#Roommates, people have expressed their frustrations with Donald Trump in various ways throughout the years—but this latest move is one of the most shocking (and disgusting) yet. Recently, it was discovered that someone put their own touch on Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame by covering it in dog feces.

@TMZ_TV reports, earlier this week, Los Angeles tourists walking on Hollywood Boulevard stumbled upon a very gross discovery involving disgraced former president Donald Trump. An unidentified person took a large amount of dog feces and put it all over Trump’s Hollywood star.

However, it appears that whoever did it won’t face any charges because covering the star in feces is not considered vandalism under California law, which states that vandalism is when you “deface with graffiti or other inscribed material” or damage/destroy someone else’s property. Since all that needs to be done to the star is to hose it down, no laws were broken.

If you’ve been keeping track, you know that this is certainly not the first time that someone decided to alter Trump’s Hollywood star. Back in 2016, James Otis repeatedly vandalized the star with a pickaxe and ended up pleading no contest to vandalism. He received community service, ordered to pay a $4,400 fine and placed on three years probation.

Additionally, in an attempt to stop the frequent vandalism of the star, at one point the Hollywood Chamber Of Commerce, that manages the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, briefly placed a barrier around Donald Trump’s star. Although once the barrier was removed, the vandalism continued.


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