Mom Observes How People Treat Her Daughter Based On If She Looks Like A Girl Or A Boy And Shares How Damaging It Is From A Young Age

Meet Siera Bearchell, the internet’s beloved influencer, entrepreneur and Miss Universe Top 9! But Siera’s charming smile is not the only thing that catches people’s attention—she’s also a terrific mom raising her little daughter Lily and sharing their daily adventures with her 187.1k followers on TikTok.

Siera’s recent video on the platform went viral, amassing 2.3M likes where she shared how she realized people talk to her daughter totally differently depending on whether they think she’s a boy or a girl. “Once I realized it, it blew my mind,” she stated before proceeding to share her discovery with the viewers.

Turns out, when people think her little Lily is a boy, they mostly comment on her strength and capabilities, while as soon as she’s dressed in pink, they point out her looks and style. It just can’t get any more sexist than that!

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This mom recently went viral on TikTok for sharing an observation she made when people talk to her daughter assuming she’s a boy

@sierabearchellHave you ever noticed this?! 🤯#morethanpretty♬ original sound – Siera Bearchell

Image credits: sierabearchell

Image credits: sierabearchell

Turns out, people mostly point out the appearance when they think her daughter is a girl, and if they assume she’s a boy, they compliment her strength

Image credits: sierabearchell

Early childhood is the most important phase of development of a person’s life. This is when cognitive, social and emotional skills are learned, influencing lifelong educational achievement, health and wellbeing.

This time is the most crucial in building our identities as it shapes the way we view ourselves in this world. Moreover, it is during their first years that girls and boys learn gendered attitudes and expectations, realizing that society has implemented the same ones onto them. Usually, they come from the closest ones: parents, caregivers, family members, and teachers, and it’s the adults who teach them how girls and boys, men and women should and shouldn’t behave.

Often adults think little of those ‘unspoken rules’ that directly influence a child’s social and self-worth as well as their role in society. And learning these rules is most often limiting to girls in particular.This gender-discriminatory process can be seen as early “programming” when the child is the most vulnerable, and where gender socialization processes take place.

Sadly, gender discrimination is often passed from generation to generation, and many adults see nothing wrong in approaching girls and boys in totally different, often opposite ways.

And this is what people had to comment on Siera’s  observation

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