New Hampshire woman who claims she was forced to behead a coworker’s corpse has been sentenced

A New Hampshire woman who says her husband forced her to decapitate a coworker’s corpse after her husband allegedly murdered him was sentenced Wednesday to at least three-and-a-half to seven years in prison. 

Britany Barron, 32, cried in court Wednesday as she apologized to the family of Jonathan Amerault, WMUR-TV reported

“As a mother, I know in my heart that justice will never be served,” Barron said. “No amount of prison time or sentence will take the pain away or undo the past.” 

Armando and Britany Barron 

Armando and Britany Barron 
(New Hampshire State Police)

Barron has been in prison since September 2020, when prosecutors say she falsified or destroyed evidence in the murder of Amerault, 25, of Keene. 

Prosecutors allege that her husband, Armando Barron, beat her after discovering text messages from Amerault, then used her phone to lure Amerault to a park where they say Armando Barron shot and killed him. 

They say Barron’s husband later told her to cut off Amerault’s head and bury it in the woods, the New Hampshire Union Leader reported

Investigators discovered Amerault’s body in Atkinson and Gilmanton Academy Grant in Coos County, New Hampshire. Britany and Armando Barron were arrested a few days later, according to the New Hampshire Justice Department.


Britany Barron pleaded guilty in August to three counts of falsifying evidence. She could be out on parole as soon as March 2022 because of receiving 377 days credit for time already served as part of a plea agreement, according to the paper.

Jonathan Amerault

Jonathan Amerault
(Facebook/New Hampshire State Police)

“She never planned to commit these crimes,” her lawyer wrote in a court document submitted last week. “She never planned for anyone to be murdered. Her weakness and her mistake was texting with a man from work, Jonathan Amerault, as her marriage was falling apart,” provoking her husband’s actions.

Amerault’s family felt the sentence was too lenient. They accused the woman of being the “catalyst” for the murder of their son and called her acts barbaric.

“I hear the sound of my son screaming in the darkness,” Amerault’s mother, Justine Amerault, said in court.


Armando Barron is facing capital murder charges in the shooting death of Amerault. His trial is scheduled for May 2022

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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