Niav Conty’s feature debut “Small Time” has found a home. Deadline confirms North American rights to the drama have been picked up by indie distributor The Film Arcade. Written, directed, shot, produced, and co-edited by Conty — and based on her childhood memories — “Small Time” will launch in virtual cinemas and on digital platforms November 11.

The feature stars “The Flight Attendant’s” Audrey Grace Marshall as Emma, “a young girl growing up in rural America in the shadow of the opioid crisis and the ‘war on terror,’” per the source. “Tossed from one challenge to the next, innocent Emma journeys through the complexities of home, family, faith, and friendship.”

“This story is, fundamentally, about America and its internal contradictions,” Conty explained. “Like a mirage, one America shimmers before us while we stumble over another. It’s also about childhood, and personhood: what shapes the people we become and what shapes us as a nation.”

“’Small Time’ is a somewhat deceptive title for such a hugely accomplished film that boasts Niav Conty’s extraordinary talents as a writer/director/cinematographer/editor,” said executive producer Oren Moverman. “For me, this film represents the best of what American independent filmmaking has to offer – in spirit and vision.”

“We are thrilled to be working with the immensely talented Niav Conty on her debut feature. We were immediately taken by Audrey Grace Marshall’s performance within a story that poignantly depicts the trauma of growing up within the opioid crisis,” added Natalie Whalen, Head of Acquisition at The Film Arcade.

Conty is currently working on her next feature film, “Person Woman Man Camera TV,” which follows an interracial couple’s deteriorating relationship against the backdrop of COVID. She has served as cinematographer on features including “Erotic Fire of the Unattainable” and “Two Little Bitches.” Her previous directorial credits include shorts “Joy Ride” and “Rhythm in Me.” She edited both, and shot the former as well.

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