Another Way to Work Your Favorite Nude Lipstick

Check this out. I do it often. It’s one of my favorite lip tricks of all time!

Even when you regularly roll with eight nude lippies at any given moment, sometimes you still want to shake things up, which is where a sheer berry gloss comes in handy.

“Sheer” is the key word here, i.e., something to add a tantalizing touch of berry tint to tease and tempt without taking over.

  1. Start with a layer of your nude lippie du jour.
  2. Blot (if you want), but I usually skip it because…laziness, TBH. But it’s helpful if you’ll be taking pics because it keeps your lip color from looking thick and gooey.
  3. Apply a layer of gloss directly on top, but WAIT! — don’t stick that wand back in the tube quite yet. Wipe off any lipstick with a tissue first so the lipstick doesn’t mix with your gloss and change the color. Optionally, instead of using the doe foot directly on your lips, you can swipe it on the back of your hand, then pick up the gloss from there, and apply it to your lips with a finger.

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