‘Caresha Please!’ People Tell Yung Miami Why They Choose To Call Her By Her Government Name

Yung Miami is finally realizing that people will never stop calling her by her government name.

She took to Twitter to talk about the long-running joke–which she has addressed multiple times, but it appears the City Girls rapper is starting to come around to the idea of people calling her by her first name, or at least she’s not as mad about it as she used to be.

In a tweet she made late Sunday night, Yung Miami acknowledged people have bypassed referring to her by her stage name and have opted to simply call her “Caresha.”

“Ppl really be like JT & Caresha like dead a**. Just f**k my rap name lol,” Caresha tweeted.

Yung Miami stepped into The Shade Room to further explain what prompted her to make that tweet.

“I was at my show and the DJ/host dead a** said we got ‘JT & Caresha’ in the building. I was confused lol,” she commented.

Yung Miami received many responses to her initial tweet and people’s explanations as to why they call her Caresha ran the gamut, but the consensus was that people (or at least people on Black Twitter) will never stop doing it.

“It’s the fact that we’ve all collectively agreed to call her Caresha instead of Yung Miami,” one person tweeted.

Others said Yung Miami’s interactions with Saucy Santana are to blame.

“Ppl not calling her Yung Miami is really Santana[s] fault tho. Caresha, please!” one Twitter user joked.

“Once ‘Caresha please’ became a real saying it was over for her I fear,” said another.

SWIPE below to see why people refuse to stop calling Yung Miami “Caresha.”

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