FOTD With New Palettes by Pixi, and Finding Joy in Makeup

Today, I joyfully applied my makeup. I thoroughly enjoyed the act of putting on makeup. It was just me, a few things I wanted to try (a couple new Pixi palettes), and absolutely no pressure to overachieve or create something extraordinary, and no difficult-to-reach expectations. It was simply easy and fun.

It might not be the edgiest, most interesting or most complicated makeup I’ve ever worn…but you know, I had a spring in my step when I finished, and I felt good about it all day long.

First of all, before I started doing it, I let go of the idea that I had to do it. I didn’t have to do this look or any look today, and letting go of the pressure was liberating.

There seems to be a lot of pressure to go around these days, or is that just me? Every day I feel this self-imposed — and probably completely unnecessary — pressure to be the best version of myself and to push myself past my limits… I know that in some ways, to want to do this is a good thing, but in other ways it’s not all that great.

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