Lindsey Beer Will Direct “Pet Sematary” Follow-Up at Paramount Players

“Pet Sematary” is rising from the grave. A new installment of the franchise is in the works at Paramount Players. Lindsey Beer is set to make her directorial debut with the follow-up to the 2019 adaptation of the Stephen King bestseller. Deadline broke the news.

“The classic 1989 adaptation made history with Mary Lambert directing the pic and its 1992 follow-up and it was important to studio execs to go back to the films roots and have a female filmmaker at the helm,” the source notes.

Plot details for the film, which is set to debut exclusively on Paramount+, are unknown at this time. It’s unclear whether the pic will be a prequel or not. The 1989 and 2019 films tell the story of a grieving father who discovers a mysterious burial ground with the power to raise the dead in his own backyard.

Beer, whose writing credits include “Chaos Walking,” “Transformers: The Last Night,” and “Sierra Burgess Is a Loser,” wrote “the latest script based off a draft by Jeff Buhler,” according to Deadline.

“It’s a double-edged sword,” Beer has said of being a woman in Hollywood. “I definitely notice it every day and every meeting and there are opportunities I get because I am a woman and there are opportunities I am shut out of because I am a woman and you just kind of take what you can get and fight every day, [knowing] that you have to be twice as smart and work twice as hard and push twice as much.”

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