76 Times The Internet Made People Say, “Of Course That’s A Thing”

The moment that you think you’ve got life all figured out, the universe throws you a curveball. Possibly in the form of an interesting opportunity, but (if we’re completely honest) most likely in the shape of a funny or surprising picture that makes you snort into your cup of tea. You see, despite all of humanity’s flaws, people are actually very creative and come up with some extremely bizarre things.

One place that documents the funny, creative, and sometimes plain downright weird things that humanity has done is the ‘Of Course That’s a Thing’ subreddit. A community of just over 723k people, r/ofcoursethatsathing does exactly what it says on the tin: it invites people to share pictures of things that make you think, “Of course that’s a thing.”

It’s more a feeling than a phrase, and you’ll find the very best examples of just how peculiar a world we really live in below. Remember to upvote the pics that made you go “what?” and be sure to share this list with your friends. You and I both know that they’ll enjoy some of these images! Personally, as a huge D&D nerd, I’m a big fan of the bread alignment chart, but be sure to let everyone know which one’s your #1 pic.

#1 Id Buy It

Image credits: TedCruzStoleMyMcRib

#2 10/10 Would Read Again

Image credits: Dr_Alfons

#3 Catholics vs. Seedless Watermelons

Image credits: cruel-ko

Creativity is an intrinsic part of being human. It might not always produce something that’s objectively good in aesthetic terms, but it’s still one of the things that drive us forward. Beauty, after all, is in the eye of the beholder (even if that beholder should really read up a bit more on what’s actually stylish).

National Geographic spoke to Agustín Fuentes, the author of ‘The Creative Spark: How Imagination Made Humans Exceptional,’ about art and its relationship to our evolution.

#4 A Rubik’s Cube That Doubles As A Treasure Chest. It Only Opens When Solved

Image credits: Mattp11111

#5 The “One A Day Banana” Pack, Containing Several Bananas Of Different Ripeness So That You Can Eat Them Over Several Days. (Korea)

Image credits: light_myfire

#6 Inflatable Swan Thing

Image credits:

“We tend to think of these beautiful cave paintings of the big mastodons and wild oryx as art. But that’s only about 40,000 years old. We know that 85,000 years ago, in southern Africa, our ancestors were carving on ostrich eggshells. Twenty thousand years earlier than that, they were drilling holes in small shells and wearing them around their necks,” Fuentes told National Geographic.

#7 Cow Ear Muffs

Image credits: EMF911

#8 A Night Stand To Beat Up People With

Image credits: robloxpimp69

#9 Cosplay Meta

Image credits: agonizedn

“One hundred thousand years before that, they were crumbling ochre and rubbing it on their bodies. Five hundred thousand years before that, half a million years ago, they were making tools that were incredibly beautiful and more symmetrical and aesthetic than they had to be to do their jobs. Art is very deep in human history,” Fuentes explained that art is fundamentally a part of who we are. Then and now.

#10 Brilliant

Image credits: ellaAir

#11 Sneaker Raincoats

Image credits: Nocte_Mortis

#12 My Mate Bought Me This For My Birthday, I Love It And Of Course It’s A Thing

Image credits: ILoveBread747

The ‘Of Course That’s a Thing’ subreddit has been around since 2013, so you know for a fact that its content is something that captures people’s attention. No doubt, sometimes, because the pictures are very errr imaginative. Otherwise, without this quality content, the subreddit wouldn’t have survived and thrived for so long. The community will also be celebrating its eighth birthday in a couple of weeks. So, if you like their stuff, think about joining the subreddit or just popping in with a quick, ‘Hi, congrats.’

#13 Pencils That Can Be Planted And Grow Into Kitchen Spices When They Become To Small To Use

Image credits: EMF911

#14 The Much Awaited Sequel

Image credits: RoarkCats

#15 This Place Offers A Trump Pizza—half Mexican, Half Bacon-Cheeseburger, Separated By A Wall Of Mozzarella Sticks

Image credits: JimDixon

Before joining the subreddit, though, there are a few rules that you have to be aware of. They’re all common sense things anyway, so they shouldn’t be a problem for anyone who isn’t an internet troll or a massive bigot. Obviously, there’s no place for racism, sexism, or bigotry on the r/ofcoursethatsathing subreddit.

#16 Thor’s Hammer Toolbox

Image credits: Panda_911

#17 Because God Forbid Your Cat’s Butthole Is Exposed!

Image credits: jennasky

#18 Phone Throne

Image credits: mucruler

What’s more, the subreddit moderators ask their members not to post any memes or image macros and to avoid self-promotion posts. Furthermore, all members should strive to be polite and void rudeness. “Everybody has a line; if you feel yours was crossed, this is your report option,” the moderators explain. And that’s how you keep an online community wholesome and healthy. All so that people can keep on saying, “Of course that’s a thing.”

#19 Organ Plushies

Image credits: DrBalu

#20 A Punchable Enter Key

Image credits: grino655

#21 The Internet Is Leaking Into Real Life

Image credits: coming__up__milhouse

#22 Really?!?!?

Image credits: JBuggles35

#23 Why Tomatoes

Image credits: Brynniebooboo

#24 Burrito Blanket

Image credits: jkon731

#25 This Floating Mug – To Eliminate Coasters

Image credits: Panda_911

#26 A Leash For Your Chicken

Image credits: JaysCockWhore

#27 Little Dictator

Image credits: Johnny_W94

#28 Why Would Someone Sit Down And Make This?

Image credits: vegansagainstcancer

#29 Shower Curtain With Pockets

Image credits: action_jim

#30 Minimalist Nativity Sets

Image credits: lexsimpi2

#31 A National Treasure!

Image credits: MusicEd921

#32 Damn I Don’t Know If That’s Lazy Or Just Too Real Haha

Image credits: JVallez88

#33 I Need This Lazy Susan Fridge!

Image credits: ilikemountaingoats

#34 Typewriter For Music

Image credits: frenzy3

#35 Toilet Paper Claw Machines…

Image credits: DrunkenTommy

#36 This Minion Bikini

Image credits: mictooshi

#37 Dead Battery? No Worries

Image credits: Dylanb249

#38 Never Touch Your Pets Again!

Image credits:

#39 A 24-Hour Clock…

Image credits: VDT635

#40 A Tube To Prevent Phone Distractions During Conversation

Image credits: nickelmoose

#41 Older Article, But Hell Ill Do It!

Image credits: bloodywolfeyes

#42 A Pure White Puzzle

Image credits: xlicer

#43 Found At Walmart

Image credits: GDML

#44 Isopod Plush

Image credits: dvntwnsnd

#45 Portland Airport Sells Socks And Other Merchandise To Match It’s Carpet

Image credits: ShadoX9191

#46 Spotify’s Has Lyrics To Sandstorm. In Case You Forgot Them

Image credits: RubySpice

#47 The Atlantic Ocean Has Been Rated 3.9 Stars On Google Maps

Image credits: Acerazus

#48 That Escalated Quickly

Image credits: school-yeeter

#49 Sausage Vending Machine

Image credits: _062862

#50 “Prove You Are Rich “

Image credits:

#51 This Magnetic Cookie Dunker

Image credits: Panda_911

#52 Somebody Paid To Promote Their Dog

Image credits: LilBullet1

#53 Aquaman No Longer Has My Respect

Image credits: BreezeWater

#54 For People Who Want To Smell Cat Poop But Not Be Able To Find It

Image credits: Cajun-ish

#55 A Book To Help You Have Those Tough Talks With Your Cat

Image credits: pixiegurly

#56 A Glitter Keychain Of The Adobe Photoshop Crash Window

Image credits: RainbowAlpacaa

#57 5 Pieces Of A Centaur That Go On Your Fingers To Make One Full Centaur For Minutes Of Fun!

Image credits: MapleLeafs0117

#58 Bulletproof Backpack Inserts

Image credits: itsnotlookinggood

#59 A Subreddit For Bread Stapled To Trees

Image credits: barnarnars

#60 Robotic Phone Finger

Image credits: Iamtheoutdoortype

#61 I Hope She’s At Least 18 Months

Image credits: Mairiphinc

#62 What The

Image credits: Y0inkMeister

#63 Toast Sandwich

Image credits: Immablufox

#64 Toilet Map (You Can Rate Bathrooms You Have Visited)

Image credits: SmartBoiiii

#65 A Rubik’s Cube That Can Never Be Wrong

Image credits: iAwesome404

#66 Spongebob Couch

Image credits: frenzy3

#67 Tattoo Freckles

Image credits: SignHereCo

#68 I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Understand You Michael

Image credits: gard0n

#69 Tent For Underwater Camping

Image credits: slina27

#70 Just Lovely

Image credits: unimplortantpleeb

#71 A Fidget Spinner Phone

Image credits: ijamesreddit

#72 An Another Way To Eat Cheetos

Image credits: Tucko29

#73 Reddit Ads Are Getting Weird

Image credits: ggregggg

#74 A Company Is Doing “Dead Memes” Toys, Starting With This Fella

Image credits: MrZongalito

#75 Crocs With Built-In Socks

Image credits: Jettatora

#76 We’re In The Dark Ages

Image credits: Spacenuts24

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