People Are Roasting Others For Sharing Stuff That Absolutely No One Asked For (40 Pics)

You know how in school, there was always that one kid who just couldn’t stay silent no matter what everyone was talking about? They would raise their hand in the air and start elaborating on whatever it was that nobody, not a single one, had asked in that classroom.

Fast forward to today, and we see the same thing happening all around on the internet. And this particular subreddit titled “Nobody Asked” has collected some of the most entertaining examples of people explaining far too much even though they were never asked to do so.

Below we selected some peculiar examples, so scroll down, upvote your favorite posts and let us know what you think of it in the comment section!

#1 Oh To Be A Good Christian Mother But Also A Survivor

Image credits: Evieisnotdeadyet

#2 Vegan Coworker

Image credits: zNightmare69

#3 I Figured It Belonged Here

Image credits: Jfhandley

You probably know a person who wouldn’t miss a chance to throw their opinion here and there, or give advice without being asked. And even though everyone seems to be less than impressed with their gesture, it seems like nothing can stop them. Are they just being nice? Do they feel an urge to show off? What’s up with that?

Psychologists believe that unsolicited advice-givers tend to be rigid in the way they approach life in general. They typically believe that they are right, and when they approach a problem, they often have difficulty seeing the situation from multiple perspectives. This is why you should always take such advice with a pinch of salt.

#4 Please I Just Wanna Get The Group Project Done

Image credits: kakapoopoopeepeeshir

#5 Do You Even Lift?

Image credits: timeforthepercolat0r

#6 About Your Boomer Story

Image credits: AlarmmClock

Sometimes, their perspective lacks humility and insight, even though they often seem very competent to people around them. Same with sharing their opinion on matters when no one really asks them. They wouldn’t do that if they genuinely did not believe they were right.

On the other hand, we just all have to accept that some people really like talking. You see, it’s much more fun to talk than to listen and not every talker can be a great listener. Moreover, we have to realize that one of the most powerful communication skills you’ll learn is good listening at an early point in your life. After all, communication is meant to promote understanding between people and you can never get to that point if you’re not listening to others.

#7 What Am I Supposed To Do? Never Talk About My Family On The Internet?

Image credits: AngryManRichard

#8 Give Me A Sign

Image credits: m8m3

#9 “That’s Cool”

Image credits: the_watch_trick

#10 On A Video Of A Fat Cat

Image credits: Psych0matt

#11 “Yes I’m 27”

Image credits: shemss_h

#12 They Just Wanted A Guitarist

Image credits: icannotthinkofaun

#13 9 Years Mother F**ker

Image credits: Miserable-Ad1736

#14 I Mean Yeah But Kettles

Image credits: spoondadude

#15 In The Comments Of A Comic

Image credits:

#16 Ummm…. Well Done?

Image credits: Simon_the_Great

#17 Someone Give This Guy A Medal

Image credits: DrEliteFox

#18 My Friends Mom On Facebook Grossed Me Out With This One

Image credits: ikaikanani

#19 Tell Me More

Image credits: gop75

#20 Way To Bring The Mood Down. Top Visible Comment On A Meme Posted By A Cat Based Meme Group

Image credits: dac19903

#21 No Better Time To Have Scabies Than When It’s Rainy

Image credits: martpogboi

#22 Saw This In A Facebook Comments Section

Image credits: odetomrmiserable

#23 Happy Birthday! Let Me Tell You About A Death In My Family!

Image credits: pokimanelol

#24 Stop Having Fun At That Party With Your Friends And Family, And Check Out The Moon

Image credits: Jaustinduke

#25 He Was Born In August

Image credits: Flablessguy

#26 Then Why Would You Post A Comment, Christina?

Image credits: 32BitWhore

#27 Someone Please Go Get Him

Image credits: _darkstalker_

#28 Yes Thank You For Explaining The Joke We Would Never Have Got It Without You

Image credits: cheersforthatmate

#29 On A Post About Dogs

Image credits: Obeseachu

#30 “Not Relatable” At Least He Upvoted

Image credits: Ooficus

#31 Found In The Latest Hot One’s Interview

Image credits: lucas_talbert

#32 My Friend Who I Haven’t Talked To In Months Finally Texts Me About His Karma

Image credits: TheEaterOfChildren

#33 I’m Not Even Sure What He Expected Somebody To Say

Image credits: KingKongEsco

#34 I’m Here For The Game, Not Your Sons Bowel Movements

Image credits: buhoo115

#35 What A Catch

Image credits: groupmage

#36 We’re All For Growth, But This Is An Asmr Cooking Video

Image credits: TheHoundsofLondon

#37 Ok, Genie

Image credits: aprils96

#38 Found This Gem On A Post From A Recipe Page

Image credits: OnlyPicklehead

#39 Take Notes

Image credits: TheSongOfMidnignt

#40 I Just Wanted To Play 8 Ball

Image credits: danoulsen

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