56 Memes And Jokes Trans People Can Relate To All Too Well, As Shared On This Online Group

The internet is filled with wonderful things and nothing defines our use of it as clearly as the concept of the meme. Recently, they have become as powerful as language itself, covering literally any topic you can think of—from cute and comfy animal jokes to expressions of your own identity.

Enter the r/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns subreddit (or r/traa for short), a place where transgender people can make fun “of themselves, others, and the situations they find themselves in.” Known as one of the most legendary trans-centered communities, it is dedicated to posting meaningful content ranging from serious, to relatable, to completely hilarious.

Bored Panda collected some of the most spot-on memes and jokes from the sub, so check them out below and make sure to upvote your favorite ones!

#1 F*ck Em Up Phillip

Image credits: LilliputianMouse

#2 Best Take On Elliot Page And Future Season Of The Umbrella Academy Yet

Image credits: Diamandahagan

#3 A Intesting Title

Image credits: AmyRebeccaUK

#4 Problems???

Image credits: MeanProperty4115

#5 Have You Ever

Image credits: Nirinine

#6 This Man Has The Full Respect Of My Heart And Soul

Image credits: ItsNine-Ball

#7 Found On R/Trollxchromosomes

Image credits: Random_Daydreamer

#8 “So What’s In Your Pa-” 401 Unauthorized. Content Forbidden

Image credits: MavenOfMayhem

#9 Trans Rights Are Human Rights

Image credits: kaichoyce

#10 Aren’t We All Gender Enjoyer?

Image credits: Krasserboiiii

#11 Do You Seriously Think I’m Just Gonna Leech The Nutrition From Your Body Until You Die? How Did You Know?

Image credits: Ampro1

#12 Hail Human Mountain Friend

Image credits: mahenzis

#13 This Is The Way To Rule The World

Image credits: CutieL

#14 So What Are The Odds This Would Work Today?

Image credits: Blaziken77m

#15 She Won’t Be Happy About This

Image credits: godumbledork

#16 Become A State Senator To Dunk On Transphobes

Image credits: Ootachiful

#17 Transwomen Are Women

Image credits: LilliputianMouse

#18 Things Cis Say

Image credits: Ranting_Trans

#19 I F*cking Love Janet

Image credits: Janet12358W

#20 Detransitioners In A Nutshell

Image credits: MakeAByte

#21 Trans Dad Jokes Are The Best

Image credits: Lockmetal

#22 Be Gay, Do Crime

Image credits: oh-lawd-hes-coming

#23 That’s The Idea!

Image credits: LauraAmalasunta

#24 Trans Rights Are Human Rights

Image credits: LilliputianMouse

#25 Finally Caught A Break I’m So Happy

Image credits: athrowaway4moi

#26 Priorities In The USA

Image credits: UncleSnotty

#27 To All My Hot Girls Out There!

Image credits: Stargirl-Maxi

#28 Im Just Concerned For Your Health

Image credits: VVA9999

#29 We’re Not Sideshows, Our Bodies Are Not For Public Consumption

Image credits: LilliputianMouse

#30 Not Exclusively A Trans Thing, But Certainly Relatable

Image credits: MeowL0w

#31 Happy Bday To A Legend!

Image credits: dreamingaparadize

#32 It’s Really Not Actually Helpful

Image credits: Irohsgranddaughter

#33 A Nice Meme I Came Across

Image credits: Wolf_Fiore

#34 Didn’t Really Know Which Subreddit To Post This In

Image credits:

#35 Hope Your Holidays Go Better

Image credits: bellatrixnovus

#36 Dankmemes Dont Like Trans People

Image credits:

#37 An Interesting Title

Image credits: aedi_on

#38 I Just Thought It’s So Wholesome

Image credits: HurricaneJoeBiden

#39 I Highly Doubt It Would Be Unfair To Anyone If I Joined A Basketball Team. Maybe Whatever The Little League For Basketball Is

Image credits: AWK8923

#40 I’m Having A Pretty F***ing Good Day People

Image credits: VoraciousGorak

#41 Thanks For The Shout Out I Guess?

Image credits: frahfrah

#42 The Real Self Made Men

Image credits: thesaifmalik

#43 I’m Only A Victim If We’re Roleplaying

Image credits: jhardinafddeq435

#44 Seriously Guys, It’s Not Fun Living In These Countries…

Image credits: Jay_The_Blue_Bird

#45 Cognitive Dissonance

Image credits: EricG50

#46 Being Yourself Is A Right And Not Something That Should Be Seen As An Agenda

Image credits: _cloud1

#47 Two Steps Forward, One Therapy Session Back

Image credits: Oz_The_Terrible

#48 Trang Be Like:

Image credits: vriskaforsmash

#49 An Exact Conversation I Had With My Therapist

Image credits: Fifteen_inches

#50 Consistency

Image credits: Ellahluja

#51 (Place Title Here)

Image credits: A_Jack_of_Herrons

#52 Yeah I Have Had Surgery (When I Broke My Arm)

Image credits: ErohaTamaki

#53 It Is The Way

Image credits: Liberty_RePrimed

#54 Psa!

Image credits: meowtasticfeetpics

#55 Facepalm

Image credits: Shaneplank1

#56 It Do Be Like That Doe

Image credits: xX_AngryGr0ud0n_Xx

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