The best thing about being part of a family is the fact that someone truly understands you and knows who you are, in your heart of hearts. It’s our greatest strength… and our biggest weakness. You see, when you move aside all the wholesomeness and heart-warming stuff, you realize that the people closest to you have an unprecedented wealth of information on how to push your buttons and make you laugh. Maybe even at the same time! That’s where practical jokes come in.

Pranks are an inevitable part of growing up with siblings. Depending on how much you like practical humor, this might mean living in a never-ending nightmare or fabulously roleplaying as comedy legends and prank grandmasters Fred and George Weasley. One thing that’s great is that pranks don’t have an expiration date: it doesn’t matter how old you are, so long as you’ve got that spark of humor burning brightly in your soul.

To get you in a great mood right before the weekend, Bored Panda has compiled this list of the very best sibling pranks. Check them out below! Bored Panda also reached out to British comedy expert, writer, and stand-up comedian Ariane Sherine to go in-depth about pranks. You’ll find the full interview if you’ll scroll down.

In the mood for some more sibling rivalry and creative pranks? We know you are, Pandas! Once you’re done enjoying this list and upvoting all the imaginative pranks that got you chuckling, you should definitely check out our two articles right over here and here. Pranks on top of pranks, and there’s no end to them!

#1 Little Sister Has Got Her Back

Image credits: deployedinspiration

#2 Bridesmaid Shows Up In T-Rex Costume For Her Sister’s Wedding After The Bride Told Her To Wear “Whatever She Wants”

Image credits: Christina A. Meador

#3 I Told My Sister If She Graduated With Honors I Would Wear A Matching Dress To Her Graduation

She said the thought of seeing me in a dress was her motivation when she wanted to quit. Worth it to me.

Image credits: frekkenstein

Bored Panda reached out to London-based comedy writer and all-around humor expert Ariane to get her opinion on pranks and humor in family contexts. She was kind enough to answer a few of our questions. She believes that pranks need to be funny and harmless, with an important emphasis on the ‘harmless’ part.

“For me, a good prank is funny and believable but harmless with little or no risk to the person being pranked,” she told Bored Panda. “For instance, when my daughter was five, I put her toy dog on a tea stain on the bed and pretended it had done a wee! I personally don’t like pranks where anyone gets hurt or upset, but maybe I’m just a bit soft.”

#4 My Brother Cleaned And Organized Our Bathroom While I Was Away Last Week. Last Night I Accidentally Left Some Things Out, So He Set This Little Scene Up With His Legos

Image credits: Literally_Jaden

#5 Finished Wrapping My Sister’s Present. It’s A Necklace

Image credits: Trees_and_bees_plees

#6 “Shirtception” – My Favorite Gift Every Year From My Brother. We’re Now At Level 7

Image credits: GeorgieWashington

We were interested to know how much potential pranksters should take into account other people’s feelings before setting their humor loose on the world. After all, far from everyone is a fan of pranks (though they might love a good laugh, just in a slightly different form!)

“I’m generally very conscious of people’s wishes and feelings. For instance, if I knew that someone was arachnophobic (had a spider phobia) there’s no way I’d give them a wrapped gift box with a big spider in!” comedy expert Ariane gave us her personal preference.

#7 My Brother Sent This While House Sitting 5 Chihuahuas

Image credits: la_baconator

#8 5 Years Ago I Promised My Sister I Would Bring A Llama To Her Wedding

Image credits: DJ117Xx

#9 My Little Sister Knocked On My Door And I Came Out To This

Image credits: RexFry2005

“My daughter wanted to prank her stepmum with a fake rat as her stepmum has a phobia of them, but I managed to persuade her not to,” she opened up to Bored Panda.

As for some advice on staying fun-loving, full of humor, and silly as we grow up, Ariane suggested having kids. “Kids are hilarious and very silly so it’s hard to become boring when they’re in the house,” she exclaimed. It’s hard to argue with her: if things were different, this article wouldn’t exist.

“My daughter and I love pranking each other. I remember the time she took some brown plasticine and molded it into a convincing poo shape, then asked me why there was a poo on the floor! We make each other laugh all the time,” Ariane shared a bit more about the humor dynamic with her daughter.

#10 I Swear, I Will Do This Every Single Time One Of My Little Brothers Graduates From Somewhere

Image credits: librarian-byday

#11 I Found Out I’m Going To Be An Uncle. My Sister Wasn’t Too Happy About My Interpretation Of Her Upside Down Ultrasound

Image credits: jmkillilea2

#12 That Young Man Is My New Hero

Image credits: southern_ell

During a previous interview, comedian Ariane explained to Bored Panda that courage plays a vital role in comedy, whether we’re talking about making people laugh during a stand-up night on stage or elsewhere. “The more courageous you are, the more you’ll shed your inhibitions and the greater the chance that you’ll say something shocking and funny.”

#13 My Sister Thought My Leg Could Use More Holiday Spirit

Image credits: stalnoypirat

#14 Uncle Level 100 Achieved Today

Image credits: bg422

#15 My Sister Made A Happy-One-Year-Since-Brain-Surgery Cake

Image credits: lasertoast

Ariane pointed out that comedy can’t exist without the element of surprise. It’s absolutely “essential.” We also have to be aware of the fact that most comedy, from jokes to epics comebacks, has “an edge or a hint of cruelty” to it. “If you’re timid and careful, then you’re probably not going to want to offend people with comebacks and will be polite rather than witty,” she told Bored Panda.

#16 My Sister Started Crying In The Shopping Center So I Put This Over Her. Now I Can’t Take Her Seriously

Image credits: redditrunner2

#17 Birthday Present For My Sister

Image credits: Murttu

#18 My Wife Is Way Too Amused At My Sister’s Gift To Me

Image credits: TheIndulgery

Anonymity helps a lot when it comes to feeling safer, braver, and freer. We’re more likely to state our real opinions and our jokes will be less censored if we know that our identities and careers aren’t on the line. However, there is a problem that many people are aware of. Anonymity also breeds bullying and empowers some individuals to be hateful towards others.

#19 When My Parents Got Married, They Had To Kneel At The Alter And Unknowingly To My Father, His Brother Wrote This On The Bottom Of His Shoes

Earlier that day my uncle had “kindly offered to shine his shoes for him”. My mother’s side was a bit more conservative and unimpressed, dad’s side howled!

Image credits: emilybowser

#20 My Little Brother Is A Jerk

Image credits: undercoverantichrist

#21 This Is What Happens When I Ask My Sister To Take A Picture Of Me Next To A Fountain

Image credits: soulcityyoga_

“We feel freer to say things we wouldn’t say in real life, but that also means we’re more likely to be hurtful. I think the same is true of being on stage for comics—when we’re holding the mic we feel free to dispense with niceties,” Ariane explained the relationship between comedy and honesty.

#22 I Was A Mean Sister

Image credits: stepsister69

#23 Genius

Image credits: Dilicious23

#24 My Daughter Tells Jokes That My Son Finds Uncomfortable

Image credits: parksandtheoffice

Jokes are a lot of fun, but we do tend to find them more amusing if they don’t come at our expense. If you ever find yourself being poked fun at or heckled, it’s time to whip out some oven-baked roasts and powerful comebacks to launch some humor back. “I think the most important thing with comebacks is speed. Even if the joke isn’t a total zinger, people will be impressed by your quickfire response,” comedian Ariane said earlier.

#25 I Thought I Was Seeing My Soon To Be Bride For The First Time, My Brother Stepped In

Image credits: chosenplatypus

#26 My Brother Got Stuck On A Swing So I Put The Hose Underneath Him Like A Good Brother Would

Image credits: russian-florida-man

#27 I Got Married This Weekend And My Sister Saw An Opportunity With This Picture

Image credits: damwards

“It needs to be very fast, well-timed, and take people by surprise as well as being clever, witty, and immediately understandable,” she said what a good comeback needs to get everyone laughing. “You don’t want to give them [the audience] the chance to reject you—you’ve got to get in there first with a funny insult!”

#28 I Was Chillin On The Couch When My Brother Gave Me This

Image credits: LaptopDanzpie

#29 Okay Y’all, I’m Pranking My Sis Let’s Hope She Poops Her Pants

#30 Daughter About To Unleash A Fun Prank On Her Little Brother

Image credits: kitaro53085

#31 My Sister Bought Me This Ring With Our Birthstones For My Birthday With A Super Sentimental Message Engraved On The Inside

Image credits: Do_the_Scarn77

#32 Me And My Brother Changed The Backgrounds Of Every Single iPhone/iPad In An Apple Store While Our Family Went Black Friday Shopping

Each one had its own unique photo with its own personality.

Image credits: mpantone

#33 Not Sure If I Should Be Proud Or Concerned. My Daughter Said “He’s Got The Rona!” And Started Making Him A Coffin

Image credits: alxrite

#34 Every Christmas My Sister Gets Me A Weapon From Clue. The Collection Is Now Complete

Image credits: DontTrustKevin

#35 I’m Gonna Prank My Sister By Making A Fake Stranger Things 4 Advertisement. Instead Of Linking To A Trailer, It Will Link To A Rickroll. I’m Almost Done

Image credits: Basil_9

#36 I Wrapped Every Single LEGO Piece For My Little Brother, Merry Christmas

Image credits: sneki_snek

#37 Siblings

Image credits: degrudv

#38 While I Was Out Of Town, My Sister Sent Me An Update On Our Dog

Image credits: mynameisnotkamron

#39 We Made “Healthy” Ferrero Rocher Chocolates For My Brother

Image credits: ambadatusername

#40 My Sister Thought I Would Like This For Christmas. Thanks, Sis. Merry Christmas

Image credits: Toledojoe

#41 She’s Crying Because Her Brother Proudly Announced The Size Of A Turd He Laid, But Flushed It Before She Could See It

Image credits: T0BYs_Grundle

#42 Each Year My Brother And I Compete To Give The Hardest To Open Birthday Gift. This Year I’ve Wrapped His Gift In Concrete

Image credits: Jordanc369

#43 Sister Had A Tooth Thing Going On And Covid Has Prevented Her From Getting It Fixed. I Got A Mask Made For Her

Ya know, to make her feel less conscience about it. It is what brothers do, right?

Image credits: mandrew32183

#44 My Brother Turns 30 Tomorrow. This Is What He’s Unwrapping vs. What I’ll Bring Out Once He Realizes

Image credits: BurnieTheBrony

#45 I Received My First Letter From My Brother After He Moved Halfway Across The Country

It says: “You can pay a dude like 41¢ to hand deliver a note calling your brother a b***h”

Image credits: Dannyg4821

#46 My Sister Is Visiting Me For Christmas. I Prepared Some Bedding For The Guest Room

Image credits: ChocolateCrepe

#47 My Sister Learned A Valuable Lesson: If You Let Your Older Brother Take An Ugly Picture Of You, You Will Get It On A Custom Color-Changing Mug As A Gag Gift

Image credits: Alomba87

#48 My Friend Found A Photo I Gave Her In Kindergarten. My Older Brother Helped Me Write The Note

Image credits: diaryofasamsquanch

#49 $100 In Singles Individually Wrapped For My Brother

Image credits: thatrommelswag

#50 I Got My Sister And Her Boyfriend A Fleece Blanket With Pictures Of Me On It So They Know Not To Misbehave

Image credits: McChillin8

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