Rollercoasters are both fun and terrifying. Terrifyingly fun, actually! If you’ve ever been on one, odds are that all the twists, turns, and adrenaline pumping through your veins made it a very memorable experience. And if you’re as awesome and cheesy as we are, then you might even have bought one of those amusement park photos that show you laughing, screaming, and (possibly even) crying while on the ride.

Some of these photos, however, are a cut above the rest and in a league of their own. Whether intentionally or by design! The Bored Panda team has put together this wild ride of a list showing off the very best of the best that rollercoaster photos have to offer. They’re hilarious, creative, and wholesome to a whole other degree.

Strap yourself in, hang on tight, and scroll down to start the ride. Don’t forget to upvote the photos that you enjoyed the most, Pandas! Oh and if any of you thrill-seekers are raring to go again, then you’ll want to hop in and try our previous article about rollercoaster photos right here.

#1 My Friend And I Randomly Decided To Take Edibles And Go To Disneyland. We Took Funny Photos On Every Ride We Could. This Is My Favorite

Image credits: dezrteagle

#2 My 74-Year-Old Grandpa With COPD And I On A Roller Coaster. He Was So Excited

Image credits: majahelenelarsen

#3 Go To Disneyland They Said. It’ll Be Fun They Said

Image credits: Reddit__PI

While some of these photos are obviously staged for comedic effect (hello, rollercoaster Jenga players! We bow before your vast imagination), others are 100 percent natural. The timing of the snaps couldn’t have been more perfect and the pics show off incredibly genuine reactions. Honestly, they made our day (and some of us might already be Googling what the opening times for the nearest amusement parks are).

#4 8 Year Anniversary Of My Favorite Photo Of My Wife And I

Image credits: Jetsetter_

#5 There’s Always An Asian Better Than You

Image credits:

#6 I Enjoyed My Daughter’s First Disney Ride More Than She Did

Image credits: renough

We don’t know about you, dear Pandas, but some of us here are mighty afraid of heights. So riding on a rollercoaster means having an inner battle within ourselves about whether we want to have fun or stay earthbound and look at everyone else enjoying themselves. Getting over the fear of heights (it’s known as acrophobia) or any other phobia is a challenge in itself. However, it is possible and that way you can have more freedom to enjoy all the things that life has to offer you, big or small.

#7 Dating For 3 Years And She Talks A Big Game. Rollercoasters 2 Girlfriend 0

Image credits: madirishman03

#8 My Wife Hates Rollercosters. After I Pitched A Fit About It, She Finally Picked One She Would Ride With Me

Image credits: chopbustre

#9 Clark Was Very Excited To Ride A Rollercoaster Like A Big Boy, Until The First Drop

Image credits: Rauglothgor

The UK Addiction Team Group earlier explained to Bored Panda how we can overcome our phobias. Nuno Albuquerque, the Head of Treatment, highlighted the fact that we develop many phobias due to our environments and the particular things we experience early in childhood.

#10 Thrill Seekers

My mom and I agreed to accompany my son on his first roller coaster while visiting Legoland this summer. It went well

Image credits: carlycross

#11 I Friggin T-Posed On A Rollercoaster

Image credits: baconiswow

#12 The Rookie

My sister’s family went to a theme park in NC and she decided her youngest was ready for his 1st roller coaster ride. Apparently, she was wrong and he takes after her. Everyone thinks this is photoshopped because her husband and the other 2 kids are so calm. She tries to ease her conscience by telling everyone it was a kiddie coaster but I’m pretty sure he’s scarred for life.

Image credits: Pamela

“Phobias are among the most common anxiety disorders and are often developed following a negative or traumatic experience or in some cases, from learned or copied behavior from parents or those close to them,” Nuno from the UKAT Group told Bored Panda.

#13 Diary Of A Splash Mountain

Image credits: ElNickCharles

#14 Rollercoaster Proposal (She Only Saw It When She Got The Souvenir Photo)

Image credits: missscottfraser

#15 My Daughter’s First Rollercoaster Ride

Image credits: hellmajor

“If parents or people of influence have anxiety about dogs, for example, then it is more than likely a child growing up with them will also develop the same irrational reaction around dogs,” the expert explained that we can ‘inherit’ phobias from the people we’re closest to as we’re growing up, no matter what the particular phobias might be.

#16 I See Your Dad Enjoying The The Ride, And Raise You Three Terrified Daughters

Image credits: Vulgarly_dressed

#17 Scottish Rollercoaster

Image credits:

#18 My Daughter’s First Amusement Park Ride

Image credits: Djblee

“Unfortunately genetics and learned behavior can trickle into the development of other behaviors and disorders, such as substance misuse, eating disorders, or unhealthy relationships with food, as well as gaming and gambling,” Nuno noted that some of the consequences can be extremely negative.

#19 I Just Wanted To Share The First Time My Brother And I Rode The Xcelerator At Knotts Berry Farm

Image credits: Amebuu

#20 He Is Now In Love With Roller Coasters

Image credits: Ry-Ry44

#21 Sons First Rollercoaster Drop

Image credits: tfoust10

The expert noted that any phobia is possible to overcome. It’ll be tough, but given the right support, everyone can do it. “Regardless of how a phobia originates, overcoming them can be difficult but is possible. It’s important to recognize if more than one person is suffering and encourage all to participate. Gradual desensitization or self-exposure to the cause is encouraged,” he said.

#22 Coaster Nap

Our family spent New Year’s Eve 2019 at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. We all got on the roller coaster right before midnight and unbeknownst to us, my 10-year-old son fell asleep as soon as the roller coaster went over the drop! We normally do not get photos from the roller coaster kiosks but after seeing this photo, we felt it was mandatory!

Image credits: Melissa

#23 Uneasy Rider

“My son Wille has never been a fan of fun rides. He is 17 now and still doesn’t like it. (I’m the one in blue, the one in red is my sister).”

Image credits: lackberg

#24 Oh, I Bought This Coaster Picture. My Son And I In The First Row On Fahrenheit 97 At Hershey Park

Image credits: skeesby1

However, the more complex a phobia is, the longer we’ve had it, the more work we’ll have to put in to overcome it. Whether it’s a phobia of heights, of going fast, or absolutely anything at all. “A more complex and long-term phobia may need similar treatment given to someone with an anxiety disorder or mental health illness; counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy or psychotherapy are all good options to explore,” Nuno told Bored Panda.

#25 Splashdown

“Apparently Mom didn’t get the memo that everyone was supposed to make a funny face!”

Image credits: Amber

#26 We’re In A Stable Relationship

Image credits: GrayHood Grayson

#27 So I Took My Son To The Theme Park

“So I took my son to the theme park.”

Image credits: FredFearless

What do you think of rollercoaster rides, dear Readers? What’s the very best one you’ve been on? Do you take souvenir photos like we do? (One of mine from Legoland got turned into a magnet and is on my fridge.) Do you have a fear of heights but you’d love to give rollercoasters a try? Share your thoughts, twists, and turns in the comments below!

#28 My Youngest And Oldest On Splash Mountain With Me. This Pic Always Makes Me Laugh

Image credits: BGally24

#29 My Cousin And His Boyfriend’s Splash Mountain Experience Really Shows On Their Faces

Image credits: memekun

#30 Years Ago My Brother Lost His Cellphone On A Roller Coaster. We Figured There Was No Way To Know When. Then She Saw The Ride Photo

Image credits: moonshine12

#31 My Dad Was Really Not Into Splash Mountain

Image credits: jennrogue

#32 These Friends Sure Know How To Enjoy A Good Amusement Park Ride

Image credits: coasterlvr

#33 The 12 Stages Of Fear Ranging From Blissful Ignorance To Abject Terror As Illustrated By My Son’s First Ride On A Rollercoaster

Image credits: sai_who

#34 My Brother Before And During A Rollercoaster

Image credits: parasiticpussy

#35 I Guess The People In The Back Didn’t See What Was Coming

Image credits: ryansbergara

#36 My Parents Used To Make Me Go On Rides That I Had Zero Interest In Going On As A Small Child. “Oh, You’ll Like It Once You’re On!” No. Disneyland’s Splash Mountain ’02

Image credits: llornn

#37 My Friend Catching Some Looks On An Amusement Park Ride

Image credits: PassedMyPrime

#38 Two Kinds Of People

Image credits:

#39 My Brother Found The Meaning Of Life On Splash Mountain

Image credits: kyle_tisdel

#40 That Roller Coaster Ride Blew My Mind

Image credits: PugLover5533

#41 My Cousin Got On A Rollercoaster, And It Turned Him Into A Demon

Image credits: Mojotuff4

#42 Sucker Shot

“Heading down the water chute ride at Mall of America, younger brother used the ride’s photo op to capture his moment of revenge for being picked on by his big brother at all other locations.”

Image credits: Amanda

#43 So My Friend’s Wardrobe Malfunction Was Captured At Six Flags

“So, my friend’s wardrobe malfunction happened at Six Flags.”

Image credits: iheartjonell

#44 An Old Picture Of The Family & I Reading While Riding A Rollercoaster (Formerly Medusa, Now Bizzaro). My Sister Lost Her Pamphlet

Image credits: READlbetweenl

#45 My Girlfriend Lost Her Phone This Past Weekend On A Roller Coaster, And The Ride Photo Caught The Exact Moment It Happened

Image credits:

#46 The True Definition Of Emotional Rollercoaster And Literally Me

Image credits: little_bit_salty

#47 The Faces People Make On Roller Coasters

#48 Thrill Of The Chase

“An equal and opposite reaction.”

Image credits: Jan

#49 Gamers

“Just because you’re on a flume doesn’t mean you can’t find time to do other things.”

Image credits: Jason

#50 Who Says Going To An Amusement Park Alone Isn’t Fun?

Image credits: Coffeetime18

#51 Hair Care

“When my sister and her family took my mom to Disney World, my mom was concerned about her hair getting wet so she put a plastic bag on her head. ”

Image credits: Cyndi

#52 Water Hazard

“When I was about 4 or 5 years old, my mom subjected me to the horror that is Splash Mountain at Disneyland.”

Image credits: elyse_in_wonderland

#53 So My Friend Isn’t A Huge Fan Of Amusement Parks. Here He Is At Disney World’s Tower Of Terror. Not Amused In The Slightest

Image credits: DrGonzz420

#54 Uneasy Riders

“This was one of the first ‘thrill ride’ experiences for my daughter (in the back) and niece. My husband and father were so kind to ride in the front.”

Image credits: hgnsalley

#55 Log Off

“My Aunt thought it was a good idea to take her daughters on the log ride.”

Image credits:

#56 My Dear 67-Year-Old Mother Wanted To Ride A Roller Coaster For The First Time In Almost 40 Years. She Immediately Regretted It

Image credits: MarshmallowMark

#57 David & Goliath

“Goliath wins.”

Image credits: Dave

#58 The Face Of Fear

#59 Joyride

“This is a photo of my daughter and her father riding the Tennessee Tornado roller coaster at Dollywood. When we saw the photo at the sales kiosk, we laughed so hard we just HAD to buy it!”

Image credits: Jennifer

#60 There Are 2 Kinds Of Rollercoaster Riders

Image credits:

#61 Nope

Image credits: davidaf88

#62 Let’s Go On A Rollercoaster, It’s Going To Be Fun

Image credits: svetanz

#63 My High School’s Band Trip To Disneyland

Image credits: Grace E

#64 Three Adults Enjoying A Rollercoaster, Three Children Less So

Image credits: Leptos_HS

#65 My Mom’s Rollercoaster Face Was Priceless

Image credits: Cpottzy

#66 My Mom Looks Like She’s Giving Birth On Every Attraction Photo Taken Of Her At Disneyland

Image credits: Xadr123

#67 My Go At A Rollercoaster Pose

Image credits:

#68 This Had Me Laughing All Morning

Image credits: lasirenita79

#69 This Family

#70 I’ve Always Wanted A Memorable Photo From An Amusement Park, Needless To Say I Finally Got One When My Hat Flew Off And Hit My Friend In The Face

Image credits: TheMunchyMonster

#71 I Think My Girlfriend And I Found The Ride Being A Bit Crazier Than The Other Passengers, At Pirates Of The Caribbean (Disneyland Paris)

Image credits: MathiasSybarit

#72 My First Time On A Rollercoaster, Circa 1996

Image credits: kikibot21

#73 Adrenaline Junkies

“This is my brother with his two oldest kids on a roller coaster…one has turned into SpongeBob (what is with his eyes?!) and the other one is having trouble keeping his face on his face.”

Image credits: cmblue3321

#74 The Before

“Something tells us you don’t want to see the after.”

Image credits: Will

#75 Grandma Is Not Amused

Image credits: EvolutionIXMR

#76 The Last Action Hero

“My dad one arm-saving me on a roller coaster in 1995 when I was 1. No seatbelt or straps back in those days!”

Image credits: wavy_moo

#77 My Daughter And I Have Never Been To An Amusement Park Before, And It Shows. Guess Which Two On The Back Row

Image credits:

#78 My Boyfriend Took Me On My First Rollercoaster

Image credits: smelly_ellie

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