Working as a flight attendant is exciting. Not only do you get to soar across the skies like your ancestors have dreamed about doing since forever ago, you also end up constantly going on adventures in exotic places and meeting interesting people from around the world.

With a job so cool, it’s no wonder that lots of people are curious to find out more about the ins and outs of being a flight attendant. That’s why attendant Ally Rae Case, who goes by Allycase1 online, shared a whole bunch of informative videos where she answers the various questions that she gets asked. And I’ve got to say, these were riveting and educational to watch and we hope you enjoy them, too, dear Pandas.

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Flight attendant Ally spilled the beans about the ins and outs of her job that people were incredibly curious to hear about


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#1 “Do You Have To Share A Hotel Room With Other Flight Attendants?”

Nope, just one per room

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#2 “Does Anyone Else Get To Fly For Free With You?”

Yes, you can choose a spouse, a sibling, a best friend and you can travel the world

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Ally touches pretty much on every question that you’d think of. From the financial side of things (whether or not FA’s fly for free, get free hotel rooms while working, and can even take their loved ones on holiday with them sometimes, etc.) to more practical questions—like whether they can sleep during long-haul flights. And what do flight attendants even eat while on the job?! The answer to that one, my dear Pandas, is airline food. Now, you might disagree with me on this, but this sounds like a major perk to me. I love airline food. Well, most of it. Ok, fine, some of it.

Despite the overly-romantic point of view some people, me included, have about how wonderful it would be to jet around the world and soak in all the different cultures (and try out the food, don’t forget about the non-airline food), the job isn’t without its issues.

#3 “Do You Ever Get Scared Of Turbulence?”

I think I’m just used to it, but fun fact that you feel turbulence a lot less in the front of the plane than you do in the back

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#4 “Do Flight Attendants Actually Fly For Free?”

Yes. Domestically a 100% free. Internationally you just pay the exit taxes of the country you are leaving

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For one, stability seems to be a major issue: if you’re constantly flying all around the place, making plans or building solid relationships becomes more difficult. What’s more, while visiting exotic destinations is exciting, a large part of the actual job involves customer service. And far from every passenger is going to be as friendly as you’d want.

Something else to consider is the pay. Ally points out that she doesn’t start to get paid until the doors are closed and, depending on the airlines, this is actually true.

#5 “Do Flight Attendants Eat The Airplane Food?”

All the time

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#6 “Can Guys Be Flight Attendants?”


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Business Insider explains that some airlines do end up getting their flight attendants to work some hours for free. Most of their wage is paid for working during flight hours, aka from the moment a flight leaves the gate at the airport to the moment it arrives at its destination.

#7 “Are Your Hotels Free While You’re Working?”


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#8 “Is It True That Fas Only Get Paid While The Boarding Door Is Closed?”

Yes, once the door is closed the clock starts, once the doors opens it stops. So your flight attendant is not getting paid during boarding and deplaning

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However, some airlines can define flight hours in different ways, meaning that flight attendants can end up doing work for free, essentially. Work like helping passengers board and exit the plane, cleaning the plane after flights, and checking the emergency equipment.

#9 “Do You Always Have A Suitcase Packed?”

Yes, always

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#10 “Do You Always Fly With Same People?”

Almost never

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Though, let’s end the post on a high note: some airlines also pay their workers an hourly rate for spending time away from home. Thinking of being a flight attendant? You’d better do some in-depth research about which airlines provide the best working conditions first. You might love the idea of flying around the globe, but that alone won’t pay the bills. Remember, you still have a home to return to, even if that happens rarely.

#11 “What Is Deadheading?”

Deadheading is when you are technically a passenger on a flight to or from the different location to then work back to base or to or from the other location. It’s confusing, but we love deadheads and you can wear regular clothing

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#12 “Can Fas Sleep While Working Long Haul Flights?”

Yes, we have a specific crew area where we can sleep

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#13 “Do You Always Fly The Same Routes?”


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#14 “How Do You Get On A Fa’s Good Side?”

Food, candy + Starbucks giftcards

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#15 “Are You Trained In First Aid And Cpr?”


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#16 “How Many Flights Do You Usually Fly Per Day?”

Sometimes one, sometimes two, three, four

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#17 “What’s It Like Dating A Flight Attendant?”

We move around a LOT

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#18 “How Many Flight Attendants Are Usually Working Each Flight?”

Average is 4. Sometimes it can be 1 up to 10

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#19 “Do Crew Members Hang Out Together On Their Layovers?”

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It depends

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