Keeley Hawes Will Topline and Exec Produce BBC’s “Crossfire”

Keeley Hawes is joining the cast of another nail-biter. The “Bodyguard” and “Line of Duty” actress will topline and exec produce “Crossfire,” a BBC One miniseries centering around a hotel shooting. Deadline broke the news.

Written by “Apple Tree Yard” author Louise Doughty, the three-part series is set in a luxury resort in the Canary Islands and tells the story of Jo (Hawes), a woman who is spending a dream vacation with family and friends. “Sunbathing on her balcony, the tranquility is thrown into turmoil when shots ring out across the complex from gunmen wreaking revenge,” the source details. Described as a thriller with an “emotional, intimate, and relatable core,” the project sees “unsuspecting and vulnerable holidaymakers and hotel staff forced to make split-second life or death decisions, [and] regrets will linger long after the final shots are fired.”

A three-time BAFTA Award nominee, Hawes has been recognized for her work in “Bodyguard,” “Line of Duty,” and “Mrs. Wilson.” Critically acclaimed AIDS drama “It’s a Sin,” Daphne Du Maurier adaptation “Rebecca,” and Miss World comedy “Misbehaviour” are among her most recent credits.

Asked about the entertainment industry’s persisting pay gap problems in 2018, Hawes told Financial Times, “It’s embarrassing.” She revealed, “I’m 42 and I’ve only just said, ‘Well, I want to be paid the same as the person I’m doing the same amount of work as.’ And I’ve been in this industry for 30-odd years. It’s taken me that long.” She attributed her newfound confidence to “people at the top end shouting about it and doing something about it,” including Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams. “People were saying, ‘Surely they make lots of money, they earn millions’ — but that’s not the point. The trickle-down [effect] that that had did more for everybody else in that industry who doesn’t earn a million a movie . . . It was incredibly important and brave of those women,” she emphasized.

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