Online Group “Where You Can Learn How To Do Anything And Everything Yourself” Shares 92 Helpful Tips

Life hacks are basically an entire subgenre of online content. The trend has permeated all the social media platforms and gained a somewhat notorious reputation for being either inexplicably absurd (like, chopping onions with a face shield or getting stains out of your shirt with shaving foam) or simply “but why?”-inducing.

But luckily, the internet is one endless black hole (can we all just agree on that description?) and that means there should be some genuinely useful tips to make our lives easier and more efficient floating around. Well, if you are like me, in search of ways to make yourself do stuff by yourself, proving that you’re an independent responsible millennial adult, the chances are, sooner or later, you’d stumble upon the “How To” subreddit.

According to the sub’s description, it’s a place “where you can learn how to do anything and everything yourself! Need advice on how to start a podcast or how to fix your car? It’s all here from A-Z!” So if it seems like a promise, a whopping 2.9M followers prove it overdelivers.

Scroll down through the most useful bits of random advice below that may be the solution you were looking for all this time!

#1 This Is How My Wife Protects Her Yarn From The Cats

Image credits: stinksnots

#2 Hope This Is A “How-To” Helpful Resource!

Image credits: kponten14

#3 How To Not Pay Stupid Amounts Of Money To Read Research Papers

Image credits: hwitteman

#4 How To Correctly Reverse Park

Image credits: Sumit316

#5 How To Self Rescue In The Event You Fall Through Frozen Ice

Image credits: imbratoor

#6 How To Finish

Image credits: Relojero

#7 How To Say “Sorry, I’m Not Going That For Free”

Image credits: Misscuudi

#8 How To Test If A Plant Is Edible

Image credits: crosspostninja

#9 How To Apologize

Image credits: dukekwondc

#10 How To Find A Lost Dog

Image credits: allhailsnoo

#11 How To Stay Sane In Isolation, From Stereoplex

Image credits: abaganoush

#12 How To Know If You Have Heat Stroke

Image credits: trongs24

#13 How To Know How Much Time There Is Until Sunset

Image credits: trongs24

#14 Using Google Like A Pro

Image credits: glennvho

#15 Useful Tip

Image credits: naomi_wilson

#16 How To Escape A Sinking Car

Image credits: randomusefulbits

#17 How To Make Chloroform

“Did the news just teach us how to make Chloroform”

Image credits: BeatSalty2825

#18 My Coworkers Ear Got Blisters From Wearing The Surgical Mask. My Easy And Cheap Solution, 4 Large Paper Clips

Image credits: TheCupsOfWater

#19 Watering Your Plants While On Vacation

“If you’re going away on vacation,place a pot on a step stool on your counter your succulents around the step stool,wet & run strings from the pot to the plants (tuck into each pot),fill the pot with water & the water will leach down to the plants.”

Image credits: Inaroundaboutway

#20 True…

Image credits: Lukman2520

#21 If You’ve Never Shovelled A Drive Way And Happen To Have A Snow Shovel. This Is The Most Efficient Way

Image credits: decendingvoid

#22 How To Get Your Kids To Take Medicine

Image credits: denisaki07

#23 How Do Y’all Cook Your Egg? Tbh This Is Most Of Us

Image credits: 808real

#24 How To Keep Your Kids Busy At Home

Image credits: SonGoku1108

#25 Thanks To Your Advice On This Sub, I Was Able To Restore My Favorite Boots! Vinyl Repair Kit And Some Kiwi Really Did The Trick

Image credits: m00nchild_

#26 Optimal Tea Brewing Temperatures And Times

Image credits: WhyIsLife12

#27 How To Extract A Splinter

Image credits: soglamsofresh

#28 H Oi W To Help People Learn Effectively With Patience And Compassion

Image credits: Novelista42

#29 How To Choose The Right Type Of Wood

Image credits: trongs24

#30 Heimlich Manover For Dogs

Image credits: sync_M4st3r

#31 How To Make Different Color Camp Fire

Image credits: trongs24

#32 How To Properly Pour A Beverage From A Box/Carton

Image credits: virilante

#33 How To Survive A Grenade Explosion

Image credits: BlackElf01

#34 How To Get Help In Case Of Home Violence Or If You‘Re Being Threatened

Image credits: EduDo_App

#35 Especially If You Are Anti-Hand Washing…

Image credits: NikolaTes

#36 How To Sleep Warm When You Are Outside

Image credits: LIS1050010

#37 Good Boi How To

Image credits: ataylorm

#38 How To Delete All The Tourists From Your Travel Photos With Ease

Image credits: vitruv

#39 Cross-Posting: Guide To Draw Water Droplet

Image credits: shasta-mcnugget

#40 How To Stop Talking To People Without Ghosting

Image credits: crosspostninja

#41 How To Make Moss Graffiti

Image credits: jayfabric

#42 Guide To Washing/Drying Tags

Image credits: WhyIsLife12

#43 Wanted To Share This Great Idea

Image credits: that_guy_4321

#44 How To Bounce A Roll

Image credits: crosspostninja

#45 Howto Boost A Car

Image credits: wolffblitzer

#46 Howto Escape From Zip Ties

Image credits: influants

#47 How To Clean Titanium: Boiling Water And A Dishwasher Tab

Image credits: hoetheory

#48 How To Work From Home

Image credits: diving_sam

#49 Roast Some Chestnuts Over An Open Fire, A Holiday Tradition

Image credits: stempdog218

#50 How To Win At Tic Tac Toe

Image credits: trongs24

#51 How To Determine The Middle Of An Object With 2 Tape Measure’s

Image credits: RuTooL

#52 How To Not Smell Like A Middle School Locker Room

Image credits: dirty-cop116

#53 How To Wright In Secret Code

Image credits: trongs24

#54 How To Survive An Earthquake

Image credits: crosspostninja

#55 How To Break Down A Door

Image credits: SphericCube

#56 For Regions With A Lot A Mosquitoes, This DIY Trap Is Quite Effective

Image credits:

#57 How To Find Waldo

Image credits: vitruv

#58 How To Read Braille

Image credits: randomusefulbits

#59 How To Be Exceptionally Likeable

Image credits: 1Voice1Life

#60 Googly Eyes Are An Excellent Way To Distinguish Which Way Up A Micro USB Cable Is

Image credits: minchyp

#61 How To Tell If Egg Is Fresh

Image credits: Inaroundaboutway

#62 How To Build A Campfire

Image credits: randomusefulbits

#63 How To Make Hand Puppets

Image credits: randomusefulbits

#64 How To Properly Close A Bag Of Chips

Image credits: crosspostninja

#65 How To Tie A Tie

Image credits: randomusefulbits

#66 How To Survive Falling Over A Waterfall

Image credits: AnasuiCabrera

#67 I Had Lots Of Old Jeans That Either Didn’t Fit Or Were Worn Out, So I Made Them Into A New Pair!

Image credits: Bydanielpearce

#68 How To Repair Toys

Image credits: EduDo_App

#69 How To Unclog A Toilet Like A Plumber

Image credits: crosspostninja

#70 How To Paint More Realistic Clouds

Image credits:

#71 How To Do A Perfect Push-Up

Image credits:

#72 How To Clean, Maintain, And Season A Cast Iron Skillet

Image credits: Sy3Zy3Gy3

#73 How To Move A Lamb Over A Small Wall

Image credits: dlatusek12

#74 How To Make A Tinder Bundle

Image credits: crosspostninja

#75 How To Fix A Bleach Stain On Black Fabric

Image credits: wiing_qveen666

#76 Guide: How To Sew A Button

Image credits: LIS1050010

#77 How To Make An Amazing Sofa Fort

Image credits: Inaroundaboutway

#78 Explain Relatives

Image credits: Inaroundaboutway

#79 Mask Effectiveness Guide (DIY Compared To Surgical/N-95)

Image credits: FoxyFoxMulder

#80 How To Draw Escher’s Impossible Triangle

Image credits: KaantjeBanaantje

#81 How To Analyze Blood Spatters

Image credits: still-improving

#82 How To Survive A Lightning Thunder

Image credits: nihilistmalware

#83 Guide To Inserting Complicated Symbols Like Tm And Such

Image credits: MicroSofty88

#84 How To Most Efficiently Stack Infants Into A Duffel Bag. According To My Cpr Trainers Handbook

Image credits: KingOfTheJaberwocky

#85 Good To Know In Case Of Emergency

Image credits: nihilistmalware

#86 How To Draw A Humpback Whale

Image credits: Academic_Helpp

#87 How To Tie A One-Handed Bowline Knot

Image credits: crosspostninja

#88 How To Knot

Image credits: Sumit316

#89 How To Do A Turtle

Image credits: sync_M4st3r

#90 How To Shuffle A Deck Of Cards

Image credits: crosspostninja

#91 How To Gird Up Your Loins

Image credits:

#92 How To Get The Edible Part Of An Almond After Picking It From A Tree

Image credits: JayenIsAwesome

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