The only thing that rivals a cat’s cuteness is its ability to climb and hide. I swear, some felines are determined to set paw on every surface of their house. Whether we’re talking about a ceiling lamp or the ventilation system, the bravest furry explorers have their eyes on it.

We at Bored Panda decided to honor these adventures and give them the attention they deserve. So we compiled a list of photos that cat owners took the moment they realized James Cook and George Mallory have nothing on their pet. Scroll down and check them out!


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Cats are naturally drawn to small, tight spaces such as baskets, boxes, and nooks — it’s where the popular phrase “If I fits I sits” comes from.

“Being both predators and prey, enclosed spaces provide a place to hide and keep safe, and are perfect for ambushing unsuspecting prey,” Lucy Hoile, a Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CCAB) who specializes in these animals told Bored Panda.


“This is how my friend found the cat in the bathroom”

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Dad started putting in new toilet. Walked away for a few minutes and came back to this

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Trying to make their furballs comfortable, people (and businesses) began building them comfy indoor condos, towers, and entire castles where the critters can both take a nap and play around. “Enclosed cat houses help reduce stress and keep cats happy,” Hoile explained.

The biggest and poshest of these “structures” can cost hundreds of dollars but a bigger price tag doesn’t necessarily mean more purrs.

“They needn’t be expensive, many cats prefer a cardboard box over a conventional cat house. Provide the right size for your cat to fit snuggly inside, make sure it is easily accessible and there are enough to go around if there is more than one cat,” Hoile said.


How I noticed that my cat was stuck in the attic

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“Kuro found a hiding spot from which to be adorable”


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However, a tall and sturdy cat tree might save your home decor. “A cat’s territory incorporates all three dimensions and if they can access the space up high (by any means possible), they will,” Hoile added.

“Being up high means they can survey their territory from the safest point. Providing tall cat furniture will encourage them to do this appropriately instead of the scaling curtains and bookcases.”

Even if your cat’s claws cause damage, you can’t really blame the animal for it. Their bodies are made to climb!


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My cat got stuck today

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“Giant creature trapped inside someone’s home, or a doll house with a curious visitor? You decide.”

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“Over the last week our kitten has discovered she can climb”

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“My cat always sits like this when I’m in the shower.”

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“My cat tried to hide from me”

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“Fur ball, corner pocket.”

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“My parents’ cat destroyed bathroom’s door vents so he could spy while we pee.”

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My cat got stuck in the wall on Christmas day.

The basement kitchenette ceiling was left open when it was built a few months ago so he climbed onto the cupboards and into the ceiling before falling into the wall.
This was at my mom’s house and he was stuck for about 2 hours while we tried to figure out his exact location and cut a hole to release him. He is perfectly fine and even tried to go back in the hole!

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“My cat climbed inside the bird feeder (2 meters tall) , because she saw bird flying there”


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“If I dont move they can’t see me”


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“Stuck in the middle”


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Opened the cabinet to get a glass and nearly jumped out of my skin

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“This cat inside of a couch”

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“Found my cat chillin in the garbage can”

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My poor cat got stuck in the laundry room

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“Finally found my cat”

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“I finally figured out where Tank the cat has been hiding. I only saw him because a bird chirped on tv and he stuck his head up slightly. Who sees him?”

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“found my cat after hours of search my house”

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“Looked for my cat all morning and this is where I finally found her”

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“Thought my cat went missing. Found out he made himself a personal hammock out of our couc”

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How I left him vs how I found him

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“Couldn’t find my cat… heard some rustling inside my desk, opened the drawer and voila. Found kitty”

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