MAC Unsung Heroes: MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Havana
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Good morning, my friend! Here’s another look at one of my favorite MAC eyeshadows of all time, Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in Havana. It’s a deliciously gorgeous brown that I think you’ll love. I’ve worn it for years and still love it just as much as ever.

Girl… One day. One day I’ll sit down, put on my makeup for the day, and NOT do a brown smoky eye.

But today was not that day. 🙂

I had to run errands, and I wasn’t about to spend 45 minutes on my makeup just to buy some Charmin, so I went with something I’m (very) familiar with. I had to go to the pediatrician’s office to get a form for Connor’s pre-school enrollment, and then hit Target to get an industrial-sized case of toilet paper because last night I realized that we only had four rolls left in the house — total — which amplified my anxiety by like a million percent, so out came one of my favorite brown eyeshadows in the world, MAC Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in Havana.

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