Akon’s Car Stolen From Buckhead Gas Station While He Was Pumping Gas 

Atlanta police are currently searching for a suspect responsible for stealing an SUV that belongs to Akon.

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, authorities say that his vehicle was taken early Tuesday a little after midnight. They say he was pumping his gas when someone jumped inside of the car and drove off. The incident occurred at the QuikTrip on the 700 block of Sydney Marcus Boulevard.

Atlanta Police Department’s Capt. Graham said, “It only takes a second for someone to jump in your vehicle and take off.”

The station notes that the theft of his car comes after an Atlanta City Council member suggested to legislation that Atlanta gas stations set up cameras at each of their fueling pumps.

Although most gas stations have surveillance cameras, Councilwoman Natalyn Archibong said, “It is a common occurrence. It is not an anomaly. It is a significant enough crime and a consistent enough crime that it warrants this intervention.”

Police are asking people to call in if they have any information on the car theft.


As previously reported, Akon has been making moves to build his own city in Africa. Back in April he was reportedly granted land by the Ugandan government to build his second futuristic city. There have been little to no details on what the city will include, but it is reportedly expected to be completed by 2036.


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