Mom Shares 32 Baby Tips And Hacks That She Wishes She Had Known Before Having A Baby

Raising a child can be truly overwhelming. In fact, this poll showed that the first year of raising a baby can lead to more than 2,500 arguments. And that’s solely inside the family. If you think of all the parenting styles and techniques, there’s a whole other universe to be debated on which has been dividing parents since…. basically, the dawn of time.

So in order to get your mind sorted and see what really works and what doesn’t when raising a tiny human, it’s best to look at things in practice. Meet Lauren Mejia, a TikTok creator and mom to 22mo Brax who has been sharing child development hacks, Montessori and mama tips with her 350K followers on the channel.

Lauren’s advice includes practical hacks she wishes she knew before having a baby, and they have been watched millions of times. So let’s see some of her best tips right below and be sure to share your experiences and thoughts in the comments!

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Is your toddler always putting their shoes on backward? Cut a sticker in half & put them on the insides so they can easily match up the sticker!

Image credits: lauren_mejia_


If your baby struggles to hold a bottle, put it in a squish ball!

Image credits: lauren_mejia_


Store everything you need for diaper changes in a wipe container so you aren’t searching your entire diaper bag for what you need

Image credits: lauren_mejia_


Cut an old onesie to make a bib & new shirt!

Image credits: lauren_mejia_


Keep marshmallows in the freezer for bumps… softer than ice but still cold & calming

Image credits: lauren_mejia_


Wrap their arms in the bottom of the onesie for diaper changes & teeth brushing

Image credits: lauren_mejia_


Always put a diaper underneath first when doing diaper changes

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Reduce the risk of mold growing in your bath toys by hoy gluing the hole closed

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Have a baby that throws all their food on the floor? Try introducing a “no thank you’ bowl to minimize the mess

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Pour water onto a wash cloth & freeze for 10 minutes for the best teething toy

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