“Data Is Beautiful”: 30 Charts That Might Change Your Perspective On Things (New Pics)

Visualization can be applied to pretty much any field; it helps to tell stories by curating data into a form that’s easier to understand, highlighting any trends and outliers. And there’s no place on the internet that is as obsessed with it as r/DataIsBeautiful.

The subreddit runs on a simple mission: to collect visualizations that effectively convey information. But the way its 16 million members go about it is anything but. There are no fake numbers, goofball statistics, and trivial analysis—just legitimate facts, portrayed in aesthetically pleasing ways. Such a delicate balance.

We at Bored Panda have already covered it once but when a community is that big, you know it’s gonna keep delivering quality content so we just had to make an update. Enjoy!

#1 Symptomatic Breakthrough Covid-19 Infections

Image credits: DarrenLu

#2 The Massive Decrease In Worldwide Infant Mortality From 1950 To 2020 Is Perhaps One Of Humanity’s Greatest Achievements

Image credits: abu_doubleu

One of the subreddit’s moderators, u/PHealthy, took some time out of their day to tell Bored Panda about the latest r/DataIsBeautiful news. “Obviously, these days COVID is a very popular topic, and [our posts] frequently make r/all but really anything topical/trending tends to do well,” they explained.

“So for instance, a Nobel prize or school shooting post would probably do well. But a soundly made novel DataViz always tends to do well, e.g. Tyler’s recent post. But meta posts can do very well, too. So really it’s all about balancing DataViz presentation with the topic being relatable, all the better if it’s Reddit-related.”

#3 World Elevation Map, Including Bathymetry (Ocean Floor)

Image credits: JoeWDavies

#4 There Are More Cows Than People In The States Colored Blue

Image credits: toddrjones

Let’s pause and think for a moment. 16 million people is a huge audience. (And I’m not even talking about making it to Reddit’s front page). One that many publishers would be proud of. Reaching such a number with just organic growth is proof that people really value r/DataIsBeautiful.

As my colleague Jonas pointed out in his text, the moderator team is purposefully left as a small group of professionals who focus on data visualization at some part of their lives.

Plus, the subreddit treats its original content creators as “first-class citizens,” constantly engaging them and making sure they’re credited and acknowledged for their work. As always, we provide a link to each post that we feature as well (you can find it under the pictures), so if you’re interested in some particular visualization, follow it to its roots — there’s usually an interesting discussion in the comments, too.

“We bring a data-centric view of the world to millions of people every day—from important information about the COVID-19 pandemic all the way to a random dude’s daily bowel movements—and our community prides itself in that fact. For example, we had community members posting analyses and projections of COVID-19 trends back in January and February 2020—well before anyone in the U.S. was taking the pandemic seriously. r/DataIsBeautiful is THE place to go when you want to see the signal through the noise of hectic daily life,” one of the moderators explained in the earlier Bored Panda piece.

#5 Countries With A Higher Life Expectancy Than The United States (World Health Organization 2019)

Image credits: TheRedditHike

#6 Digital Elevation Model Of Greece

Image credits: JoeWDavies

#7 This Map Shows All Of The Earthquakes With A Magnitude Greater Than 5.0 Over The Last 20 Years

Image credits: symmy546

Even with so many members, u/PHealthy believes that r/DataIsBeautiful retains a certain character, “unique to this corner of Reddit in regards to churning out decent DataViz posts. Of course, the creators take center stage with their amazing original content but (not to pat my own back) fairly strict moderation is a big part of keeping the community unique and also keeps the sub from turning into just another garbage re-posting karma farm like a lot of subs on Reddit.”

The human brain processes visual information better than it processes text — so the charts, graphs, and other elements found on r/DataIsBeautiful can be very powerful — you understand exactly what they’re telling you. Something tells me this isn’t the last time we’ll feature this awesome subreddit.

#8 The 2020 Election If Only People Under 45 Voted

Image credits: BLAZENIOSZ

#9 “What Is One Country That You Will Never Visit Again?” Answers From R/Askreddit

Image credits: stkfig

#10 English Alphabet Organised By Each Letter’s Note In Abc Song

Image credits: william_5

#11 The Highest-Grossing Media Franchises Of All Time

Image credits: Dremarious

#12 Google Searches For Different Emotions During Each Hour Of The Day And Night

Image credits: desfirsit

#13 Each Vertical Band Contains 1% Of The Earth’s Population

Image credits: alexmijowastaken

#14 Who Makes More: Teachers Or Cops?

Image credits: academiaadvice

#15 World Leaders By Age

Image credits: jkim088

#16 Where Are The World’s Airports? This Map Shows Locations Of The Worlds Airports And Heliports

Image credits: symmy546

#17 35% Of “Entry-Level” Jobs On Linkedin Require 3+ Years Of Experience

Image credits: brixu

#18 Comparing Emissions Sources – How To Shrink Your Carbon Footprint More Effectively

Image credits: lfg10101

#19 Average Yearly Sunshine Hours Of Germany

Image credits: mate-g

#20 Knight Moves – A Simple Table I Made Showing The Importance Of Keeping Your Knights Near The Middle Of The Chessboard

Image credits: IconicIsotope

#21 California Is The World’s 5th Largest Economy. Here Are The Top 5

Image credits: JPAnalyst

#22 Wordcloud Of Angela Merkel From Her Speeches Of Last 4 Years

Image credits: AyyBeeShafi

#23 Where Can You Afford To Live On The Minimum Wage In The United States?

Image credits: loveandwars

#24 Maps Showing Water Shortages During May Have Become Increasingly Extreme In California

Image credits: sdbernard

#25 The Top 15 Countries (Apart From Sweden) In Which The People Who Currently Live In Sweden Were Born

Image credits: desfirsit

#26 If All 533 Million Compromised Facebook Accounts Were A Country

Image credits: Iwontberedditfamous

#27 Capitol Insurrection Arrests Per Million People By State

Image credits:

#28 Yearly Road Deaths Per Million People Across The US And The EU. This Calculation Includes Drivers, Passengers, And Pedestrians Who Died In Car, Motorcycle, Bus, And Bicycle Accidents. 2018-2019 Data

Image credits: maps_us_eu

#29 What If You Bought $100 Worth Of X A Year Ago?

Image credits: theimpossiblesalad

#30 Movies With The Greatest Difference Between Rotten Tomatoes Critic And Audience Ratings

Image credits: lookatnum

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