Checking In: Bold Lip It Out, Soup Perfume, Stuff I’ve Been Watching on Netflix

If you ever have absolutely NOTHING to wear, makeup-wise, all I have to say is, “When in doubt, bold lip it out!” Seriously, dude. Bold lips are going to save us all. Or rather…a bold lip has been saving me lately! 😁 When you literally have only 10 minutes to do your makeup, that one bright statement piece will do most (if not all) of your makeup heavy lifting.

Now I’m starting to question all of my years of wearing neutral lips here, there and everywhere. Have I just been looking like an undead zombie this whole time?

Wait a second — you don’t need to answer that. LOL!

By the way, the bright berry I’m wearing is very creatively called “MAC Make It Fashun.”

I have a very (not-so-pressing) question for you: what are your thoughts on perfume that smells like soup? Good? Gross? Crazy genius?

See, yesterday I was eating these soup dumplings they have at Trader Joe’s, and they’re like savory mini meatballs enclosed in a sealed wonton envelope.

Inside each sealed dumpling envelope is a mini meatball in a savory broth, and sometimes when you bite into one, the broth will accidentally squirt out.

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