Family Blames Pregnant Mom With A 12-Hour Job For Not Doing Her ‘Wife Duties,’ Drama Ensues

Do you ever feel like the entire weight of the world is on your shoulders and that everyone expects you to carry it? That’s exactly what one redditor, a pregnant mom from Illinois, has been having to deal with. Not only is she pregnant and works a 12-hour job, she’s also expected to take care of her lazybones husband who is working from home all the time.

The family drama came to a head when the woman’s husband complained about her not doing enough around the house to both of their moms. That’s when they started shaming the woman for not taking proper care of her husband, including making lavish homecooked meals every single day.

Not only that, but one of the woman’s friend’s also thought that she was in the wrong. Have a read through the story below and let us know what you think, dear Pandas. Personally, I can’t imagine anyone guilting someone for not doing enough when they’re pregnant, working a full-time job, and their partner is a grown adult who can perfectly take care of himself.

A pregnant mom explained how her family accused her of being lazy even though she works 12 hours each day

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Both her mother and mother in law expect her to take better care of her husband, a grown man who works from home

The woman had a couple of small updates to the story

In a couple of updates, the pregnant mom explained that the only person who seems to support her is her twin sister who lives in a different continent entirely.

Meanwhile, the woman pointed out that her husband had been moving towards a more modern view of relationships when they started dating. However, he started reverting back to his “misogynistic mindset” after they got married and she fell pregnant with his baby.

Previously, I’d spoken about how pregnancy affects how your employers and coworkers perceive you and your abilities with researcher Eddy Ng. He explained that prejudice in the workplace has existed for a long time.

“Managers and colleagues do develop prejudice of pregnant employees and view them as less competent or productive during this period. As a result, many employees hide their pregnancy from their managers,” he told Bored Panda earlier.

“Employees need to know they are valued before and during pregnancy while employers should provide the necessary accommodations, including making adjustments to workload, to retain them following pregnancy. There is also a need to create awareness and train managers on providing proper support to pregnant employees.”

Overwhelmingly, the AITA community over on Reddit said that the woman, who later deleted her throwaway account, was in the right in this situation. The kind of pressure everyone was putting on her was inhumane. Not to mention unrealistic.

It sounds absolutely ludicrous in the 21st century. And, to be honest, it would probably raise quite a few eyebrows if we traveled back in time when gender roles were more traditional, too.

Here’s how some internet users reacted to the tale. As expected, most were horrified that she was being treated like a servant

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