Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, or as I jokingly like to say, “Happy Pie and Stretchy Pants Day.” I’m thankful for pecan pie and the spandex in my black leggings!

All silliness aside, I’m extra grateful for you today. Thank you for your companionship and for always making my day better. It truly is a gift to check in with a friend, even when they’re a long ways away across the keyboard.

Thank you for sharing all your stories about your pets, your kids and grandkids, and your life. Thank you for being the person I can chat with endlessly about face cream, blush (ALL THE BLUSH), lipstick and perfume. Thank you for being you! I think you’re absolutely wonderful.

You’ll always have a friend on this end. Happy Thanksgiving! ❤️

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. How are you spending the holiday? We’ll be heading to our neighbor’s house to celebrate tonight, and then my family will be coming over tomorrow so we can have a belated T-day dinner at our house.

P.P.S. And because I can’t resist talking about beauty… Have you shopped any Black Friday sales yet?

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