‘Anti Capitalist’: 30 Times People Realized That Modern Capitalism Is Starting To Look Ridiculous

Income and wealth inequality continues to deepen, prices are soaring, inflation looms its shadowy fangs, and the aftershocks from the so-called Great Resignation are still echoing across the economy. It’s no wonder that a lot of people are scared for their future, are dissatisfied and critical of the way the economy is structured. Some believe that capitalism has become too radical and devolved into corporatism and unchecked soulless consumerism. For them, capitalism has become Public Enemy Number One.

One Instagram page that captures this sentiment is the ‘Anti Capitalist’ project that has amassed just over 173k followers. The founder of the page, who wittily describes themselves as having “no basic understanding of economics or politics,” explains that they’re fighting capitalism, racism, and fascism with the content that they post.

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Financial expert Rick Orford explained to Bored Panda a while back that extreme capitalism and excessive greed are the consequences of a large enough part of the population that’s willing to take risks. The core problem, therefore, is greed. Or rather, too much of it.

“Greed is widely accepted to be the reason for the two largest financial crises in the last century; namely 1929 and 2008. It also creates the income inequality that’s largely seen in the United States. Indeed, while everyone, in theory, has an equal opportunity to flourish, the scales seem to tip to those with the most money,” he said.


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“[Capitalism] allows folks like you and me to succeed by creating or investing in businesses. Indeed, one looking to borrow money from the banks today won’t have to pay much for the loan. As such, it encourages growth. However, extreme capitalism creates a scenario where greed overtakes reason, and it risks the financial system,” financial expert Rick told Bored Panda.

According to the expert, social democracy, also known as socialism, lies at the other end of the scale from capitalism. Social democracies tax their citizens more than capitalistic countries, however, in return, the people have easy and free (or very cheap) access to vital services.


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“Citizens are given services such as free and (easily) accessible healthcare, child care, social welfare, etc. Conversely, highly capitalistic societies charge for these services, making it incredibly challenging for the poor,” he said.

Rick pointed out that capitalism gives anyone the tools to flourish and grow. What’s more, nobody should be under the illusion that the wealthy are always making a profit. Businesspeople take large risks and can suffer very heavy financial losses if things don’t pan out the way they expect them to. Problems arise, however, when major companies and social media conglomerates start influencing how people think.


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“Today, the news is largely distributed by some of the largest American corporations: Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Think Brexit or the 2016 American Presidential election,” the expert warned.

Though, theoretically, capitalism helps ordinary people sell their products and open up their own businesses, the reality is tougher: they have to compete with established industry giants.


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“Those [products] with the best quality, price, customer service, or combination (of at least two) often do well. Increasingly, however, those who are willing to spend more at the beginning are seeing both extreme gains and losses. Famously, Amazon and Tesla, for example, have spent hundreds of millions of investors’ dollars before ever making a cent,” he said.


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Certain parts of social media are very anti-capitalist and Instagram is no different. Very recently, Bored Panda wrote about the ‘Humans of Capitalism’ project that makes memes about economic dystopia.

Angel, the founder of that particular IG project, told Bored Panda that they’re not optimistic about the future. They believe that people are constantly bombarded by information, non-stop, to get them to consume more and more products, which helps capitalism survive as a system.


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“We often see many small businesses collapsing because they are not able to fight with the current trend or to combat with the giant competitors. So they have two options, close the business or sell it,” they said.

They believe that the future is likely to bring more automation, with machines producing, delivering, and taking care of the food supply, clothing, and the healthcare system. However, this would mean that some people would lose their jobs while the question of who owns the distribution system would be on many an individual’s minds.


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“The idea of getting free food, water, health, clothing, is nice and, in reality, if we take a closer look at the current system we can see that more people are let off and replaced by machines. For example, we can see that McDonald’s workers are fired and they have been replaced with machines that work on touch or by sound and they take orders, forward orders to the employees, etc,” they mused.


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“I believe that 50 years from now machines will provide food, clothing, healthcare services, and much more, by themselves, with little to no employees monitoring them. But there is an issue with that. You will leave millions of people jobless and cause huge riots as the famous quote from Jean-Jacques Rousseau goes: ‘When the people shall have no more to eat, they will eat the rich.'”


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