“Casual UK”: 50 Funny Posts That Perfectly Illustrate What British Humor Is All About (New Pics)

If British humor was a painting collection then the subreddit r/CasualUK would be the gallery that houses it. This online community has 883K members and politics aside, they constantly share everything that makes their country what it is.

From crazy expensive London apartments to a few blokes enjoying a pint, it’s all in there!

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#1 Spotted In Manchester

Image credits: tomwilkinson777

#2 Good Old National Trust

Image credits: nationaltrust

When it comes to comparing American and British humor, comedian Ricky Gervais thinks that the former is more “down the line.”

Gervais, who co-wrote, co-produced and starred in the hit BBC series The Office, which was on air for two years and adapted for a U.S. series for eight seasons, believes Americans don’t hide their hopes and fears.

“They applaud ambition and openly reward success. Brits are more comfortable with life’s losers,” he writes in Time Magazine. “We embrace the underdog until it’s no longer the underdog. We like to bring authority down a peg or two. Just for the hell of it. Americans say, ‘have a nice day’ whether they mean it or not. Brits are terrified to say this. We tell ourselves it’s because we don’t want to sound insincere but I think it might be for the opposite reason. We don’t want to celebrate anything too soon. Failure and disappointment lurk around every corner. This is due to our upbringing. Americans are brought up to believe they can be the next president of the United States. Brits are told, ‘It won’t happen for you.'”

#3 G7 Security

Image credits: redunculuspanda

#4 Richard Osman From Pointless Having Some Culture Problems

Image credits: richardosman

#5 If You Can Read This, You Are Not A Train!

Image credits: TropicalTito

Gervais explains that these differences are evident everywhere from mass media to mundane conversations. “There’s a received wisdom in the U.K. that Americans don’t get irony. This is of course not true. But what is true is that they don’t use it all the time. It shows up in the smarter comedies but Americans don’t use it as much socially as Brits. We use it as liberally as prepositions in everyday speech. We tease our friends. We use sarcasm as a shield and a weapon. We avoid sincerity until it’s absolutely necessary. We mercilessly take the piss out of people we like or dislike basically. And ourselves. This is very important. Our brashness and swagger is laden with equal portions of self-deprecation. This is our license to hand it out.”

If you think this can sometimes be perceived as nasty, you’re right. But only if the recipients aren’t used to it. In reality, it isn’t. As Gervais says, it’s just play fighting. “It’s almost a sign of affection if we like you, and ego bursting if we don’t. You just have to know which one it is.”

A few more posts from r/CasualUK and you’ll be fluent in British humor!

#6 Now This Is How You Sell A Laminator

Image credits: Akmunra

#7 Struggling To Understand The Hype Around Jeff Bezos And Richard Branson Going To Space When A Guy From Wigan (And His Dog) Reached The Moon In A Homemade Rocket In 1989? Why Is The Media Silent On This?

Image credits: Sir_Newty_Newt

#8 This Company Has Been Getting Boycotted Over Their Name. I’m Sorry But This Is Brilliant British Humour

Image credits: Kingkunta87

#9 This 900 Year Old Floor Tile At Gloucester Cathedral Contains The Footprint Of A Very Good Boy

Image credits: Trilobite_Tom

#10 I Applaud Tesco For Doing This

Image credits: lodge28

#11 Historical Figures Lined Up For Reopening Of Museum Of Gloucester

Image credits: Dommlid


Image credits: Blargenfarble

#13 Heading Back To The Movies: US Vs UK

Image credits: ramy81

#14 Today I Stumbled Upon Where History Was Made

Image credits: JonAddo

#15 True Bill

#16 Only In The UK Would It Be Understood By Everyone This Is A Message Of Affection

Image credits: jimmyleeerd

#17 Front Seat On A Double Decker Bus

Image credits: LIS1050010

#18 When The Pubs Have Been Closed For 4 Months, A Bit Of Rain Won’t Stop These Lads

Image credits: TheForthWallBreaker

#19 City Of Leicester Starts Turning Bus-Stops Into “Bee-Stops”

Image credits: Stotallytob3r

#20 How To Measure Things Like A Brit

Image credits: un-petit-capu

#21 Jesus Saves! (But Can’t Park For S**t)

Image credits: jibbist

#22 Title Of The Next Bond Film Announced!

Image credits: fi-ri-ku-su

#23 Took This On My Evening Walk Last Night; Thought It Looked Quintessentially British

Image credits: Thin_Blue_Flame

#24 Picked Nanny Up To Take Her To An 8.30 Dentist Appointment, She Made Me A Packed Lunch In Case I Got Hungry While I Wait The 45 Mins For The Appointment. Nan’s Are Awesome

Image credits: HiFiSi

#25 This Little Guy Has Come To Visit Me Every Night For The Past 2 Weeks

Image credits: Bonelesszeeebra

#26 On The Morning Countryside Dog Walk When I Hear Barking, Couldn’t Figure Out Where It Was Coming From Until I Look Up

Image credits: Rocketmandan123

#27 Coming Back To My Desk, Wondering Where My Pistachios Went, Nearly Had A Heart Attack

Image credits: flowerybjorn

#28 Found In Garden Today

Image credits: Pellew_1796

#29 I’m Liking The Translation For ‘Cappucino’ Into Welsh

Image credits: kublakhan1977

#30 Be Ashamed

Image credits: Stotallytob3r

#31 Shots Fired In The Office Kitchen

Image credits: Super-flewis

#32 My Local Cinema Being A Little Pessimistic About Reopening

Image credits: david_dremel

#33 The Plot Thickens In Fife

Image credits: one_in_the_wtf

#34 Saw This Today On Towan Beach, Newquay… We Can Be A Romantic Bunch. Congratulations Whoever You Are

Image credits: Findscoolalmost

#35 Can’t Get More Casual Than A Pony Waiting Outside The Post Office

Image credits: chaostrulyreigns

#36 Drove Past Batman On The M5 Yesterday. Good To Know He Is Out There Keeping Us All Safe

Image credits: mydogiscalledloki

#37 Free Range Yorkshire Puddings With Gravy

Image credits: BummingAbout

#38 I Thought I’d Clear A Few Things Up

Image credits: CWebber1296

#39 Can’t Beat A British Festival

Image credits: felixjmorgan

#40 A Letter I Received This Morning

Image credits: soundbwoyy

#41 I Present To You The Greatest Lie Told To This Country: 30g Is An Acceptable Serving Size Of Cereal

Image credits: makomirocket

#42 Going To My Mates For Football Tonight. My Mum Just Popped In To Drop These Off For Me To “Share With My Friends”

Image credits: Fosse22

#43 Schrödinger’s Ballgames

Image credits: Yekki

#44 I Was Looking At Places In London And Saw This. The Front Door Is A Window?!

Image credits: ItsJayB

#45 My Local Tescos Has Had To Create A No Man’s Land To Protect The Price Reducer

Image credits: crashtacktom

#46 The Netflix Documentary We Are All Waiting For

Image credits: Mattbelfast

#47 Surely Aldi Could Have Chosen A Better Font

Image credits: Azibiz

#48 Apparently Bacon Is The Most Important Part Of A Full English, Followed By Sausages, Toast And Beans. Agree Or Disagree?

Image credits: guarding_dark

#49 M A T H S

Image credits: Thunder-biscuit

#50 Went To The UK For A Couple Of Days, Bought A Few Souvenirs

Image credits: GercevalDeGalles

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