There’s still 40 days till Halloween, but it doesn’t mean we can’t start getting ready by pumping up the blood early. And the corner of Reddit known by the name r/Creepy is a perfect place for that. Created for “all things creepy,” the subreddit is home to a whopping 14.2M members, proving that spine-chilling content is a big hit here on the internet.

So today, we selected some of the most creepy posts that range from hard-to-explain sightings of figures caught on camera to eerie places that probably won’t be on your holiday destination list.

Ever wondered what the inside of the Chernobyl reactor looks like? Well, wrap yourself up in a warm blanket, scroll down below, and get ready to jump from the sofa. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you, things are creepy here.

#1 A Friend Went For A Walk The Other Night And Saw This Woman Just Standing On A Roof

Image credits: ewilliam

#2 Got A Notification From My Smart Home App In The Middle Of The Night Saying “Your Doorbell Detected A Visitor”

Image credits: FatNDepressed

#3 Artist With Dementia

Image credits: colymoly_guacamole

#4 The Missing Persons Map Has A Frightening Similarity To The Cave Systems Map

Image credits: 8791781927

#5 Factory Farm

Image credits: lnfinity

#6 A Soot Covered Spiderweb

Image credits: Sip_the_bleach

#7 Found Out The House We Are Living In Has A Bunker Below. I Managed To Squeeze My Phone In One Of The Cracks Of The Door To Take This Creepy Picture

Image credits: Colombianthunder

#8 Portland Man Found His Tires Slashed, And This Note On His Car

Image credits: Gavinardo

#9 Famine Memorial In Dublin

Image credits: ProxyKat

#10 My Husband Just Sent Me This… It Was Taken On His Way To Work This Morning

Image credits: fmlmel

#11 Saint Bartholomew

Image credits: ProfessionalUnlucky

#12 This Was Once A Home

Image credits: All_Cartoon

#13 A Rare Mutation Causing The Tentacles On The Octopus To Branch

Image credits: FairFaxEddy

#14 Old Lady With A Knife Seen On A Doorbell Cam In The Middle Of The Night

Image credits: Syntax_Error_0

#15 Close Up Of Moth Outside My Window

Image credits: No_Reason27

#16 An Iris Growing Over A Pupil

Image credits: alexioding

#17 Two Wax Department Store Mannequins Melt During A Heat Wave In London, 1929

Image credits: VerGuy

#18 Went To Lock The Back Door. There Was A Visitor

Image credits: livingtool

#19 Bunraku Puppet

Image credits: KevlarYarmulke

#20 Inside Chernobyl Reactor No.4

Image credits: PaperTronics

#21 Teeth In A Squid Suction Cup

Image credits: leablenten

#22 The Face In The Moth

Image credits: T-Morals

#23 Found This While Walking My Dog In The Woods. Someone Put Alot Of Time Into Making This

Image credits: panerapartyinmypants

#24 Just Bears..

Image credits: UrbiKk

#25 This Very Accurate Babadook Cosplay

Image credits: Qusel

#26 Raccoon Hands Reaching Through The Boardwalk

Image credits: unchek

#27 The Museum Of Torture In Guanajuato Mexico

Image credits: thunderkhawk

#28 My Region Is Being Devastated By Forest Fires. This Picture Was Taken At 10am, 100km Away From Them

Image credits: IcemanDOTA

#29 It Was So Windy The Other Day It Raised The Dead

Image credits: DarthGaff

#30 A Guy Printed His Face On A Mannequin Outside Of His Shop In Egypt

Image credits: MohamedBone

#31 Gas Masks On The Floor Of A School In Pripyat Inside The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Ukraine

Image credits: KoiMasterFlex

#32 My Mother Received This Terrifying Letter Which Is Supposedly From A Crazy Cousin She Hasn’t Spoken With In Over 20 Years Who Lives In The Mountains Of Hawaii Without Electricity

Image credits: _Jxander

#33 Halloween, Early 1900s

Image credits: bluehairedchild

#34 Just Bought A House. Found This In The Basement. Sealed Tight

Image credits: Brett_Kelman

#35 Stairway To Death Row And The Criminally Insane At Missouri State Penitentiary

Image credits: SearchingSeries

#36 The Smile Room

Image credits: d4hm3r

#37 Tarantula Infected With Cordycipitaceae

Image credits: mennoconno23

#38 Handmade Ghost Ship

Image credits: penguingenuity

#39 Should I Start Digging?

Image credits: Sgt_Nerve

#40 Baby Owls

Image credits: Dragonester

#41 Goose Teeth

Image credits:

#42 Honey From Bee Infestation

Image credits: afterdroid

#43 Butter Week In Moscow

Image credits: SuperDeann

#44 Missing Child Jacob Wetterling’s Clothing And Remains Found After He Was Missing For 29 Years

Image credits: Browncheese769

#45 My Son’s Toothbrush When It’s Looking At Me Brush My Teeth

Image credits:

#46 The Mist

Image credits: d4hm3r

#47 Reaper

Image credits: d4hm3r

#48 Scorpion Carrying Her Babies On Her Back

Image credits: Chris_Isur_Dude

#49 Executioners Mask Used At The Tower Of London

Image credits: Lewis390

#50 Group Of Girls Wear Their Gas-Masks During A Gas Drill. Moscow , 1930s

Image credits: notbob1959

#51 Alone In An Old Japanese Department Store

Image credits: rpbob

#52 Something’s Urging Me To Enter..

Image credits: BBillany

#53 Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia Pa – Photos Taken By Myself

Image credits: Phat_Irish

#54 Old Humpty Dumpty

Image credits:

#55 Voldemort/Quirrell Face Model

Image credits: BehindMySarcasm

#56 Skull Rock Formation In Indonesia

Image credits: ArsenikShooter

#57 An Eerie Underwater Cave Death Warning Sign

Image credits: King_Toad

#58 Xylaria Polymorpha Is A Saprobic Fungus Commonly Known As Dead Man’s Fingers

Image credits: Fuckoff555

#59 These Three Cages, That Were Used To Hold The Dismembered Remains Of Opposing Religious Leaders In The Region In 1536, Still Hang On St. Lambert’s Cathedral In Münster, Germany

Image credits: hnirobert

#60 The Path I Walk To Go To Work

Image credits: pakkmann666

#61 The Stairs I Have To Take To Leave Work

Image credits: BetterCallBread

#62 This Wasp Nest

Image credits: Dan-68

#63 Found A Hole Behind Some Shelves At Work That Leads To Underground Tunnels

Image credits: fetuscarnitas

#64 Lobotomy Kit

Image credits: Melgoo

#65 Pinhead Holding A Baby

Image credits: Import

#66 I Apparently Go To School In Silent Hill

Image credits: Creeporeon

#67 Hairless Opossum…

Image credits: amtx82

#68 Please Don’t Rip Please Don’t Rip Please Don’t Rip….

Image credits: NZOraKing

#69 Went On A Flashlight Tour Of A Former Sanitarium And Nursing Home Where Over 7,000 People Died

Image credits: ShakesSpear

#70 Come On Up

Image credits: d4hm3r

#71 I Went To Dachau Concentration Camp And Felt Almost Like It Didn’t Do Anyone Justice. It Didn’t Seem To Reveal The Extent Of The Horrors Of What Happened There. Until I Saw This. My Heart Was In My Stomach

Image credits: JabroniWanKenobi

#72 Eyes Reflecting In A Camera Flash At And Elvis Concert

Image credits: jachas528

#73 Big Red

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