Mom groups can be wonderful. Their members share in-the-field experiences and valuable insights, and don’t mind having entire conversations with newbies on how to get a fussy baby back to sleep or how to potty train a toddler.

But the good stuff is often surrounded by the bad. Every now and then, there’s a post judging vaccines or a comment suggesting Ethanol as a boy’s name. In fact, such content is so frequent, it even gave rise to a subreddit making fun of it.

It’s called ‘[Stuff] Mom Groups Say‘ and vigilant Bored Panda readers may remember it from our earlier article but here’s part 2 for those who can’t get enough of it. That includes us!

#1 So How’s Your Morning Going? ….i Thought Mine Was Bad Until I Read Hers, Damn.

Image credits: higginsnburke

#2 I Find It Hard To Believe People Are Like This. Gross

Image credits: shark_boss

#3 At Least She Rinsed It Out Before Returning It!

Image credits: banginmango

#4 Unintelligent, Uneducated…

Image credits: macabrejaguar

#5 Imagine Being Upset That Your Niece/Nephew Might Share A Birthday With Your Kid

Image credits: rkpeaches

#6 Mom Is Concerned Her Daughter Might Not Be Getting Brainwashed

Image credits: beccaonice

#7 Wearing A Mask Gave My Daughter A 1 Inch Crack In Her Septum

Image credits: tiowinketp1982

#8 Imagine Condoning Rape And Actually Thinking It Funny…

Image credits: Human_Anything_7790

#9 Cool Stoner Mom Smokes 3 Blunts A Day While Pregnant… Too Much?

Image credits: throwaway56565656789

#10 Couldn’t Have Seen This Coming?

Image credits: CrazieDiamond

#11 Found In Mom Group As An Entry For A “Bow Contest”

Image credits: kimagure44

#12 Apparently There Is A Home Remedy For Everything, Otherwise You Are Banned

Image credits: HalcyonRepose

#13 All You Fake Moms With Your Pretend Kids Just Need To Stop Now

Image credits: hominianherod60

#14 Friend Of Mine Sent Me This…

Image credits: pryjar

#15 A Little Tylenol Should Do The Trick

Image credits: Tortoisemilk123

#16 Cribs Are Jail Cells For Babies

Image credits: bumblebeebooty

#17 Your Obsession Doesn’t Also Have To Be Your Child’s, Deborah.

Image credits: GrandWexi

#18 Complete Trash Trying To Take Advantage Of Refugees

Image credits: coppersense

#19 Didn’t Know This Subreddit Existed In 2020, But This Is My All-Time Favourite

Image credits: stephiloo

#20 That’s Just Nasty

Image credits: Ok_Cheetah5299

#21 Nothing Says Educated Like A Diaper Flipping You Off

Image credits: PoeDameronPoeDamnson

#22 Some Great Baby Name Ideas!

Image credits: sammybr00ke

#23 On The Governor Saying Masks Aren’t Required For Students. No Masks= Higher Grades!

Image credits: godseagle7

#24 Emotional Incest From Mommy Is Always Cute

Image credits: ashlore

#25 It Can Happen

Image credits: CoatedPaper

#26 Gatekeeping

Image credits: Luis_9466

#27 A Little Trauma Never Hurt Anyone And A Mom Who Is Into Her Kid’s Trust Issues

Image credits: herebylacuriosidad

#28 We Make Our Own “Soda”

Image credits: AppaloosaLuver

#29 What Kind Of Logic Is This

Image credits: ContextTypical

#30 A Gem From A 100 Degree Heat Wave

Image credits: 9oose

#31 In Response To The Question “Is Hand Sanitizer Safe During Pregnancy?”

Image credits: jaspysmom

#32 Now What

Image credits: Kitt3nZer0

#33 You Have A Baby…in A Bar…

Image credits: altugh14

#34 Please Don’t Do This.

Image credits:

#35 A Massage Therapist Asks A Client If She Can Stick A Magnet On Their Vaccine Site

Image credits: MasoKist

#36 Treat The Pain, Not The Source!

Image credits: AvariceSyn

#37 Kid Slept Wrong On A Toy Or Sheet Crease, Poster And Way Too Many Commenters Attribute The Mark And Poor Sleep To Demons Or Something Supernatural. What?!

Image credits: andiberri

#38 This Is Something

Image credits: ritapeter

#39 Vegans Don’t Get Sunburns

Image credits: bumblebeebooty

#40 Wow.

Image credits: Jolly-Holly

#41 Here’s A Fun One From My Instagram Stories ?

Image credits: horse-face-ethel

#42 On A Post From A Local Mom (Pro-Masks At Playgrounds) Trying To Figure Out Where Her Kids Could Safely Play.

Image credits: FauxbeeJune

#43 Who Knew, We Had The Cure For Cancer This Whole Time.

Image credits: SaltySailor123

#44 Yuppie Baby Needs His ‘Bux

Image credits: AvariceSyn

#45 Someone Asked For Some Girl Name Suggestions. This Was My Favorite Comment.

Image credits: kennybanya318

#46 People Are Totally Shedding The Vaccine Through Their Skin And Into The Air Altering A Females Cycle.. Makes Complete Sense.

Image credits: _sunday_funday_

#47 It’s Almost As If Someone With Training Should Be Helping These Women Give Birth…

Image credits: nememess

#48 Give Me Your Milk For Freeeee

Image credits: wobbliestport

#49 Small Town Mom

Image credits: maggerdagger309

#50 A Mom Was Mad That An Ice Cream Truck Was Trying To Make Money? No One In The Comments Were Supporting Her.

Image credits: factualmistakes

#51 Adhd And Depression Combo ?‍♀️

Image credits: tshurbs

#52 I Will Never Understand Parents Who Are Afraid To Tell Their Kids No.

Image credits:

#53 Mmmmmm… Placenta.

Image credits: nememess

#54 65lb 2 Year Old Is Healthy

Image credits: ThatTeacherThere

#55 Bet She Put Nuggets In The Oven After Posting This….

Image credits: minigal83

#56 Sunscreen Causes Cancer Y’all

Image credits: emmamom

#57 It Hurts When She Tugs On It.

Image credits: nememess

#58 Hiv? Cellulitis? Oregano Oil!

Image credits: CrayforCrays

#59 Mommy Group-Where It’s Occasionally Still 1950.

Image credits: aibhalinshana

#60 On A Post About Not Washing Bagged Coleslaw

Image credits: chaxnny

#61 Covid Poison Dna Experimental Injecting… Right…

Image credits: mapeirce

#62 I Truly Wish She Was Joking.

Image credits: PaSaAlCe

#63 Yep, It’s Weird.

Image credits: wowohmygodwow

#64 What Has This Poor Woman’s Husband Been Telling Her.

Image credits: fgfrf12

#65 Listen, I Don’t Want To Spoil My Child With Basic Care, So I’m Just Going To Neglect Them And Then Complain About It… No Hate Please!

Image credits: highfructos

#66 Imagine Being Excited About Your Child’s School Not Enforcing Masks, In A County Where There Is A Mask Mandate.

Image credits: spaghatta111

#67 I Don’t Even Know What An Unschooler Is

Image credits: meep7076

#68 The Brainwashing Is Intense…

Image credits: WittyThingHere

#69 My Child Might Have Severely Injured His Leg So I’m Taking Him To The Chiropractor Instead Of A Doctor

Image credits: quesoandtequila

#70 Posted By Someone From The Church I Went To

Image credits: HufflepuffHello

#71 I’m Sure There Won’t Be Permanent Hearing Loss.

Image credits: iplay4Him

#72 Help! I’m Worried My Family Won’t Get Side Effects From The Covid Vaccine!

Image credits: anoobsearcher

#73 My Kid Can Put Yoghurt In His Bellybutton

Image credits: sallyisadogwastaken

#74 Is My Child Becoming Lactose And Tolerated?

Image credits: macabrejaguar

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