the community more welcoming. In short, it’s not as intimidating to share your own work when it’s not just grandmasters to who you compare your work to.

“In the 4 years I’ve been on the subreddit, there has definitely been an influx of new quilters putting out maybe their first or second quilt. When I joined in 2017, it seemed like a lot of experienced quilters who were posting show quality pieces, which I think can intimidate new people to see 30 years of experience when they’re just starting out. Now, we have a mix of skill sets and experience levels and everyone is generally supportive whether it’s your second quilt or one hundred and second,” the moderator said to Bored Panda.

#4 Bisa Butler’s Amazing Quilts

Image credits: bisabutler

#5 Made A Quilt For A Friend Who Lost His Husband Suddenly. The Squares Are From His Shirts

Image credits: bethntim

#6 Finished In Time To Give To My Mom For Christmas!

Image credits: acanth3

Getting started when you know nothing about quilting is the most frequently asked question that the moderators deal with. “We usually recommend people check out our resources on our Subreddit Wiki; it gives project ideas, directions about techniques, links to step-by-step beginner tutorials videos, and more!” they mod kindly told Bored Panda.

“Personally, I recommend beginners start with a simple checkerboard of patchwork, which is made even easier with charm packs (5” squares of precut fabric); this way a new quilter doesn’t need to invest in the various tools of quilting, which can be pretty spendy if it’s your first project,” they told me what a good way to start for someone completely new to the craft is.

#7 My Mom Started Working On It As Soon As I Told Her I Was Going To Ask My Wife To Marry Me. She Gave It To Us For A Wedding Present

Image credits: TardisTitan63

#8 It’s Denim Jacket Season Here In New England So I Found A Way To Display My Quilting On The Go!

Image credits: ec20463

#9 My Mom Started Quilting A Couple Years Ago. She Recently Made This Beauty For Me. She Isn’t On Reddit, But I Wanted To Put This Somewhere For Her To Get Some Recognition For Her Great Work

Image credits: Lava_Panda

Though learning quilting from someone is person can’t be matched, in the digital age (and especially during the pandemic), the internet is chock full of great resources and tutorials as well. “I personally learned to quilt from my mom. I always advocate for live learning when possible, so you can get feedback and ask questions. With the current state of the world, that’s a lot harder though! The Internet age has definitely given a huge rise in video tutorials for newbies who maybe don’t have access to a beginner quilting class, for whatever reason, as well as offering skill refreshers or new techniques to experienced quilters.”

Finally, I was intrigued to get the moderator’s take on finding lost passion for the craft and reinvigoration one’s love for quilting. Moving past creative blocks (whatever your hobby might be!) is incredibly difficult and I’m sure that many of you Pandas have been there.

“We get this question a lot too. I’ve been quilting for over ten years and have blocks all the time. There are tons of ways to re-inspire yourself! Check out local quilt shops, go to a quilt show, browse on Pinterest for new ideas, reorganize your fabric, check out new pattern books at the library.”

#10 Tubular Piece From The 2019 International Quilt Festival

Image credits: SDPostcards

#11 100 Days, 100 Blocks, One 112″ Rainbow Stained Glass Scrap Quilt!

Image credits: SatanDarkLordOfAll

#12 My Mom Often Puts Herself Down Regarding Her Creations, While I Think She Makes Beautiful Things. What Do You Guys Think?

Image credits: Devairen

The mod also shared what they do to re-inspire themselves. “My technique is to have a small fun project to ease back into it when I’m not feeling inspired. I tend to make small seasonal quilts to hang in my foyer: they’re achievable, affordable, and time-sensitive. That said, I also have a Christmas one that I started in December 2020 never got done. Maybe it’ll be done for the last day of Christmas in July for 2021!”

Currently, the r/quilting community had nearly 79k crafts-loving members who are proud to share what they’ve been working on. The patterns and designs are stunning. And I’m blown away by the amount of time these redditors have put into their projects.

#13 My Mother Finished Her Pride And Joy Recently

Image credits: ebogain

#14 My Aunt’s Hand Stitched Quilts Displayed At Her Funeral Today

Image credits: clipperguard

#15 Dinosaur Quilt

Image credits: underarock369

We’ve all got our hobbies that we’re most passionate about, but this level of skill is making me think of switching my spare time to quilting. At least to try it out for a while.

Quilting isn’t just a fun activity—it has its own very practical side. Who here doesn’t like being all snuggly while it’s raining or snowing outside and you’ve got your hands wrapped around a big steaming mug of tea (or hot chocolate!)? Personally, I’m a huge fan of feelin’ comfy.

If I can wrap myself in a large quilt that’s been made with love and looks fantastic, I definitely will. The alternative is a blanket and while that’s all very well and good (especially if you knit it yourself!), it just doesn’t create the same atmosphere, does it?

#16 A Personalized Scrap Quilt For My Sister Who Is Graduating. Each Book Is Embroidered With One Of Her Favorite Titles!

Image credits: camelscrafts

#17 It Is Finished!

Image credits: alonelycellist

#18 Pantry Quilt

Image credits: PennyQuilter

However, quilting’s power goes beyond the cozy and the aesthetic. Researcher Virginia A. Dickie looked at quilting as a potentially therapeutic activity. Virginia analyzed whether the therapeutic aspects of quilting were part of the dialogue in quilting in North Carolina. She found that quilting as therapy fell under two broad categories depending on the way in which it was used.

“Ultimately two types of a self-generated therapeutic use of quilt making were identified—mundane and exceptional. Mundane therapy was part of women’s daily routines, whereas exceptional therapy was taken up in response to difficult events or times in people’s lives,” the researcher explains.

#19 936 Houses, 6552 Scrap Pieces – My Mom Does Incredible Work

Image credits: Afmudbone

#20 My Aunt’s Quilt – She Astounds Me!

Image credits: DrBear11

#21 I Found Out One Of My First Graders Was Severely Abused At Home And Would Be Moving Away To Foster Care…i Literally Whipped This Out Today Just So She Would Have Some Comfort And Something To Remember Me By. It’s Not The Best, But It Was Definitely Made With Love

Image credits: sevenskullsdesigns

So there you have it. Beautiful, practical, and a way to improve your mental health. Quilting seems to have it all and r/quilting is a great way to celebrate a deep craft, the benefits of which are broader than it might first seem.

#22 My Work At 22° Gramado Internacional Quilt Expo – Br

Image credits: yaskaha

#23 My Grandmas Award Winning, King-Sized Quilt

Image credits: Stizzzy

#24 Gemstone Quilt Piecing Done!

Image credits: WA5GFT

#25 Finally Finished Fox Blanket 2,4 M X 2m

Image credits: hotonionburger

#26 Finished My Labyrinth Walk Quilt Top This Morning. Wasn’t Sure About My Fabric Choices For A While, But Now That I See It All Together I’m Pretty Happy

Image credits: YourLadyship

#27 Reddit Meet My Friend Ted. He Took Up Sewing At Age 90. This Is His Second Quilt!

Image credits: MsMika2

#28 This Quilt Has Been My Longest Ever Project, Happy It’s Finally Finished. (Pattern By The (Not So) Dramatic Life)

Image credits: lymphotactin

#29 This Is The Quilt I Made For Myself After Leaving My Ex. I Finished It A Year Ago But I Still Feel Proud Of It Every Day

Image credits: OmegaSusan

#30 Mermaid Quilt

Image credits: quilter_tn88

#31 I Made This Nautilus Art Quilt Using Raw Edge Appliqué Combined With Traditional Piecing. I Free-Motion Quilted It With A Variety Of Thread Weights To Add More Texture. I Encouraged Fraying Of The Fabrics To Give More Interest To The Piece. 58”x61”

Image credits: exhaustedoctopus

#32 I Made This A Year Ago For My Baby Sister’s Graduation And I Am Still So In Love With It

Image credits: cpersin24

#33 Finished My Nine Lives Quilt And Presented It To My Uncle Yesterday! So Pleased With How It Came Out

Image credits: smacattack3

#34 Ante Meridiem- This Modern Quilt Represents The Colors Of The Sky Every 15 Minutes From Midnight Until Noon. It Is Based On The Actual Astronomical, Nautical And Civil Dawn And Sunrise In Madison, Wi On 6/18/81, When My Husband And I Started Our Romantic Relationship. Quilt Lines Every 5 Minutes

Image credits: karenk2232

#35 Finished And Hung Up!

Image credits: mrenae75

#36 My Mother-In-Law Passed Away Last Week. Here Is Her Quilting Legacy On The Back Of The Pews Before Her Funeral This Morning. She Will Be Missed

Image credits: xxxKELLSTERxxx

#37 Just Finished My Third Quilt, This Time A Pattern Of My Own!

Image credits: CunningJack

#38 I Made A Dumbledore Art Quilt Using Raw Edge Appliqué In A Mosaic Style. 48”x64”

Image credits: exhaustedoctopus

#39 Color Wheel Quilt! Completed By My Mother, Sheila Bruner, Master Quilter. It Is So Stunning

Image credits: blabernethy

#40 Grandma Says Thank You For All The Love! Both Dear Jane Quilts Together

Image credits: roborabbit_mama

#41 I Finished 2 Baby Quilts For Twins! Our Friends Are Having A Boy And A Girl, So I Wanted Them To Match Somewhat And I Didn’t Want To Do Pink And Blue. I’ll Miss These Two

Image credits: Aaaaammyyyyyyyyy

#42 Finished My Circuit/Dna Quilt! So Proud Of This One

Image credits: kokokaktus

#43 Just Finished Custom Quilting This Gravity Quilt For My Friend Kelly!

Image credits: quilternblue

#44 My Mom Made This Quilt And Won Second Place At The Texas State Fair Last Year. Sad That This Year There The Fair Has Been Canceled!!

Image credits: tribelawn

#45 I Made This Quilt Because My Spouse’s Favorite Movie Characters Are The Birds From Finding Nemo. He Literally Wanted Just A Quilt Full Of Seagulls So I Sketched This Up And Used Needle Turn Applique And Embroidery To Get The Job Done. I Was Happy It Got To Stay In My House

Image credits: cpersin24

#46 Update: My Wonky Quilt Is Now Pretty Straight! Thanks So Much To Everyone Who Gave Me Great Advice. I’m Really Happy With How It Turned Out! Love This Community!

Image credits: MrsCarmichael

#47 A Handmade Nursery For Our Baby Girl, Arriving Tomorrow!

Image credits: NovaMarieHope

#48 Throwback To When I Painted And Quilted Lorde’s Album Cover And She Took It On Stage

Image credits: raynaknowsnothing

#49 Have You Ever Been More Obsessed With The Back Of Your Quick Than The Front?

Image credits: asudancer

#50 My Mom Just Finished This Bird Quilt And It Might Be My Favorite Of Hers!

Image credits: SaltwaterRedneck

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